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Watching a forex trading chart, looking for setups and signals
is a fairly easy thing to do. It work fine. But it's not always enough.
To become a consistently profitable profession-level forex scalper,
you simply have to know more. The insider secrets. The special setups.
And, there really is only one way to get this...

"With a private personalized, 1-on-1
Online Workshop, You Can Quicken Your Pace
to Becoming a Consistently Profitable
Forex Trader"

In just a short time, you can know specifically how you can apply
the Logical Forex Trading System and Indicators
to your particular trading style preferences,
and your unique goals,
and your special gifts and talents,
and your individual psychological make up.


When I first started with forex trading, I believe I purchased just about every book, every course, every indicator, anything I could get my hands on...and I would devour it. I love learning.

I would then "apply what I learned" as quickly as possible. You're probably like me...you love to learn, and research, and experiment....and find that "perfect solution"

I spent countless hours making adjustments to the things I had learned, and the indicators I had purchased or downloaded from random forex sites and forums. I was determined to find my own way.

Sevaral times, I believe I really did get close to finding it. But, something always seemed like it was missing.

It's like I kept reading books on swimming...and I even tried diving in...but I just didn't know the right way to swim. Sure, I could thrash about and keep my head above water, but that just wasn't the way I wanted to do things. Thrashing about is not fun.

Then, I had an "Aha!" moment. I knew what I was missing.

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved the Bruce Tegner martial arts books. I was convinced that by looking at those pictures, and learning those pressure points, and reading every precious word...that by sheer determination and my own intelligence, I would become a martial arts expert.

Oh how wonderful fantasies can be! :-)

And, I really did practice, as best I could, everything in those books. I think I bought all of them. It wasn't easy to make a purchase like that, either. I was only like 11 or 12 years old when that martial arts bug bit, so those books ate a big chunk of any allowance money I made. But, it was worth it to me.

It was fun. I enjoyed it. But, as I continued my journey, it became obvious to me...I was simply not going to learn the right way, those insider secrets from a book! I needed a real teacher, coach, mentor, friend. Somebody what had already been down the path. Somebody who could actually show me what to do...and show me in ways that would work specifically for me and my needs.

I needed a Real Person, Who Cared About Me

Only somebody who truly cared about me...who would take the time to get to know me...see what my physical capabilities were... and my mental characterstics would allow me to do (or prevent me from doing)...Now that was the only way I could truly make progress. Books wouldn't work very well. Videos wouldn't work much better...because the personal interaction was missing. And, no matter how much I practiced, even if I was able to get pretty good at something that almost resembled martial arts, I simply would not become what I wanted to be...unless I had the input from a Master.

Forex trading, and especially forex scalping, is no different. I realized what I was doing as an adult, was the same thing I was doing as a kid.

I needed a Master. A Teacher. A Coach. A Mentor.

The solution was obvious. I needed to find an expert, and learn everything I could from them. But, there was more. Much more. Sure, I needed more information, and an in-person or online session with a Master would definitely give me more of that. But, just like with Martial Arts, I needed a true expert who could assess my own particular desires and needs, and, along with helping me determine how to best apply my existing abilities I could apply the knowledge I was going to receive...right then, and see real improvement, and real progress...fast.

I needed a Logical Process
tailored just for me,
and shown to me by an Expert
who had "been there, done that".

You know what I did. You would do the same thing. I paid good money for some private sessions with some experts. Several of them.

I learned a lot. I found two people in particular who were great teachers. The were compassionate. They really wanted me to succeed in my forex trading and scalping. And, they helped me...a little. I needed help...a lot.

I needed what I thought to be "extra help". Almost every time, it seemed, when I applied what I already knew, or even what I had been taught by the experts, it didn't work well for me. I knew their techniques were sound and reasonable. But I struggled. Mightily. Inconsistency prevailed. Too many losers, that should have been winners. Pain. Frustration. More losses. And, worst of all, I had no clue what to do...what kind of changes to make... what I could do differently. I was stuck.

What was I doing wrong? How could I see what they were doing, and take the same actions and be wrong so often...when they were always making the right moves?

It just felt like something was still missing in my trading, and I was hoping that an Expert would be able to give me that "magic pill" and open my eyes. I suppose they did that for me a tiny bit. My "open eyes" were just squinting.

Probably 75% of what I was being told was consistent between the experts I hired. I considered that to be A Good Thing. Mostly.

The problem wasn't that what they were telling me was wrong. It was fine. It worked well. It just didn't work for me.

Has that happened to you?

I had to determine what to do...and fast...
to fix my trading problems, or quit trying.
I was tired of losing. I was tired of the inconsistency.
But I'm not a quitter.

Then, one day near the end of a 2 hour coaching session with my favorite expert, it hit me. I had my "Aha!" moment. Actually what triggered my Aha! moment was set off by something I had heard thousands of times. If you hear something or read something a 1,000 times, it must be true, right? ;-)

My coach said...

"You know, you logical, left-brain people often have a hard time trading...engineers, developers, technicians, even plumbers... anybody who's used to following a process in their line of work. They always struggle. Forex trading is more art than sciene.

Maybe it was the constant drip of hearing this...all the time from all the coaches, and the courses, and the books, and the videos. Maybe I was just having a bad day. But, all bundled up with that Aha! moment...I got angry.

If that "more art than science" claim was completely true, then my logical brain said that all the math, all the statistics, all the indicators, all the chart patterns...the fib lines, the trend lines...everything based in math and logic wasn't really ever going to work consistently in the forex market. These things are all more science than art, aren't they?

Yet, I saw these things consistently work for other traders, particularly my coaches and mentors...but they didn't work consistently for me. Was (oh my) luck a factor? Was I just unlucky? Was I...dumb? Was I stubborn? Was I trying too hard? Was I touching on some psychological hangups?

Yes. Yes to all the above. And...No. No to most of the above.

I have "been there, done that",
and I can get you through it.

I know the things, now, that I needed to fix and change and improve. It was a rough, tough journey. But, I got through it.

It took a combination of the many things I had learned, some on my own, some from courses, and books, and videos, and some from great people who genuinely wanted to help me, but didn't quite know how to make it all work for me.

Over time, I put all of this together and created the Logical Forex Trading System.

And, that's the key to unlock your trading success. Well, there are actually several critical keys that you need, and I will provide them to you.

You'll trade better, faster
after you've completed your 1-on-1 personalized
Logical Forex Online Workshop

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Hi Greg.. 1st trade today 7 pips.

It's so cool to visualize entrances with your software.

I am seriously empowered.


Mike S.

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After you've installed and used your Logical Forex Indicators and activated your license, you'll be given special access to our Online Training Videos. You can watch them as often as you like...you're likely to learn something new each time you watch them. In the Videos, you'll learn just about all you need to do quite well. You'll know how to use the Indicators and the Trading System in most trading situations. You can be profitable with just the indicators, the videos, and some experience. I guess you could say, you'd be a semi-advanced "White Belt" forex trader.

That alone gives you a distinct advantage over most all other traders.

Do you know why? Because they don't know what you know. They don't have what you have. You have that proven combination of the Logical Forex Trading System, the Logical Forex Indicators, and the Online Trading Videos. You can be consistently profitable, with low risk, high probability forex trading by applying just these things.

What do they have? Well...a few people will have something that works for them, but you'll have something that works for you...and trading Logical Forex is so much easier to understand, and so much easier to trade than what you've done in the past, you'll be able to be in-and-out of the market without those painful hours of doodling on your charts and waiting for setups. You'll see things other traders simply can't see...and you'll know how to trade them profitably...just with the Logical Forex Trading System, and the Indicators, and your Video Training.

But, you want more. You know there's more to it. You know there are things that you need to do, just a little bit differently than other traders, even other Logical Forex traders. You need something personalized for you...for your needs, and skills, and goals, and mindset.

A One-on-One Logical Forex Online Workshop
Is the Fastest Way To Your Consistent, Stress Free, Profitability With Techniques Tailored Just For You

When we work together during your personal, private Online Workshop, there are many things we will cover. Here's are just some of the things we'll cover...

  1. in depth discussion of how to interpret each Logical Forex Indicator
  2. how to use the Logical Forex Indicators in combination, to make great trades, and avoid the bad ones
  3. how to trade without hesitation and with low-to-no stress
  4. how to stop over-analyzing, stop predicting, and make quicker trading decisions
  5. how to defeat mental obstacles that stunt your trading profitably
  6. how to select the best forex broker that fits your situation
  7. how to select the best currency pair to trade, that harmonizes with your trading style and your life style
  8. how to find the best time of day to trade that gives you the best probability of a good, easy-to-trade market (shhh!)
  9. how to trade quickly and profitably, and be "done for the day" in an hour, and often done in just 15-20 minutes, sometimes even 1-3 minutes
  10. how to know the trading style that best matches your personality, your trading goals, and your life situation
  11. how to setup your trading environment, your computer, your charts, and your broker platform to execute the fastest in-and-out trades
  12. how to "start your day" and your trading session
  13. how to know when to trade, and when NOT to trade, by being able to identify "bad markets"...and avoiding them
  14. how to know when to STOP trading for the day, when in profit or in loss (losses do happen sometimes, but you'll learn how to recover quickly!)
  15. how to practice The Right Way and how to use a Demo account The Right Way
  16. how to change the way you approach each trade, and how to handle the outcome, either a win or a loss
  17. how to specifically execute your plan to accomplish your dreams

When you have completed your Logical Forex Online Workshop, the entire forex world will look different to you. You will know what to do, when to do it, and without hesitation and little to no stress. Of course you will...the Online Workshop will be tailored just for you.

You will have a clear view of the market and how to trade it... hearing that satisfying mouse click announcing that you've made another successful trade...and when you get up from your chair,

You'll have that deep satisfaction and
comfortable confidence knowing that
you can consistently trade this way...
day after day...from now on.

What you will learn and know about Logical Forex trading can never be taken away from you. You'll be at an entirely different level than most any other forex scalper or forex trader. You'll be that "Black Belt" Forex Trader you've always wanted to be. Well, it'll take some practice for you to get to Black Belt, but you sure won't be a White Belt any more. :-)

Here's what you need to do right now to set yourself apart...

First, make sure you have the installed the Logical Forex Indicators.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret. When you order your Logical Forex Indicators, I may make you a special offer. I say may because I'm just wanting to find a limited number of people who are serious about their forex trading. And, my time is limited, so I'm not going to be making this special offer very long. It's a one-time, never available-again to offer, only available when you initially order your Logical Forex Indicators. No exceptions. Choose wisely.

Now, if you chose to decline that offer when it was originally presented to you, I feel your pain. But, just like with trading forex, there can't be any hesitation in making a decision. So, I'm going to share this with you again...

You can have full access to me for around 2-hours. I'll work privately with you to help you become the best trader you can be. I'll show you thing things that I've listed above. You'll be connected directly to my trading computer, and you'll be able to see exactly what I see. We may be in a live trading session, or not, depending on how our schedules work out. And, I'll do everything I can to help blend together a plan of action for you...to set you apart from everybody else.

Here's what you'll need to bring to the party...

  • an ability to communicate reasonably well in English
  • a fairly fast internet connection
  • Microsoft or Firefox Web Browser
  • a telephone with a headset preferably (no speakerphone or mobile phone)
    In some cases we may be able to use Voice-Over-IP/Skype, etc, but it's not recommended.)
  • an open mind and a fun-filled excited attitude!

You probably have all those things ready to go right now!
So, you are ready to go!

When you order your 1-on-1 Logical Forex Online Workhop, you'll also recive a Guide Book for helping you prepare for our session. By doing the simple things listed in the Guide Book (like how to schedule your workshop), you'll ensure that our time together is extremely productive.

Plus, you'll receive a comprehensive 20+ page Logical Forex Online Workhop Trader Guide. This will show you specifically what we are going to cover. Of course, we'll stay flexible, too, as I want to make sure and tailor your workshop time with me to be the most effective for you.

Go ahead and order your Logical Forex Workshop right now. There is a distinct possiblity that the fee will be rising significantly, and soon. Just as you saw on your special offer when you ordered your Logical Forex Indicators, I make great offers, but I also hold to my word and keep my promises. That was a one-time special offer for you, and this price that I'm giving you now might change any day.

But, don't worry...you can lock in your price right now by taking action now. And be sure of this... when you actually schedule your Logical Forex Online Workshop is entirely up to you. There is no deadline. No expiration. No rush. I'll be here, ready for you, whenever you are ready.

If you don't lock in your price right now, though, the next time you come back to order your private personalized Online Workshop, the price may be waaaay higher.

Take action now to lock in your special price for your own personal Online Workshop, and schedule it whenever you are ready...

Not only will you be making the safest and smartest move possible by committing to boosting your trading success with the Workshop, you'll also get both the Guide Book to help you prepare to make your Workshop most beneficial for you, and you'll also get the 20+ page Trader Guide that will show you what we'll cover...and that may even contain a few ideas to jump start your trading right now. :-)


1-on-1 Workshops have been blended into Mentoring and are no longer available separately, except by special request.

You may request to be considered for a Private 1-on-1 Workshop by opening a support ticket and convincing us of your sincerity.


P.S. Just like with a forex trade, you can apply a certain risk prediction...and hope that I keep this low price in effect until you return. Don't count on it. Take action with the high probability, low stress knowledge that you can get this price today, and schedule your actual 1-on-1 Logical Forex Online Workshop whever you are ready.

P.P.S. If you're not quite ready for a workshop, I still may be able to help you. You can receive a little different type of personalized help from me. Just Visit The Logical Forex Doctor. One way or another, I want to see you become the consistently profitable trader you know you can be.


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