Now is the right time…

Ok…I’ve been wondering…for a long time.

And, now is the right time it seems, to stop wondering, and start sharing.

I have been trading forex since around 2001 or so. Up until about a year ago, I had mixed success. That’s changed. Now every day is a profitable day. Well…I do still have a few days that go against me, but the losses are minimal, and the gains are large.

I’ve enjoyed a great deal of success scalping forex…using other people’s trading strategies and methods. I’ve been a “good student”.

But…now is the right time it seems.

Quite simply, I want to share with other people how I trade profitably and consistently…with no hesitation, low-stress, and without “thinking”. Sure, I have to concentrate, but I don’t have to “over-analyze” or debate with myself, or any of the other nasty habits that a Logical Thinking Person typically goes through when trading forex, or any other tradable item.

I hope you will explore our primary web site at where you will see how I have put this all together for you. I don’t want you to feel like I’m “pushing you” into anything. I’m here to help you…and speed up your ability to achieve your forex trading goals…and show you how to avoid the things that clobbered me while I was learning.

In addition to writing periodic forex articles, I’ll be updating my blog, sharing with you forex trade setups, how to interpret and use the Logical Forex Indicators, and, maybe most important…exploring with you some of the MAJOR Mental Challenges that forex trading (and particularly forex scalping) can take you on.

My primary method involves extremely limited exposure, very short-term trades. Some might call it “forex scalping”, but it’s far superior and advanced than that. Take a look around the main web site, and some of the trade examples I’ll be posting here,and you’ll see that for yourself. I believe it will be very obvious to you how to interpret the Logical Forex Indicators, how to determine the “flow of the market”, and how to quickly enter and exit forex trades profitably and consistently.

I hope to get to know you personally. In addition to the Logical Forex Indicators, and the included Training Videos, I also provide a very personalized 1-on-1 Logical Forex Online Workshop…where I spend time with you to determine things such as your personality, your goals, and several other things, and help you construct a trading style and strategy that works for YOU…to help you become the profitable forex trader you KNOW you can be.

Once again, thank you for visiting me. I invite you to signup to be notified when we update this blog. We promise to not overwhelm you with noise, nor will we ever send you spam. In fact, some of my  postings will be password protected (the best posts!), and the only way to view them is to be on my notification list. Join our Logical Forex Family right now…

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