Always Ready to Scalp Forex

Are you always ready to scalp forex?

I just had something rather entertaining happen. I was preparing this blog post, and saw some things in the charts that made me want to make a video for you. I knew there was no time for me to get my broker software running – because I was recognizing a pattern that was forming… and I wanted to get the video started “in time”.

So I clicked the button to start the video recording, and just about that time, the market started moving, both the EUR/USD and the EUR/JPY.

Anyway, I show you in this video some quick “analysis” of the market. Actually, it’s more of a “regular pattern recognition” than any kind of traditional “analysis” (that’s too much effort, especially when compared with the Logical Forex scalping strategy).

Notice how in the video, I’m simply recognizing a pattern (that I have seen SO many times before) and that the regular Logical Forex Indicators are telling us to pay attention… (1) the market is active (at least “enough” since we are just opening in the “first part” of the European open) [and I recognize THAT pattern too]; (2) there is a reasonable flow of price; (3) price is interacting with a Magnet Line; and (4) the WatchDog is barking at us.

Keep in mind… this is all happening in real-time. The video is “live” as the market is opening. This is very often how my trading days are. I know where to look. I know when to look. I know what to do when I see “something”. Of course, I disclose these things in the Logical Forex training materials.

What I also covered in the video is a bit of a comparison to what I posted a couple of days ago concerning the Asian Session. It seems that I may have confused a few traders because what I posted “looked so different” from what I normally post. Yes it did, and that was intentional. I cover that a bit in this video.

The main thing I want you to absorb is that… YOU CAN DO THIS. It takes practice and commitment, and even tossing some “old ways of thinking”. This will be easier for some than for others. But, if you stay committed to yourself, Logical Forex IS something that you CAN do. And, Scott and I are here to help you according to your commitment level.

Always have fun trading. If it’s stressful, you just need to be able to identify trade setups better. Let that sink in. That alone will open your world of trading and forex scalping success. Go through the Checklist. Again. And again. However many times it takes. It WILL sink in. Allow that to happen.

You can click the little “box” in the bottom right corner to expand the video to full screen, and then hit the Escape Key to return here.


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