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How do I open a chart?

The critical parts of opening a new chart is using a "1-Range" timeframe, and applying the "Logical Forex Trading" template.

Make sure that you are connected to your datafeed, or your chart may be blank or not "move".


Note: If you are using NinjaTrader 6.5, the process is essentially the same. Just make sure you open the chart on a "1-Range" timeframe, and apply the "Logical Forex Trading" template.

Open New Chart in NinjaTrader Control Center


Select File -> New -> Chart… in the NinjaTrader Control Center

Select Currency Pair


The quickest way to select your currency pair is to simply "type it into the box".

We always recommend that you focus on EUR/USD and EUR/JPY.

Just type the currency pair, without the "/" into the box, and then click the "New" button

Enter 1-Range and Select the Logical Forex Trading template


Make absolutely certain that you use 1-Range in the "Period" settings. You can learn more about why this is so critical in the training materials.

Please note: We recommend that you set the "Type" first to Range, then set the "Value" to "1". If you set the "Value" to "1" first, then select "Range", the "Value" will be replaced with "4". We want that Value to be "1".

Then, select the "Logical Forex Trading" template in the (bottom right corner). Often there will be no other choices.

You do not need to change anything else! Just leave everything else at the default values. The Logical Forex Trading template will setup everything else for you.

Click the "Okay" button, and your chart will open. If your chart does not move, or is blank, then you need to connect to your datafeed.

If you do not see "Logical Forex Trading" in the options, then you have not properly installed Logical Forex. Usually this means you used something other than the defaults when you installed NinjaTrader or Logical Forex. It’s probably easiest for you to just uninstall Logical Forex, then NinjaTrader, and reinstall using the defaults given during each installation.