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You know those feelings when trading forex...

Frustrated? Confused? Tired of losing? Maybe even a little bit angry?

That's how I felt, too, before I created the Logical Forex Trading System.

No matter how much I tried in the past, I just couldn't find anything that worked for me. Yes, I had some really good days...and some really bad ones, too. I just was stuck, never really making any progress...except in getting more confused and more frustrated. Every day was a hassle... a frustrating bunch of trades that sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't...and I never could figure out exactly what the difference was.

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Logical Forex Chart

My life is different now. All of it. My forex trading life is now simple. I don't hesitate any more. I don't try to predict. I don't even have to think about how to trade any more. I just trade. Every day. And, I only take high probability, low stress, consistently profitable trades.

It took a while...a lot longer than I had ever thought it would, but after a lengthy research and development process, I created something that worked for me. Maybe the Logical Forex Trading System will work for you, too.

I was exhausted from so many things that didn't work for me. I actually began to feel a little dumb, and even considered that perhaps I just wasn't lucky.

But, my logical brain kept rejecting those thoughts. I knew that once I found a method that was logical, and consistent, and gave me clear rules to trade, I would be fine.

It seemed like with every course, every teacher, coach and mentor, and even every indicator I purchased...the results were the same. I would either enter a trade too early or too late. Same with the exits. Consistently. That's not fun, especially when everything I tried to adjust or correct produced the same old results I was trying to correct or adjust. Frustrating!

And, I kept hearing the same song, over and over. You've heard it too...

"You know, you logical, left-brain people often have a hard time trading...engineers, developers, technicians, even plumbers... anybody who's used to following a process in their line of work. They always struggle. Forex trading is more art than science."

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I really struggled with that. I kept hearing it from people I seriously respect. But, again, my logical brain kept rejecting that statement. Want to know why?

If that "more art than science" claim was completely true, then my logical brain said that all the math, all the statistics, all the indicators, all the chart patterns...the fib lines, the trend lines...everything based in math and logic wasn't really ever going to work consistently in the forex market. These things are all more science than art, aren't they?

I saw these things consistently work for other traders, particularly my coaches and mentors...but they didn't work consistently for me. Was (oh my) luck a factor? Was I just unlucky? Was I...dumb? Was I stubborn? Was I trying too hard? Was I touching on some psychological hangups?

Yet, I refused to believe I was "broken"...or that other people having success had anything special. Well, maybe they were lucky. That may be fine for them, but it isn't for me. I don't want luck. I want a consistently reproducible process that I can count on. Day after day. Trade after trade.

I finally solved the puzzle. It was an elegant and simple solution. You know how those are, right? The more simple you make the solution, the more difficult it is to create. And, of course, the other way round is true, too...if you don't care if it's difficult to do, then it'll be simple to create.

Let me tell you, for sure...the Logical Forex Trading System and the Logical Forex Indicators were not simple to create. My effort went in to making this simple to use And, you're the one who can benefit from my efforts, and instantly put the Logical Forex Indicators to work for you.

With even a quick look at the Logical Forex Indicators, you can tell they are easy to interpret, and simple to understand. I've heard a few people, upon their first glance, wonder about a few of the lines drawn on the charts, but I reassure them with two quick details...(1) the lines and everything you see is drawn automatically (you don't even draw anything manually), and (2) each line and color has a particular and specific purpose to help you rapidly identify and execute high probability, low risk, low stress trades. After you've looked at the charts, even briefly after you get to see them functioning in a live market... well...you see how easy it is to trade with the Logical Forex Trading System and Indicators.

The method is easy to learn. When you first see it, you may think it's a simple forex scalping strategy. It's not. Yes, it's simple, but it's not simply scalping. As you become more familiar with the way the Logical Forex Indicators work, and how they show you high probability entries, the indicators also give you excellent clues on when to hold on to a trade for more profit. Now, developing this skill takes time and effort, but you can develop it, for sure!

Usually, it's best when you are first staring out, though, to target 3-5 pips of profit. You'll be amazed at how accurate the Logical Forex Indicators, especially the Logical Forex WatchDog, gives you lots of clues that a good trade is setting up...and when these signals "fire", you'll very often find a 3-5 pip profit...with hardly any effort, and no stress at all. It is a wonderful feeling! And, especially so, knowing that you can do this trade after trade.

Every day when I trade forex, particularly when I do a simple 3-5 pip scalp...I'm both fascinated and relieved. In my "previous life" as a business consultant, particularly in the technical fields, generally in software development, my brain was in constant go-go-go mode. It never shut off. I was always thinking and pondering and predicting. Until I created the Logical Forex Trading System and indicators, I lived that way. Every day. Sadly, I even carried this brain buzz into my forex trading. I felt like I had to "know everything" and "learn more" and "study more"...all so that I'd have an edge. Well, those days are over. My brain doesn't buzz, hardly ever. When I trade forex, I simply concentrate. Thinking is not really required when trading logically (a bizarre sounding statement but very true...you'll see). Actually, the more I "think" when trading forex, the worse I do, so I just trade the high probability setups shown to me by the Logical Forex Indicators, and enjoy my stress-free trading time.

Now, you may ask...and you should...if the Logical Forex Indicators work as well as I claim...why would I offer to help others, and incur the challenges associated with running a web site, writing the software to implement the indicators, and so on. Those things are not always fun...but I believe it's worth it. It's been a long-time passion for me to help other people...a long career in business consulting has allowed me to help hundreds of people, especially startup companies. But, now all I want to do is trade forex, and help other people trade forex profitably, too.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you will understand the mechanics of Logical Forex. There is an enormous amount of training materials, all organized to help you get started quickly, and extend your expertise as fast and as deep as you desire.

Go ahead now and start your trial of the fully functional Logical Forex Indicators.

You'll also get full access to the Online Quick Start Training Videos that will show you how to use and interpret the Logical Forex Indicators.

Lock in your price for a 1-on-1 personal and private Logical Forex Online Workshop, where I'll work directly with you to boost your results and success...and it's tailored just for you and your particular goals and trading profile. Shhh... there is a special offer you'll see concerning the Online Workshop when you start your trial of the Logical Forex Indicators.

When you need a little "fix up" or a "tune up" for your trading, you can Visit The Logical Forex Doctor. You'll get a full analysis by somebody who has "been there, done that" and can give you specific tips on how to improve your trading so you can be even more successful.

Now, I understand how this can be a little overwhelming. Maybe you'd like to start slow, and let some of these things sink in. I know it takes some time for a logical person to connect all the dots and make a pretty picture of it all. But, don't go into hibernation. Keep your momentum, and take action. Do something!

Something you can do right now, without any cost or obligation, is learn the secret of becoming "stupid wealthy" by trading forex. Yes, there is a secret, and you need to know it. You can learn the secret of substantially increasing your wealth (or generating serious income to replace your paycheck, or whatever your dreams are). No, this isn't hype. It is completely and solely math...proven math. You'll learn an absolutley rock solid proven method to build your trading account to an enormous size, quite fast. The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula

Now, I want to give out some thanks and gratitude.

What you can accomplish with the Logical Forex Trading System and the Logical Forex Indicators would not be possible without our partnership with NinjaTrader.

I believe I have tried and tested just about every charting platform there is. Nothing compares to NinjaTrader. And this is especially incredible since the charting platform of NinjaTrader is available at no cost or obligation for you to use with your Logical Forex Indicators.

The charting platform is incredible. In fact, everybody that works at NinjaTrader is incredible. That alone is enough to make me want to do business with them.

But, here's the most critical fact. The Logical Forex Indicators simply will not run on any other platform. I don't plan on porting them to any other platfrom either. There just is not another charting platform like NinjaTrader that gives us the flexibility and power we need to trade the Logical Forex Trading System.

So, it is with great enthusiasm and extreme confidence that I strongly recommend the free NinjaTrader Charting Platform to you. Put another way, if you don't have it, then that's not logical, because its' the only way to trade the Logical Forex Way.

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