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Logical Forex Trading Process Map

When trading Logical Forex, in addition to the Written Supplement (that is part of the Logical Forex Quick Start Videos, also included with your trial) you will find this Process Map helpful. It will remind you to prepare "yourself", your trading environment, remind you what to look for in the market, what to do immediately before taking a trade, and how to handle things after you've exited your trade.

Of course, this is just a type of overview that you can quickly glance at every time you prepare to trade. It likely won't make much sense until you have watched the Quick Start Videos and read the Written Supplement. There are also a few things mentioned that will only make sense if you have been through the Logical Forex Premium Videos.

Also remember that you can get to this Process Map (and the other things mentioned here) by looking in your Windows "Start" Menu for Logical Forex

Click the Process Map Image to Open In a New Browser Window.

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