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Logical Forex Chart

You have available to you, with Logical Forex, a way to completely change and improve the way you trade forex. I know you want to get started as quickly as possible. That's good. But you must approach Logical Forex the same way you would when starting anything new to you.

What may make this a bit challenging for you is... you "dragging in" or "dragging up" the things you already know about forex trading in general. There is a time when that may be helpful to you... but now is NOT that time.

If you are impatient (careful!) then you can just review the Quick Start Checklist, which will give you specific actions to take "right now". However, you might steal a few tricks if you read everything here.

As with anything you begin new... start with basics of what you are learning. Learn them well. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING... Don't add your own Indicators or even your own ideas at this point. There is a time when that may be helpful to you... but now is NOT that time.

Imagine that you are an expert guitar player. There is no doubt you know well How Guitar Playing "Works". But, you have decided that you now want to play the Violin.

Sure, the Violin is related to the stringed instrument you are familiar with... but the similarities are not so strong that you would be able to immediately make the same quality of music with a Violin as you can with a guitar, right?

You'll start with "the basics", and over time and as you continue to gain experience, you will be able to "adapt" your Violin playing to different circumstances. But... for that to happen... for you to be able to adapt your playing of the Violin, you MUST be somewhat of an expert. This only comes with time and experience. So, when you are getting started, even if you think you know or sense a similarity between the guitar and the violin... you MUST start with the basics, completely absorb those basics and APPLY THEM.

What you'll quickly appreciate is... after you have "made Logical Forex YOURS"... you no longer have to think, or predict, or over-analyze, or hesitate... THEN you can ADAPT TO THE MARKET CONDITIONS. You will not have to adapt "the system". Really let that sink in. It is very important. Likewise, you can continue to use Logical Forex the same way every day and to make more money, you increase your lot sizes WITHOUT changing anything else!

Consistency produces a repeatable, calm, peaceful and confident trading outcome. And, that's what we're set out to accomplish, and WILL accomplish with Logical Forex!

For some people, Logical Forex will immediately "become part of them" without a great deal of effort. That will be wonderful if it happens. And, if it does or it doesn't... YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO YOURSELF.

forex holy grail

Forex   Holy Grail

I know how easy it is to be attracted to the Shiny Holy Grail of Trading. It's a rather sinister path most traders take. Why? Well, I guess we are all about the same... we want a "sure thing", and especially one where we can just "buy a sure thing winning lottery ticket"... or even a "show me an arrow on the chart that tells me exactly when to enter and exit trades". You're not going to find these things with Logical Forex. You're not going to find them anywhere... at least anywhere that Truth exists. Sure, some of these things might work for a while, but rarely for very long... and if they DO work for you, keep doing it! (and be ready to adjust when it stops working)

What you ARE going to find with Logical Forex is... YOU ARE IN CONTROL of YOU... ALL of your choices... when you enter, when you exit, how many lots to trade... and all of these choices are based on what the Logical Forex Indicators SHOW YOU. They are, quite simply, a powerful way to show you the Decision Points in the market... and that allows YOU to determine what YOU want to do, and when YOU want to do it. Of course, alongside of this... this also makes YOU completely responsible for ALL of your actions. There is no legitimate "blame" that can be thrust upon anybody else... or anything else... brokers, bad fills, even the Indicators. It means that YOU must ADJUST TO MARKET CONDITIONS and the way you are interpreting what you see IN those market conditions.

You have absolutely NO control over the market... only you! And with the Logical Forex Indicators helping you see clearly what those market conditions truly are, then the rest is up to YOU to see clearly what YOUR conditions truly are... and trading (or not) accordingly.

You WILL prevail! You have the tools, the Logical Forex Indicators. The rest is up to you... to learn them... to apply them... and maybe most difficult and important of all... this sounds a bit odd... to learn YOU.

So, this gives us several main areas on which we must focus...
  • Mechanical
  • Mental
  • Perception
  • Personalization
Of course, all of these are inter-related, but we can approach them separately while "getting to know Logical Forex and ourselves" and then putting them all together as we progress.


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