Asian Session Scalp

I rarely trade the Asian Session. It’s usually too slow, and often too erratic for my tastes. But, for many people, it’s their only time they can consistently find to trade and scalp forex…and that’s just fine! You just have to be a bit more patient trading during the Asian Session than you do during London or New York trading times.

So, I went out to dinner. When I walked in the door, I saw this setup forming. There was in interesting pattern that had formed about an hour earlier, and this setup was confirming it. Along with what I saw with the price action, and the Logical Forex Indicators, it looked like a semi-decent probablity trade.

Uh oh. Maybe too risky? It wasn’t high probability…and it was during a “slow trading time”…but…but…my addiction was calling once again. (I have to do something about that!)…and…and…I’m not going to be able to trade for a few days…

Goodness. These are great examples of when NOT to trade.

But, stubborn me…I did it anyway.

Maybe I was lucky?

Naaa…I’m just trading probabilities…I’m NOT predicting…and either way, I can live with the outcome…

Here’s the trade…the setup and entry…

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And the exit…

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Ya see why I exited?

I’ll take it. Hey…it paid for dinner. And then some. :-)

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