Scalping Forex During The Best Time of Day

There are many choices when scalping forex. Not only do you need to find the best currency pair that has good liquidity, good spreads, and is forming a trading signal, you, too, have to be ready to trade.

Especially when scalping forex, you must be trading during a time of the day when there are other traders and scalpers participating in the markets. And, usually, the best time for this is during any market session open and any market session close. The two periods of time that you have to be most careful about are the Asian open, and then US Close. The reason is… there are simply fewer traders who are actively trading during those times when compared to the other session opens and closes.

Scalping Forex Time Slots

You can find the actual times when the market sessions open and close by using certain utilities, such as World Market Hours. Remember, though, that sometimes trading may get started a bit earlier than the posted times.

Also, be sure that you are well-rested and that the time when you select to scalp forex. It is important that you be able to make clear decisions, and if you’re considering trading during a time when you are normally sleeping, then be careful. You may want to “train your body” for a while if you want to trade a particular session.

For example, if you are in the United States and want to scalp during the London Open, that will be in the very early morning hours for those on the East Coast of the US. The main thing is, even though that is my personal favorite time to trade (because I like the way the markets move then), it may not work with your body clock. Again, you want to adjust your body clock so that scalping forex at that time of day works for you.

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