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Get Started with Logical Forex Fast!

With the incredibly effective Logical Forex Indicators, and the intial training materials, we will get you started with your forex scalping and forex trading success very quickly... and very inexpensively.

You can begin with a simple "trial", or express your commitment (to yourself) by starting with the Logical Forex Premium Videos, and even Mentoring. And, yes, you can always return and "upgrade" by adding the Premium Videos or Mentoring, or even experiencing a Private Coaching Session with us... or several other things you'll find helpful.

And, we even have several different payment plans for you! We want you to be successful, and we're proving a system to you that is top-of-the-line, and still affordable. Just make sure that you are serious and committed... because there is a LOT of training material that will help transform you into a consistent and confident forex trader... according to your own effort and commitment.

You'll need the free version of NinjaTrader... which we will show you how to setup and use... and a datafeed... which we will help you get. We only use NinjaTrader for ONE thing: charting. That means there really isn't anything for you to learn about NinjaTrader, other than opening a chart.


Simply choose what works best for you, and get started right now!

You'll need the Logical Forex Indicators. You start off by purchasing these, and then you can return to buy the Premium Videos and Mentoring.

Logical Forex Indicators

Includes Extensive Training Materials

Training Materials 
Getting Started Guide 
Training Plan Checklist 
Pattern Library 
Trading Proces Map 
Trade Examples 
Wealth Building Plan 
2+ hours of Videos   Quick Start
Premium Videos 
Coaching Sessions 
(not available)
Support Tickets 
Response Time  3 business days
Response Detail  Limited
Payment Options
then $78 each month
NOTE: You may purchase Premium Videos and Mentoring in a moment.


With the Quick Start Videos and the other standard training materials, you will have enough to become a successful Logical Forex Trader. If you want to extend your abilities, and be an even more consistently confident and professional forex trader, you can get our Premium Videos and other advanced training at your discretion. After you have completed the purchase of the Logical Forex Indicators, you will be able to purchase additional training materials and services.

Premium Videos

$888 List Price

Training Materials 
7+ hours of Videos 
Coaching Sessions 
(available separately)
Support Tickets 
Response Time  2 business days
Response Detail  Standard
Payment Options

For those who are serious about becoming a professional forex trader, we offer Private Mentoring, Coaching Sessions, and a few other advanced training methods.

Advanced training is not required to be successful with Logical Forex. Many people do well with the Quick Start Videos and other standard training materials that come with the regular Logical Forex Indicators.

Other traders, maybe you, want to know a bit more and gain an additional edge... so that they can take advantage of certain things that we have learned through the years, and only disclose to more serious Logical Forex Traders. You can get that special kind of information in the Premium Videos.

And, for people who are extremely serious about becoming a professional Logical Forex Trader, we offer Mentoring. We are deeply involved with our Mentoring Clients, and thus, we have few openings. You may apply for Mentoring by opening a support ticket, and convincing us you are serious, and after reviewing your comments, we'll tell you how we will proceed (if at all).






What do you get with Logical Forex?

The basic Logical Forex Indicators "package" includes extensive training materials. And, if you are serious about becoming a consistently confident forex scalper and forex trader, we offer more in-depth options, too. Here's what we mean...

Logical Forex Indicators

The Logical Forex Indicators show you clearly the best places to scalp and trade. See the Market Flow and Decision Points, and know instantly what to do. You can cancel at any time. But why would you do that? :-)

Getting Started Guide

A little over 40 pages, you will know the Mechanical aspects of Logical Forex, the Mental parts you MUST conquer, having the right Perspective of trading, and how to Personalize Logical Forex.

See the Getting Started Guide

Training Plan Checklist

You'll get a step-by-step training plan checklist so that you can quickly become proficient and build a rock-solid foundation. BONUS! Mentoring includes EXTENSIVE checklist coverage, including assignments & personal interaction with your Mentor.

Quick Start Videos

About 2 hours covering how to interpret the Logical Forex Indicators, and find high probability trades. We start with a blank chart, and apply each "indicator" so you can see how they interact to give you a clear vision.

Quick Start Written Guide

You can print the Written Guide for easy recollection of how to use each part of the Logical Forex Indicators. If spoken English is not your native language, this Written Guide can be very helpful.

Premium Videos (Extra Fee)

Over 7 hours of extremely detailed coverage of Logical Forex. With the videos, you will set yourself apart from those who are just "playing", and become a fully equipped forex trader.

See details about the Videos

Trading Patterns Library

Access our most favored scalping patterns, and use the Pattern Library to build your Pattern Recognition Brain so that you can quickly identify and trade profitable setups.

See the Pattern Library

Trading Process Map

Know each step to take from when you first open your charts, determine if a market is good for trading, identify a setup, enter and exit a trade, and review your results.

See the Process Map

Forex Trade Examples

Actual trades are posted on the blog, sometimes with videos, most often with charts. If you have the Premium Videos, you will have access to additional detailed private postings on the blog.

See the Trading Examples

Market Replay Data

To enhance your training and pattern recognition, you will have access to tick-by-tick market replay data so that you can practice with "realtime demo data"

Broker Recommendations

We know the best brokers to use, whether you are scalping with Logical Forex, or any other method. We've used many brokers, and we know the best ones, and we will give you specific contact info to them.

Commitment Resolution

Your commitment to YOURSELF can be "formalized" and made more serious when you use our special "agreement". You can privately commit to just yourself, or you can let us know... and we'll be even more committed to you.

Wealth Building Plan

We will show you specifics on how to significantly build your account equity... NEVER having to change HOW you trade. You'll just increase your lot sizes according to a specific plan, and watch the Math Magic happen.

Trading Plan Calculator

Our Trading Plan Calculator will help you know the best lot sizes to trade, and how much risk to take, based on your account equity and a few other factors.

Extensive FAQ

Just about everything you can ask, we have covered in our training materials. We also have a FAQ that you can easily search for answers. Always check the FAQ before opening a support ticket.

See the FAQ

Personalized Mentoring

ATTENTION! Premium Videos are required to qualify for Mentoring.

Get a real edge over other traders with Personal Mentoring by a seasoned Logical Forex Pro.

See more about Mentoring

Private Coaching Sessions

With Mentoring, you get 2 private 45-min "screencast" sessions with your Mentor. Watch our desktop screen as we show you details about Logical Forex. Available separately, too, if you have Premium Videos.

Trading Support

You can ask questions using our Support System. "Brief" answers are free. "Detailed" answers are available for a small fee (included free with Mentoring). Most questions are covered on the site and in the training materials.

Technical Support

Few need it since installation is so simple, but if you have a technical question, we can help.


There are a few things we provide with Logical Forex that we simply cannot disclose here. Get started now and you'll be amazed at all you receive and can do with Logical Forex!

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