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Logical Forex Quick Start Training Videos

With your Logical Forex Indicators, you'll also get access to 2 hours of videos that show you how the Logical Forex Indicators work, how to apply what you are seeing, and even some explanation on exactly what each "piece of the pie" means.

The Quick Start Videos show you:

  • how to interpret and use the Logical Forex Activity lines, so that you can tell if a market is in a good condition for you to trade.
  • You learn how to "see" the actual price flow of the markets with the Logical Forex Flow Lines (trend lines are rarely as helpful as people pretend they are).
  • And, one of the most unique and powerful tools with Logical Forex, the Magnet Lines, along with the Flow Lines, you be able to trade with the flow of the market, and trade when Big Money Traders are at a Decision Point (Logical Forex Magnet Lines).
  • Coverage of all the other indicators is included, too.

Of course, we go much deeper in how everything works and how to use Logical Forex in special ways, with the Premium Videos, but you'll find that the Quick Start Videos set the groundwork for you. In fact, these videoes are so important to setting the foundation, we require that our Mentoring clients watch them several times. (If you just "hurry through" them, you will be missing a lot of valuable information.)

The Quick Start Videos cover all of the Logical Forex Indicators, so you'll also learn about the Logical Forex Phase, the Logical Forex Groove, and the Logical Forex Bias... and we also cover the Logical Forex WatchDog. (Go ahead, look around the site for more information on these things, and you'll appreciate even more what we have made avaiable to you.)

We even include a Quick Start "Written Supplement" for you to print and use as a reference... and this written guide can be very helpful for those who are not native English speakers. You'll still need the Videos, but the Written Supplement will certainly help you stay on track... no matter what language you primarily speak and understand.

Get started right now with your full access to the Logical Forex Indicators and all of the included training materials. No matter what path you ultimately take, you'll find that Logical Forex will help you in many ways.

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