A Normal Forex Scalper Day – What Is It Like?

Forex Scalper “Job Requirements”

Have you ever considered what a “normal day” is like for a professional forex scalper? You’re going to be surprised. It’s easy. It’s a fast day (sometimes no more than 30 minutes per DAY total [no research required]). And…you probably though that scalping forex would require you to sit at the computer looking at forex charts all day? Wrong!

And, you might have thought that scalping forex was demanding on your equity…or “dangerous and risky”…Wrong! A forex scalper, with the right forex indicators, tools, forex broker and forex training lives a very different and simple, low stress life from what so many people tell you.

With the proper forex scalping strategy that is consistently profitable, such as the Logical Forex Trading System, a forex scalper will typically just look at a chart during a 1 hour time period (at most). We look for the most high probability setups with the least amount of risk, and as price momentum tells us what to do, we joing in the market flow, scalping our way to stress-free income and financial freedom.

So, what is my normal day like for a professional forex scalper?

Well…at the same time each day, I dedicate 1 hour of my time to trading. I will do nothing else except trade. I turn off the phone. I don’t check email or browse the web. No, I simply look at my forex charts, observer the forex price and how it relates to my forex indicators (which give me a “structure” to the market). I wait for the BEST and highest probability setup, where the most probable thing for price to do is to go in the direction I’m about to trade. And, without predicting and without hesitation, I enter the trade.

I do this with my favorite currency pairs…EUR/USD and EUR/JPY. And, of course, I trade the “right one at the right time of day and in the right session”.

I usually enter with large lot sizes. Of course, depending on “what the forex market looks like” at the time, will adjust my lot size accordingly.

Once I have entered a trade, I am ready to exit the trade without predicting or hesitating….whether price moves in my favor or not. Either way, I exit QUICKLY. Now, most of the time, my forex scalps are perfectly fine and I don’t have to bail out, but when I do, my losses are trivial…a couple of pips. And, if price goes in my favor, I will usually stay in until it goes against me. Simple trading rules, aren’t they? In simplest terms, exit when price goes against me. Period. But, since my forex scalping system shows me very clearly what the market is doing, most of the time, I’m in profit so quickly that I can take 3-4 pips at a minimum, and sometimes far more.

You can look at my forex trading examples I post in my blog for some great charts showing how to “be right” and stay in trades longer for more profits. But, I never recommend somebody starts scalping that way. Just take what the market gives you, and move on to the next trade.

There simply isn’t a better way to trade forex. While other traders are still debating on when to get in by staring at their charts, drawing lines, and hesitating…as a forex scalper, you will be making profitable trades, with no stress, and be “Done For The Day” faster than you might be able to believe right now simply scalping the forex market.