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You MUST know what you are doing when trading and scalping forex.
With such a powerful, yet easy to learn forex trading method as
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"The Logical Forex Premium Videos
Show You The Essential Steps and Techniques
You MUST Know
To Execute Your Trades
With a Consistent & Repeatable Process
So That You Will Enjoy Your Trading
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Within a few short hours of watching the Logical Forex Premium Videos
you will understand how you can, with some practice, develop your
Forex Trading Skills to a degree you never imagined possible.
And NOBODY can ever take your powerful new knowledge away from you!


Logical Forex Training Course Videos
Powerful Training Videos Containing The Same Details
As A One-On-One Personal Forex Scalping Workshop

You know you want to. You just aren't sure how. You know what I'm talking about...forex trading. Sure, you've tried several courses and systems, and always been disappointed. They never really seem to "fit your style" or you just don't find a way to "grasp them" and then apply them.

I've been there, too. And, I don't want to go there again. I know that you don't either. So, let's solve this...together.

You MUST train ALL of your brain...
to be a consistently professional forex trader.

That's easy to do...if you know how!

You see, forex trading seems so simple sometimes. It's easy to be fooled into thinking we can just take a quick lesson, and instantly become a forex trader. Nope. It doesn't work that way. Nothing does. And, you already know that.

To become a true professional, or at least a person who can repeat a process consistently enough to be profitable, you need to know the specific steps of trading logically...but that's not all. You must be able to "see things" others don't, and you must be able to take action, when others can't or won't. And, of course, you also must know how to train yourself to do these things so that you will be successful.

The Logical Forex Premium Videos
show you specifically
how to win trades...and fast!

Now, don't misinterpret what I'm saying. Nothing about Logical Forex is a "magic pill" or The Holy Grail of Trading. Becoming a professional requires work, dedication, commitment, effort, practice... all the same things it takes to become a professional in ANYTHING you choose to do.

Since Logical Forex gives you the structure and framework and process, though, the missing piece is All Up To You. And, there just isn't much remaining in the world today that has things so much in your favor...where YOU are in control.

Forex trading puts YOU in control...as long as you have a consistent process, and that process is embedded deeply into your being. You MUST be able to trade almost without "thinking"...and you can do that when you have integrated ALL parts of your brain and your body. Everything in your trading "effort" becomes..."effortless".

As your Pattern Matching Brain sees the setups on the chart, your Decision Making Brain, your logical brain, essentially "takes over" at some point. And, what's critical is that you have your Pattern Matching Brain so strongly developed that your Logical Brain does nothing more than provide a very quick and almost instanteous "Yes or No" decision. Then, of course, your "finger" must click your mouse to execute the trade, both in and out...so your physical body must also be "integrated" into your "system".

What's interesting is...you can trade almost robotic... mechanical...like an automated trading system. Now...read that again... as there is a huge difference between what you might be thinking, and reality.

What Does a Professional Have
That You Must Have Too?

Tiger Woods. Eric Clapton. Different skill sets...yet each of them has practiced so much and so often, that they are almost...mechanical... robotic...and automatic "playing machine". Something else interesting... they have to use ALL of their brain...left and right...pattern matching "visual brain" AND their "thinking/decision making brain" AND their bodies...to "perform" as true professionals.

What did it take for them to be able to do this?

The same things it will take YOU to become a professional forex trader!

  • a consistent, repeatable, and proven process
  • a structure and framework within which you can learn
  • a way to practice and apply what you know
  • a method to let your brain "see patterns and relationship "
  • a system of thinking that does not overwhelm your pattern matching observations
  • an ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions
  • a technique to interpret ALL of the information available to you, without feeling overwhelmed
  • a way to take decisive action
  • a confidence in your choices and abilities, without having to "be right" all the time
  • a trust in yourself knowing that what you are doing is..."right" all the time.
  • an ability to stay emotionally detached from any outcome, and hit your "reset button" and continue on...win or lose.

You Have An Advantage Over Other Traders!

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As a logical thinker myself, deeply engrained after almost 30 years of business and technical consulting, I saw (see?) everything as a process...a system...a method...and in most cases...I demand that things be consistent and repeatable. That's the way I setup any business or any technical item. I apply logical principals, a touch of math, a structured process...to everything.

I thought that would work in forex trading too. I suppose in some ways it did in some of my earlier attempts. But, here's what I learned...the forex market is NOT a "math equation"... the forex market is PEOPLE. And people do really odd, illogical things from time to time.

So, how could I use my math, process and logic skills in trading forex?

By first, creating a "brain wave monitor" for the market. A montior that shows what the PEOPLE of the market are thinking. I want to see their highest probability DECISION POINTS. And THAT is what the Logical Forex Indicators do...SHOW ME the best, most likely places where PEOPLE will be making choices about entering the market.

This gives me a Logical Framework, Structure and Process for making my OWN choices!

But that simply was NOT enough!

I also need to be able to "see things"...patterns AS THEY DEVELOP and be able to make instantaneous choices with no predicting, no over-analyzing, and no hesitating.

And, that means I must "tie together" my Pattern Matching "vision" AND my Logical Decision Making Process in a certain way, so that my body, too, can "click the button" to take the trade.

Just like with Tiger Woods and Eric Clapton...NOW I have a true path that I can take to accomplish these things...because I have a proven system...and a Proven Training Method to become a true forex trading professional.

The Logical Forex Premium Videos show you
EXACTLY how to do this...

  1. how your brain "tricks you" and how to overcome it
  2. how to interpret what you are really observing, and take the appropriate action
  3. how to setup your trading environment for fastest order fills
  4. choosing the right broker for the best spreads, lowest costs, and fastest fills
  5. why the Logical Forex Trading System is Best for Most People
  6. the best currency pairs and the specific best times of day to trade
    sometimes even down to the half-hour
  7. in depth discussion of each of the Logical Forex Indicators, how to interpret them, and how to apply them in your trading decisions
  8. how to instantly know if you should be trading... or walking the dog
  9. how to interpret the Logical Forex "Magnet Dance" to not be fooled into taking a trade "just because price broke through"
  10. determining and using different trading styles (conservative, aggressive, etc.) and the patterns to look for
  11. how to know true Decision Points by interpreting Market Structure
  12. an incredible repeating cycle in the market...that NOBODY else other than Logical Forex Premium Video Insiders know about
  13. specific steps for "starting your trading day" to instantly determine if a market is good for trading...or to avoid
  14. specific steps for choosing to consider a trade, or to skip it
  15. how to practice so that you can completely integrate ALL of your brain, and completely eliminate predicting, over-analyzing, and hesitating

After you have completed the Premium Videos
And Practiced and Applied What You Have Learned
You Will Be Fully Equipped To Be
A True Professional Forex Trader.

I'll let you in on a little secret. When you start your trial of the Logical Forex Indicators, I may make you an offer. It'll just be for one time only. You will be truly amazed and appreciative of what you'll see. Why do I say this?

Well...these Logical Forex Premium Training Videos are the same detailed information that you receive in a One-on-One Private Workshop. And, when you see what I'll offer to you (once)...Wow! But, don't worry... if you're not quite ready to start with the Premium Videos, you can always return here to this page later, and get started with them immediately. Be careful, though. I may significantly raise the price for these Premium Videos. If you've been around Logical Forex any length of time, you know that I'm not joking about raising the price. I know (and you do too) that there are many other "courses" available with no real value but still a much higher price than the Logical Forex Premium Videos. So, make your choice wisely when you see your One-Time-Offer. It really is a one time offer!

Of course, if you feel you would benefit more from a Private 1-on-1 Workshop, then, please, go right ahead and let's get started! We will work together to cover some details specific to YOU in a Workshop...something that I can't do in videos...even Premium Videos.

But, the videos have advantages, too. You can play them over-and-over as many times as you like. We simply can't do that in a Workshop. And, you'll have access to the Premium Videos IMMEDIATELY...as they are delivered to you entirely online...instantantly after you have completed your payment. So, there's nothing to schedule or "wait for".

Perhaps best of all, since you can start absorbing the Premium Videos immediately, you can speed your ability to become consistently confident and a true professional trader. You'll definitely still need LOTS of practice...but you'll know ALL of the tools and how the Logical Forex Indicators work together... and even how your brain can be optimized to take full advantage of every trading situation.


So, what will you learn from the Premium Videos?

1. Introduction and Brain Reset   [50 minutes]
The way you think…the process you use that forms your perspective of forex trading, and even “of the world”, has a profound impact on how you approach EVERYTHING. In Logical Forex, we “tie together” ALL of your brain functions – your left brain Logical and Process and Decision Making brain, and your right brain Pattern Matching Visual Brain, and even your body with your ability to “click the mouse” to enter a trade and exit a trade.
Your Trading Environment
2. What About Your Antivirus Program?   [4 minutes]
Do you use an Antivirus program on your computer? Is it active when you are trading?
3. Make Your Broker Software Most Important   [5 minutes]
You can make your computer handle your trade entries and exits before it does anything else. Do you want faster order fills? This may help.
4. Do You Have A Fall Back Plan?   [13 minutes]
What happens when you’ve just entered an order, and your computer crashes, your internet connection goes down…or (oh my!) your broker’s servers crash? What will you do? Do you have a step-by-step fall back plan?
5. Trading with the Best Broker   [41 minutes]
Selecting and using a broker is very important to your success. Do you use an ECN/STP Broker and why you MUST trade with one AS SOON AS YOU CAN? Do you know the difference between an ECN broker and how a regular retail Market Maker behaves? Do you know how to trade with a Market Maker so that you don’t get “hassled”?
The Old Way, The Logical Forex Way
6. What's so Special About Logical Forex?   [18 minutes]
The old way of trading, using candle charts based on some odd artificial “timing” of “x minute” candle closes, and almost impossible to answer questions like “trade when it closes or penetrates a support/resistance line”…and drawing trend lines or Fibonacci retracements/extensions, or pivots…although these things work for some, they are tedious and time consuming. These methods are often boring, stressful, frustrating, and it always seems like you’re out of sync with the market…your limit orders getting filled, then going almost to your Take Profit…but not quite…then blasting back to your Stop Loss, taking you out…and then almost instantly “to the pip” heading right back to your Take Profit. Enough! No more!
The Best of Everything
7. Best Pairs, Best Times, Best Friends   [22 minutes]
When you know the Best Currency Pairs to trade, and when to trade them, AND you REALLY know your currency pair's patterns, you can identify high probability Logical Forex trades. You must find your best pairs, and times to trade for YOU.
The Logical Forex Indicators
8. Scanning The Market For Setups   [12 minutes]
In just moments, you can determine if it is wise for you to trade a market, and if it is, where you need to be looking. Learn how to instantly scan for good market conditions for trading.
9. Logical Forex Activity Lines   [21 minutes]
ONLY trade when a market is Active. With one quick glance, you can intepret how active a market is, and know it's momentum, liquidity and viability for YOU to trade.
10. Logical Forex Flow Lines   [12 minutes]
Price Flows. You must trade with that flow. Going against the flow is pointless. Go WITH the flow. Here's how.
11. Market Structure   [18 minutes]
Do you know how to "divide the chart" to find the areas where the professionals are most likely to be at a Decision Point? This Insider Trick allows you to find even more high probability trades.
12. Market Cycles   [23 minutes]
Of all the Insider Tricks, this is perhaps the most surprising, and the easiest to help you further refine your ability to find high probability trades within a short period of "sitting at the computer".
13. Logical Forex Phase   [17 minutes]
When Price is following a different pattern than the Logical Forex Phase, be careful! This alone may help you stay out of some bad trades.
14. Logical Forex Bias   [4 minutes]
For a more confident view into the market, the Logical Forex Bias can help. And, it has a suprising use for a particular style of trading.
15. Logical Forex Bias For Aggressive Traders   [9 minutes]
Remember that Aggressive Trading does NOT necessarily mean FREQUENT trading. It means that you will accept a lower probability, higher risk trade setup. Here's one way to do that.
16. Logical Forex Groove   [7 minutes]
Helpful for holding trades longer, you may find this gives you a little more confidence... but it's not a required indicator.
17. Logical Forex News Alert   [15 minutes]
Don't be surprised by a news release that may effect your currency pair. But, always check ForexFactory.com too!
18. Logical Forex Magnet Lines   [3 minutes]
How do real world magnets behave? You'll use this info to better understand how price moves around Logical Forex Magnet Lines.
19. Real World Magnet Behavior   [11 minutes]
See how some powerful "earth magnets" behave, attracting to and repelling from each other...while I try to contol them in my hands.
20. Logical Forex Magnet Lines - on the Chart   [25 minutes]
Now see how much the interaction of price with a Logical Forex Magnet Line behaves much the same as real world magnets.
21. Logical Forex WatchDog   [5 minutes]
Do you know how Watch Dogs behave in the real world? See how closely this matches the Logical Forex WatchDog.
22. Logical Forex WatchDog - on the Chart. It's really simple!   [5 minutes]
When the WatchDog barks, pay attention!
Starting Your Trading Session
23. Sit Down. Interpret. Act.   [15 minutes]
You’ll be amazed at how simple (and quick!) it is to determine if you can easily trade in the existing market conditions, and you’ll know how to find critical decision points in the market…where you will focus your attention, and choose to enter a trade, or stay out of the market entirely and wait for the next setup. You must find your best combinations of Logical Forex Indicators, how they setup and signal, and what works best for YOU. Your style will affect your interpretation of the charts, the indicators, and how you enter and exit trades.
Practice - The Right Way
24. Step Through Each Trade, One Tick at a Time   [18 minutes]
This is where we “put it all together”. We will empower you with an ability to allow your entire brain to operate and interact with incredible efficiency, and uncanny accuracy. Find a good setup on your chart, and train your brain...all of it!
25. Take ALL of Your Brain Into a New Reality   [36 minutes]
By keeping a certain pace and method, you'll force your brain to toss out the old, and keep the new...and "hook up" your pattern matching brain to your decision making logical brain...and even your hands so that you can quickly enter and exit trades with no hesitating.
Let's Go!
26. You Are Now Ready to START LIVING...   [8 minutes]
You are Now Equipped to be a consistently confident forex trader. Take some time to allow all of these things you have learned to become absorbed into all of you. Rest for a while... and then...Go! Practice. Market Replay. Study the Blog. Then Live Trading, small lots first, then increase them as you are comfortable. And of course...No predicting. No over-analyzing. No hesitating. Wisely...Go!


You Will Also Receive
Special Exclusive Access
To Extended Information
On the Blog Postings

As someone who will know many "insider tricks" of Logical Forex Trading from what you will learn in the Premium Videos...I can speak more freely to YOU on the blog postings. Since you'll now be an Insider, I can tell you things privately that I cannot disclose publicly. In other words, by learning from the Premium Videos, you'll also be granted special exclusive access to certain parts of the blog. I'll often be discussing in additional text, audio or video certain aspects of the trade examples I post...and this will combine with what you have learned from the Premium Videos...further enhancing your knowledge and skills.

After you have watched all of the Logical Forex Premium Videos, forex trading and forex scalping will look completely different to you. You will know what to do, when to do it, and without hesitation with little to no stress.

You will have a clear view of the market and how to trade it... hearing that satisfying mouse click announcing that you've made another successful trade...and when you get up from your chair...

You'll have that deep satisfaction and
comfortable confidence knowing that
you can consistently trade this way...
day after day...from now on.

What you will learn and know about Logical Forex trading can never be taken away from you. You'll be at an entirely different level than most any other forex scalper or forex trader. You'll be that expert professional Forex Trader you've always wanted to be. Well, it'll take some practice for you to be a true expert, but you will be well on your way!. :-)

Here's what you need to do right now to set yourself apart...

First, make sure you have installed the Logical Forex Indicators.

The Logical Forex Indicators (even the trial) include access to the Quick Start Online Training Videos. Start with these first! They lay the foundation of what you'll need to know to begin trading and understanding how to apply Logical Forex. And, after you have watched those videos (and practiced a bit) then watch the Premium Videos...they will make MUCH more sense to you, and be even more effective!

Go ahead and order your Logical Forex Premium Videos right now. This is especially important for you if you declined my special one-time-offer when you started your trial of the Logical Forex Indicators. There is a distinct possibility that the fee for the Premium Videos will be rising significantly, and soon. Just as you saw on your special offer when you ordered your Logical Forex Indicators, I make great offers, but I also hold to my word and keep my promises. That was a one-time special offer for you, and this price that I'm giving you now might change any day.

But, don't worry...you can lock in your price right now by taking action now. The Logical Forex Premium Videos are ready for you to watch Right Now, after your payment clears. And you can start your deep forex training whenever you are ready.

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Premium Videos

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P.S. Just like with a forex trade, you can apply a certain risk prediction...and hope that I keep this low price in effect until you return. Don't count on it. Take action with the high probability, low stress knowledge that you can get this price today, and gain the deep knowledge you need to be a consistently confident and professional forex trader with the Logical Forex Trading System.

P.P.S. If you're not quite ready for the Premium Videos, I still may be able to help you. You can receive a little different type of personalized help from me. Just Visit The Logical Forex Doctor. One way or another, I want to see you become the consistent and confident trader you know you can be.


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