Is Automated Forex System Trading a Good Choice?

With automated forex system trading, you’re told that you can just sit back and let the system take care of all of your trading responsibility. Don’t be fooled. It’s not easy finding the best forex system trading tools and education.

Yes, there are “forex robots” that are available for purchase. And, they may work well…at least for a while. But with any
automatic forex trading system, or anything automatic for that matter, they need tuning and repairing from time to time. Just consider your automatic transmission in your car. Eventually it’s going to need attention. And, certain conditions will cause it to operate poorly, or even break.

There are some amazing forex robots and automated forex trading software avaiable today. Systems like EBS Spot AI is interesting. And, of course, there are the endless metatrader expert advisor programs posted on all the free forex forums, and many that are for sale, too.

But, is automated forex trading safe? I suppose it is…if you have a LOT of money to suffer the imminent drawdowns. I prefer to do my forex trading on my own. But, if you don’t, or you don’t feel you know enough and still want to participate in the currency trading markets, then, instead of trusting a free forex EA/expert advisor or any other piece of trading software that executes trades FOR you, you might want to consider using forex managed accounts. But, you know what? They often large equity requirements. And, do you know why? Many of their systems are automated to some degree, and they KNOW there will be drawdowns…quite large at times.

Of course, for the best forex trading experience, you need to learn how to trade forex for yourself. You can use program like Wealth Lab to backtest your ideas, but generally it’s going to be best for you to learn a forex trading system from a professional…and the system and the professional forex coach has to fit your personality.

At some point, the earlier the better, be sure to consider forex scalping. The advantages are many, and, although some have had a bad experience, they usually just haven’t been taught very well on how to scalp forex properly for true consistent profits and low risk. It really can be more of a science than an art, if done properly. There really is a strong logical flow in the fx market that you can take advantage of, if you know how and have the right tools and the right forex training.

Sure, investigate automated forex system trading, but be careful you aren’t fooled into something that won’t work in the long run.