The Forex Trading System – A Must for the Serious Currency Trader

To be a successful forex trader, you must have a proven and profitable forex trading system. Attempting to trade currencies without one will take you down a known and rough path.

Whether you prefer a forex online system trading tool, or to “click the button” to execute trades yourself, there must be a process to the trading. And, you need to understand that process, no matter who or what executes your trades.

You may prefer an automated forex system trading method. I personally find them terrifying. I simply don’t trust a program to trade for me. I can’t possibly see what I can see on the forex charts. I prefer getting a visual identification of the currency markets on my charts, and then execute trades myself. But, if you can handle the frequent and deep drawdowns in most forex software system trading packages, then they can certain minimize the time you must “sit in front of a computer”.

I still believe the best forex system trading program is YOU the individual forex trader. If your time is limited, then you need a trading method that fits into your schedule. Forex scalping (with the right tools and training) will likely meet your needs. For many people who fully investigate how professional forex traders make consistent profit, they find the best forex trading system is scalping forex.

In most cases, forex trading system software can be expensive and the actual trading method is rarely disclosed to you when you buy. And, with automatic forex system trading, the systems are usually even MORE closed to you. You just won’t know what is REALLY going on and what triggers a trade. That will make you entirely dependent on somebody else, and THEIR programs and methods. This makes me think of that old proverb…feed a person a fish, and feed them for a day…TEACH a person to fish, and feed them for a lifetime. I’d rather have a FX trading system that I knew and understood, and that I could replicate without any help from anybody.

Of course, with an online currency trading system, you can have more time away from the forex charts, but most currency trading systems, require some kind of “tending”. It’s strange, but the free forex trading system packages that you find on forex forums seem so enticing, but, if they are so good, why would people release them to the public for free? Sure, there are some philanthropic people in forex trading, but that’s rather odd behavior (from my perspective) to post any kind of forex mechanical system trading indicators on a public forum.

It seems like with most people being basically lazy (where lazy can also equate to efficient, and therefor intelligent), automated forex trading systems are very popular. Forex robots are being sold daily to an unsuspecting audience of people who say they want to trade forex, but in reality, they just want a “money machine” and do little work. I think I’d rather buy lottery tickets than trust a forex auto trading system (certainly one built by somebody else).

So, for me, forex automated trading systems just don’t fit my style or my philosophy. The auto forex system trading packages, and especially the forex robots scare me. Even if they produce good results today, it is likely to be because of currency market conditions…which change…and then the forex robots would need to be changed to adapt to the changed market conditions. Any forex review of system trading robots may look good today, but what about in the future?

What you need is a forex professional system trading technique that you understand and can implement on your own. Tools such as the Logical Forex Trading System can give you this advantage. Your FX trading systems may provide some black box indicators, but you must know how to use them, and what they represent.

With your own personalized forex trading system, such as what can be constructed with the Logical Forex Trading System, you can make money trading forex.