Logical Forex, scalping, coaching, winning forex trades the simple logical way

Forex scalping and forex trading was unpredictable and frustrating
until I stopped trying so hard, and started using
a high probability, low-stress, logical trading method.
The pain is gone. The fun is constant.

"You Can Trade Forex And Futures
The Same Way That You Think...
In A Logical Process Oriented,
No Hesitation, High Probability, Low-Stress,
Consistent and Rewarding
Trading Strategy."

In just minutes, you can learn how to exploit
the Logical Forex Trading System and the Logical Forex Indicators
to give you a distinct advantage over other traders
and to free you from all the struggles you've had trading forex,
and become the forex trader you know you can be.

Stop wrestling with yourself and the old ways,
and start winning quick, in-and-out,
low-stress, high probability trades.


Click....................Click. YES! Another winner!

There's not much that compares to the feeling of consistent profitability in forex trading.

Unfortunately for most people, that doesn't come easy. And, from my experience, the more logical and process-oriented one thinks, the more difficult it can be.

I paid that price for a long, long time. I continued to try to force all of the methods I was taught into my own logical way of thinking. Not only did it not work for me, it was incredibly frustrating. It drained my soul. I even began to wonder if I could trade forex at all. And, I even went down that odd path wondering if I was even smart enough to trade.

It seemed like whenever I asked for help, or paid for advanced training, I heard the same thing over and over. It made sense to me from what I had observed, but somehow still felt like something was amiss.

Have you heard it? It's everywhere in "forex land"

"You know, you logical, left-brain people often have a hard time trading...engineers, developers, technicians, even plumbers... anybody who's used to following a process in their line of work. They always struggle. Forex trading is more art than science.

That may be true for some people, but I struggled with it. It just seems to me that... If that "more art than science" claim was completely true, then my logical brain said that all the math, all the statistics, all the indicators, all the chart patterns...the fib lines, the trend lines...everything based in math and logic wasn't really ever going to work consistently in the forex market. These things are all more science than art, aren't they?

Yet, I saw these things consistently work for other traders, particularly my coaches and mentors...but they didn't work consistently for me. Was (oh my) luck a factor? Was I just unlucky? Was I...dumb? Was I stubborn? Was I trying too hard? Was I touching on some psychological hangups?

Yes. Yes to all the above. And...No. No to most of the above.

So, you know what I did? The same thing you would do.

There MUST be a Logical way to trade Forex. I had to find it!

And... not only did I want to find a way to trade forex, I also needed a way that would work in the commodities markets, and especially with futures on currencies.

I used what seemed to be my "problem" and focused all my logical thinking and analysis skills to create a New Way to trade forex. It didn't have to work for anybody else other than me. It just had to be

  • something I understood and could repeat
  • a style that doesn't require me to wait, analyze, doodle and draw lines on my charts
  • responsive, with no waiting for "alignment" of a zillion indicators
  • more science than art
  • low-stress, with no predicting
  • high probability
  • low risk, fast in-and-out trades, without me hoping limit orders and take profits get filled before they reverse unexpectedly (while I'm away, of course)
  • a no-research, zero-study method, not needing any understanding of how news might effect the market
  • a way to allow me to trade whenever I want to, as long as there is some market activity
  • consistent repeating and trade-able patterns
  • fun

I knew if I could create a trading system, a plan, a process, with these attributes...I could trade successfully this way, day after day, and then I could create the life I really wanted. Maybe even better, it's something I could do...that nobody could ever take away from me. No layoffs. No funky bosses. No barking customers. Just me, my trading, and my success.

It took a while, but I'm living that life. Now I want to share my solution with you.

Logical Forex has simplified my trading,
and makes me enjoy my trading time...with no stress.

The core of what I do every day is identifying regularly repeating patterns with the Logical Forex Trading System. The System is a framework that specifically states what to look for in a setup, and how to interpret a signal, and what action to take.

In simplest terms, the Logical Forex Trading System is a refined scalping technique, but it's much more than the regular forex scalping that you see other places. The Logical Forex Trading System has a different approach, and doesn't produce stress, nor does it require much from your brain. It's easy to learn, and easy to trade, and, well...fun!

The Logical Forex Indicators give you the "view into the market" in a unique way from all other indicators and methods. They make the flow of the market scream out to you. They grab your attention and allow you to focus on a specific, short term, high probability trade. Sometimes it's a scalp. Sometimes it's more. But, it's always an easy choice...to know what to do.

Sure, experience helps refine your actions, just like with any skill. But, even with just a little time practicing, you'll see how easy it is to trade the Logical Forex Trading System. Our Online Training Videos give you, in about 2 hours, an in-depth look into how the Logical Forex Indicators work, how to interpret them, and how to take action.

Then, for those traders who want a more advanced ability to trade forex even more consistently, we offer private and personalized Forex Mentoring.

You're smart. It won't take you long to start.

You can be fully prepared, in a short period of time, to trade like you've always wanted to trade: profitably with approriate risk, and without frustration or stress. Of course, any outcome depends on your effort, your commitment, your personality, the market environement, your risk profile, and several other things... and we'll be here to guide you toward what you want to accomplish. We've been through what you've been through, found "the other side" in Logical Forex...and can show you the best ways to make the transition from the old ways of thinking, to a new way of fun-having trading!

The way you can become a successful forex scalper and trader is by applying the Logical Forex System and our proprietary Indicators.

Here's a quick overview of what they are...and what they do for you...

Logical Forex Activity™
We only want to trade when markets are active. You'll know, without a doubt, if there is sufficient trading activity in the markets to allow you to get in and out, or if you'll have to be very patient to wait for your trade to develop. We prefer to trade in active markets. The Logical Forex Activity has a clear, distinctive pattern that shows this.
Logical Forex Flow™
In forex trading, and just about anything else, it's best to "go with the flow" The Logical Forex Flow is the heart of the Logical Forex Trading System. At a glance, you can tell the flow of the market, and know what kinds of trades are higher probability, and which ones to favor.
Logical Forex Phase™
The forex market trades in phases...basically up, down, or sideways (duh). With the Logical Forex Phase, you can, however, much more easily and quickly determine the underlying structure of the phase, and be able to isolate the times when the phase is about to shift... and without having to predict.
Logical Forex Bias™
Your bias, whether the market is moving up or down, will help you stay out of fake-out trades. If you go with the flow, and your bias matches, then you're entering a high-probability trade.
Logical Forex Groove™
The market essentially "etches a groove" and "gets into a groove". The Logical Forex Groove can give you one more boost of confidence before entering a trade, but is especially powerful when you want to "hold on for more profit"
Logical Forex Magnets™
Although they look like simple support and resistance lines to some, Logical Forex Magnets are far more complex mathematically, and far more accurate. Just like in physics, magnets behave in multiple ways depending on the conditions. Magnets aligned North-to-North act very differently than those aligned North-to-South...and the power of the magnet is determined by many factors, too. Knowing how to use Logical Forex Magnets can give you specific price levels to watch for price action you can trade.
Logical Forex News Alert™
There is nothing more miserable than forgetting that a Big News Event is upcoming, entering a trade, and then suffering because you forgot to check a news calendar. The Logical Forex News Alert will give you advanced warning directly on your chart to help you stay out of news trades (or get into them if that's your style). You'll never be surprised again, though, at a news event.
Logical Forex WatchDog™
As the Logical Forex Flow is the heart of the Logical Forex Trading System, the Logical Forex WatchDog is the soul. Just imagine a real, live four-legged WatchDog protecting you...listening and watching for "things" you won't hear for several minutes. The Logical Forex WatchDog does the same thing...it "barks" giving you an advanced, early warning that something is happening that you need to pay attention to. Of course, just because your four-legged dog barks, it doesn't mean you load your shotgun and shoot...and the same is true of the Logical Forex WatchDog. You get your alert from the WatchDog, and then you assess the situation, and act accordingly. It sure is nice to have a WatchDog. :-)

Want to see Logical Forex In Action? Here ya go!

We are probably a lot alike. It's just easier most of the time when I can actually watch and observe somebody doing something, and then it's just easier for me to absorb...and to put myself in that situation. I can know quickly whether I can do it or not.

So, here's your chance to do that with Logical Forex. :-)

I took this trade at a rather unusual time. I'll tell you more about that in the videos. I just saw a good trading opportunity setting up, and decided I'd record it to share with you. Be sure you watch both videos. Watch them several times. You'll probably see some tricks that you can apply on your own, right now, with your Logical Forex Indicators.

Watch A Live Trade
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Now You Know How Easy It Is
For You to Dominate Forex!

Really, there isn't much more that I can tell you or show you. It's up to you now. It's super easy to get started, and there is absolutely no risk to you.

The Logical Forex Indicators require a free charting program. We have tried just about every platform available, and have found none that compare. In fact, we don't use any other charting platform. We won't even consider any other charting platform. Our Logical Forex Indicators take advantage of some unique features of this free platform, and it's the only one we've found that allows us to fully implement the Logical Forex Trading System. There is no need to do this at the moment, though. You can download your Logical Forex Indicators right now, and then download NinjaTrader later.

After you've started your trial and downloaded your Logical Forex Indicators, you can quickly download the free NinjaTrader Charting Platform . It's super easy to install, super easy to learn (especially since all you have to learn is how to use the Logical Forex Indicators, and not the full NinjaTrader Platform).

Start Your Logical Forex Trial, Right Now.

Literally, within minutes of starting your trial, you can be up and running, and on your way to a new, consistent, and repeatable way of trading. These are the full blown Indicators, with nothing missing, nothing left out. You'll get full access to the real live Logical Forex Indicators.

What others are saying...

I'm following your directions on how to trade the Logical Forex way as it obviously works. I want to be successful, not the originator of some new trading style.

Thank you for all your encouragement.

Stewart V.

United States

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Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Maybe even more important, not only will you be able to use, and actually begin trading with the Logical Forex Indicators during your trial period, you'll have full access to the Logical Forex Online Quick Start Training Videos. The videos give you all you need to know to start the first part of your Logical Forex lifestyle.

Of course, for those who want a super-fast start, and an extended ability to to trade even better, we offer additional Private Forex Mentoring.

Once again, I want to stress that, Logical Forex is unlike anything else available. We believe that you'll find it gives you the most calming and peaceful forex trading lifestyle you've ever known. But, we understand that it might not be for you. And, it's important to us that they work for you.

So, if for some odd reason you decide to bail out and don't want to use the indicators any longer, all you have to do is cancel, and that's it. You won't pay another dime.

Most other methods or indicators or courses charge large, up-front fees, and once you "have it" you "keep it" whether it works for you, or not. I passionately hate that. I have closets full of forex "things" that simply didn't work for me, and there was nothing I could do about it except, maybe keep them as a trophy, or to hold up my shelves in my closets.

I'm not going to do that to you. If it doesn't work for you, simply cancel. You can cancel at any time. Of course, I do want to caution you, though, about two things... if you cancel and want to use the Logical Forex Indicators again, you certainly can, but I can't guarantee that the price you see today will be the same when you return. And, that's true right now, too. It's quite possible that if you let this "trade" pass you by, you'll not only have that nasty feeling you have when you miss a good trade, you'll also likely keep struggling in the same old ways you have been.

With the Logical Forex Trading System and Indicators
you can stop the frustrating trades
and start making sense of the market, trade logically
in a process-oriented, low-stress, high probability
consistently way...day after day.

Get started with your Logical Forex trial, right now...


Remember... we use NinjaTrader ONLY for showing our charts with Logical Forex. There is nothing special you have to learn about NinjaTrader. You will simply open a chart, and that's it!

During the installation and setup process, we will guide you on setting up NinjaTrader (it's easy!) and we will get you connected to a free datafeed.

If you need assistance in getting things setup on your computer, one of our professionals can actually connect directly to your computer and help you get everything installed. (It's not likely you will need this, since we have a super simple setup process, but we're here to help you if you need it!)

If you are already using NinjaTrader and a broker datafeed that is compatible with NinjaTrader, you may configure NinjaTrader to use your existing datafeed in most cases. If you are a Futures trader, you can still use your regular datafeed, as long as it is compatible with NinjaTrader. Our special broker can help you with this, too.

The best thing to do is... go ahead and get started with Logical Forex right now, and we will guide you through the process to get you started quickly and easily.

Okay... let's get you started now!


Logical Forex Indicators

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With the Quick Start Videos and the other standard training materials, you will have enough to become a successful Logical Forex Trader. If you want to extend your abilities, and be an even more consistent and professional forex trader, you can get our Premium Videos and other advanced training at your discretion. After you have completed the purchase of the Logical Forex Indicators, you will be able to purchase additional training materials and services.

Premium Videos

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P.S. Remember...you get the fully functional Logical Forex Indicators, and full access to the complete Online Training Videos that describe in detail the Logical Forex Trading System and how to use the Logical Forex Indicators. Where can you get this kind of training, AND fully functional indicators for no risk to you...and at such an inexpensive amount? And, remember too, if you later decide this just isn't for you, you can cancel at any time. No long term contracts. No big up-front fees. No excuses. Start your Logical Forex trial right now!

P.P.S. I know you probably have that inclination to "go study all this". I definitely understand. But, be careful going too deep into the cave. When you emerge, you'll certainly have missed out. If you put that same effort into enhancing your Logical Forex trading abilities, you'll be much farther ahead. And, keep in mind, too, there is a fairly high probability that if you pass on this trial of the Logical Forex Indicators, the price may have moved (just like it does in forex trading) and you'll have missed out on a great price. Don't let that happen to you. You're worth it. You can stop those frustrating attempts and continual search for the Holy Grail of Trading. This sure isn't the Holy Grail, but it's close enough for me. Make it so for you, too.


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