What Are Some Profitable Forex Scalping Strategies?

There are several forex scalping strategies available. Some of them work some of the time. Some of the them never seem to work. Some of them are almost impossible to learn and actually do. That means, of course, that there are really only a few that work consistently and are easy to learn and do.

When I first started trading forex around 1999 or so, I think that I probably purchased every course, indicator, coaching and system that was available. That was expensive. So were my losses. I think I spent as much learning as I did losing. Said another way, I spent a lot of money to learn how to lose a lot of money. :-)

No more scams. Forex Scalping Strategies must really work

Somewhere along that path, I learned a forex scalping strategy that made sense to me. It was fairly easy to understand, but only because I had some previous training on the technique that the teacher was showing me. After thinking about it, I saw that all that was going on was the method was exactly the same…just ‘scaled down to a smaller time frame’ for scalping. My logical brain told me that something was amiss…like I was trying to hammer a roofing nail with a sledgehammer. Wrong fit. Size matters. Just “scaling the method” wasn’t the answer…at least for me it wasn’t.

I took an overall look again at forex trading in general. No matter what I did or how I looked at things in forex, the only trading system that I could see that made sense to me was forex scalping.

Researching Forex Scalping Strategies – Whew!

Again, I set out on a research job, scouring every forex blog and currency trading forum and magazine to see other options of regular forex trading systems, and forex scalping strategies…but more focused on scalping forex than anything else. I needed an edge…something not just “scaled down”, but a real forex trading system that was designed for a real forex scalper…like I was beginning to consider myself.

I found a few mt4 expert advisors. I tried some mt4 indicators in Metatrader-based broker, too. I used different styles…but nother every really “came together” for me. I was still struggling. And, I was tired of struggling, and losing, and the frustrations.

But, I knew forex scalping was the way to go for me in my
forex trading “career”. So, that’s where I focused.

I tried downloading and using some metatrader indicators found on various forex forums. They rarely worked, and if they did, it wasn’t long before the didn’t. I then created my own mt4 indicator (actually several of them), but they, too, fell in the same success/failure cycle.

But, I still knew I was on to something. I didn’t want to do any other kind of currency trading…other than scalping forex. I would even introduce myself as a “forex scalper” to people I first met. I was serious. Yet, still frustrated…and oh-so-close. I needed to find a trading system, and was silently hoping that I would find a winner among the many forex scalping strategies I had seen before.

Then, I finally realized that I could not get the view into the market that I wanted in a Metatrader environment. There were only a few tools where I could do what I had in mind. After literally thousands of hours of “putting the pieces together”, I ended up creating Logical Forex…a true trading system that integrete a very simple to learn forex scalping method. It’s has extremely low risk, and almost no stress. I’ve been doing this exclusively now for quite some time.

So, my search for the Holy Grail of trading is over (and has been for a long time). There is no need to seek for other forex scalping strategies. I use what I created…every day. I decided to offer this to other people, too. Maybe it will help you. I don’t push things on people…so it will either make sense to you, or not. But, I do know that everybody I have worked with one-on-one has shared with me how free they now feel from all their previous burdens, since now they have consistently profitable forex scalping strategies provided by Logical Forex.