To Scalp or not to Scalp

Today, there weren’t many scalping trades presenting themselves that I really liked. In fact, I saw no high probability trade setups that I would have risked large lot sizes on. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have traded and made money, it just means that I didn’t see anything that enticed me enough to want to jump in and try a trade. I prefer to not take risks with my trading account.

I do think it takes a lot of trading maturity to WANT to trade and yet to still choose to NOT trade. It is truly a good thing. Your trading account will thank you. You will be less stressed. Tomorrow is another day. I should point out that this has taken me years to realize. It’s not something that I grasped right away.

I should also mention that if I look at my charts long enough, it is still possible for me to talk myself into a trade. That is not a good thing. So, what do I do? I either scroll through charts and train my brain, or I walk away and do something else. That’s it.

So, what do YOU do when you have the trading ‘itch’ – but don’t really find any good trade setups? I’d love to hear from you.


Happy Trading!



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