Want to Scalp Forex for a Living?

Do you want to scalp forex so that you don’t need a regular job? There are a number of ways to do this. Some trading systems recommend that you target 20 pips a day. With other forex scalping systems you may only need to make 3-4 pips a day. And, yes, you CAN make a LOT of money trading forex with just a few pips.

If you know how to scalp forex properly, with a system such as Logical Forex, for example, you can scalp to freedom from the hassles of the daily grind. Although 20 pips daily is nice, that’s not what is required.

Scalp Forex using Repeating Patterns and Movements

Consider this for a moment. Each currency pair moves in distinct patterns, and has a typical amount of price moment every day. For example, the EURUSD, EURJPY move around 100 pips or so every day. Now, with a scalping technique that tries to capture 20 pips per day (like so many methods teach), you have to construct a trade that captures 20 percent of a normal move, or you have to capture the waves in each currency pair move in smaller increments.

I can tell you from years of experience as a professional forex scalper, capturing those smaller pip moves is small easier.  Trading this way in forex, freedom, bar none, is the best strategy.

Let’s look at a GBPUSD scalp method on a typical day. The GBP/USD typically gives 100+ pip moves each day. This is usually in “spurts” or waves, where currency pair moves, say 10 pips, then retraces, then goes 20 pips the other direction, then retraces 5 pips, then moves 25 pips, then retraces 10 pips, and so on. Now, ask yourself this…can you find 3-5 pips in at least one of those moves? Yes, of course you can, but you must be careful.

With forex scalp trading, you have to take the highest probability trades, where you limit your risk because the trade you enter is almost certain to go in the direction you need to profit. It’s not that hard with a good forex scalp trading system. (You have found that here!)

Scalp Forex for Real Financial Freedom

You won’t find your true financial path much easier than with forex. Freedom is here for you if you want it. Sure, you need the right forex trading system, and that means (with most strategies) you’ll need to know how to read the forex market.

You do that with forex indicators. You learn how to determine if the market is bullish or bearish. You’ll mostly use technical analysis, and sometimes even a little fundamental analysis of things like general economic news¬† and forex news in particular.

If this all sounds complex and intimidating to you, the harsh truth is, you’re right. It is to most people. But, YOUR forex trading system can be much simpler. Look around you. It’s simple here. :-)

There is much money available for YOU to take in the foreign exchange market. You can scalp forex just like the REAL professionals do and trade like an insider, taking a little slice of each market move of each major exchange transaction. It’s there for you to take, if you want it…and you know how.

When you scalp forex, you can eliminate so many things that interfere with your action, and trade (smartly of course), and have a lot more fun because you will be right when you scalp forex, making you a good income and building your wealth.