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45-Minute Private Forex Coaching Session

Once again, you're so close. You feel like you know what do to, but somehow, you just feel... stuck. It seems like no matter what you're doing, it's not working out the way you thought it would. You find yourself staring at a chart, wondering what to do, feeling like something is missing... and intuitively you know...

"If I could just spend a few minutes with a professional trader,
look at one of their charts, or maybe share my chart,
I know I could make some serious progress!"

We've all been there... needing a bit of clarification... a boost. It can be so frustrating when you know and you have personally seen other people seem to grasp something so quickly, yet we struggle.

I know there have been times like when in college (a long time ago) when I was reading a book, an advanced calculus book, and it seems like "everybody got it but me". And, then, almost magically, a "coach" had me look at the "problem" in a different way. The Coach gave me insight into changing my perspective, and suddenly, it was all easy. What was difficult moments prior, and that was easy for others, was now easy for me, too.

We can help you. Fast. Stress free. Deep. Intense. Fun.

You can blast through those places where you are struggling. You can toss the baggage. The old ways. The fantasy. The unrealistic expectations. And you can turn your desires into a reality. You can "get it".

You know you can do it... you just need a little boost. A new insight. A new perspective. An adjustment.

And we'll show you a new perspective to help you through this, as your Logical Forex Coach.

A Forex Coach has a special place in a trader's life. A Coach is not quite the same as a Mentor. In fact, a Mentor can be a Coach, but rarely will a Coach be a Mentor. Here's why...

A Mentor typically has "been there, done that" and has personally lived through certain situations, circumstances and events in life, and trading, and has become equipped in a special way to see you through to your dreams. A Mentor will be there with you, every step of the way.

Sometimes, a Mentor will immediately provide resources or answers to you, but most often, a Mentor will ask you questions and share insights with you so that you can discover things on your own... and then help you refine your discoveries in a way that particularly suit you... fit you... equip you... to take enormous steps of improvement. A Mentor "shares their brain and experiences" with you in such a way that you always have a partner who cares deeply about you and your success. They know you. They were you. They know what you are going through... and how to get you where you want to be. They've already made it through the walls, and are ready to reach their hands back to pull you through. It's all up to you.

Of course, a Coach may have also "been there, done that," too, but usually they have a specific task to accomplish. In other words, a Coach will most often prepare a person for something in particular, with deep intense focus, and once the improvement or lesson has been accomplished, then both the coach and the "student" will move on to the next task or the next skill development.

What most often happens with a Coach is... they observe what you are doing, and then make specific recommendations on actions for you to take. For example, a golfing coach might make you lift your elbow differently, adjust your stance with your weight balanced better, or may even show you certain exercises for you to do. The Coach knows these things will help you. It's up to you to do them.

The Mentor will also coach you, too, but the relationship is much deeper... and more critical adjustments can be made... in your golf swing... and certainly your Logical Forex Trading.


Logical Forex Coaching... Observe. Show. Instruct. Release.

We want to work with you. We know that with just a few minutes with our professional Logical Forex Trader, we will help you break away from your traps, and see things in a new way, so that you can really see what is on a chart and confidently take trades... and pass on the bad ones. Now, this isn't "magic", so we can't guarantee that you'll see an immediate impact, but we will provide to you new insights and new approaches that you will likely never discover on your own.

Here is what you get, and what we will do...

After you purchase, whenever you are ready, you will open a support ticket, and schedule your Coaching Session. You and our Logical Forex Trader will coordinate with each other a date and time that works for you both. There isn't a rush... nothing expires... and you can use your Coaching Session whenever you are ready. In fact, we encourage you to go through the entire Getting Started Guide and Checklist and watch the Quick Start Videos and the Premium Videos (maybe several times) before you schedule your Coaching Session.

When you schedule your Coaching Session, you will tell us what you want to focus on. Now, we may take you down a slightly different path than you think you need to pursue. Remember, we are here to Observe, Show, Instruct, and Release... and that means that we may observe that you have a skewed perspective of something that needs to be radically changed... and we'll show you a better way, and instruct you on a way to correct it and improve it... and finally, release you to implement what you have discovered. You will absorb, practice and apply.

And, yes, we know that with whatever you tell us you want to focus on, much deeper than that is your sincere desire to be a consistently profitable forex trader... and that is what we will focus on, taking whatever path we may need to pursue, so that you will benefit the most.

And, it will still be up to you. We may give you certain things to think about, exercises to do, changes to how you are approcahing your trades, mental challenges... whatever we Observe that you are doing will tell us what we need to Show you. Then, we will Instruct you with a specific plan of action so that you can improve your trading... and have more fun.

What happens before your Coaching Session?

When you are scheduling your Coaching Session, you'll tell us what you would like to cover. Your Coach may ask you to provide screen snapshots, chart images, or maybe even a video... so that we can see what you are doing. (It's easy. We'll show you how.) Sometimes your Coach will have you answer specific questions in the ticket, or a video, or marks on your charts. Then you will add these items to your "support ticket". This way, we will be able to get some great background information from you, and stay hyper-efficient in the time we spend with you in your Coaching Session.

What happens on the day of your Coaching Session?

You will connect directly to our computer so that you can view our screen and our charts. In some cases, we may "turn that around" and view your screen. Generally though, all you'll do is just open a web browser, and connect to our computer. We'll describe to you how to do this in your "support ticket".

We will provide a USA phone number for you to call, or in some cases will use Skype or another method so that we can talk directly with you. (It's always best if you have a regular phone line connection, if possible, separate from your internet connection, so that we don't pump so much data to your computer that you can't see our screen move. Don't be concerned about that. We'll get it working with you.

During your Coaching Session, we will discuss what you want to... using the materials that you have provided to us as a framework... and we'll help you isolate areas where you can apply our specific instructions. And, you will really enjoy this and have a good time... advancing through those places where you have faced so many challenges before. You will be equipped to overcome anything you choose to do. And, it's all up to you. Your determination and commitment will see you through.

What happens after your Coaching Session?

Well, it's quite simple. You start with those things that we have discussed, the plans we have helped you make... and implement them.

We may have you doing certain exercises, or reviewing Logical Forex Training Materials, or any number of things that we both agree will help you... and that you commit to us that you will do. We're not going to follow up with you (unless you are in our Mentoring program). And, that's okay, as long as you commit to yourself that you will apply what you have received in your Coaching Session. It's all up to you.

If you choose to experience an even deeper level of our commitment to you, you can join our Mentoring program. And, if you're already being Mentored, then you'll be able to continue your improvements in your regular Mentoring program.


Ready to make some improvements to your trading?

With Logical Forex Mentoring, two (2) 45-minute Coaching Sessions are included. We're ready to help you with additional Coaching Sessions if you want them, and you'll receive a very special rate.

And, if you have the Logical Forex Premium Videos, we can help you, too. You'll also receive a special rate if you have the Premium Videos.

We're also available to you if you don't have either the Premium Videos or Mentoring. Since it will often take more effort (and more time) to get you up-to-speed if you don't have the Premium Videos are Mentoring, you'll pay the full rate.

Let's get started right now...


Coaching Sessions are currently available ONLY to Mentoring Clients

For those who are serious about becoming a professional forex trader, we offer Private Mentoring, Coaching Sessions, and a few other advanced training methods.

Advanced training is not required to be successful with Logical Forex. Many people do well with the Quick Start Videos and other standard training materials that come with the regular Logical Forex Indicators.

Other traders, maybe you, want to know a bit more and gain an additional edge... so that they can take advantage of certain things that we have learned through the years, and only disclose to more serious Logical Forex Traders. You can get that special kind of information in the Premium Videos.

And, for people who are extremely serious about becoming a professional Logical Forex Trader, we offer Mentoring. We are deeply involved with our Mentoring Clients, and thus, we have few openings. You may apply for Mentoring by opening a support ticket, and convincing us you are serious, and after reviewing your comments, we'll tell you how we will proceed (if at all).




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