Videos! Forex Scalping Reality

Well, producing these videos has been a far greater challenge than I had thought it might be. :-(

Quite simply, it’s…a pain.

Just by the nature of the way that all screen recorders work, having to capture mouse movements, every flash of the broker quote panel, the narration, etc…my entire computer is slowed to a meandering crawl…and this with a “top of the line” video production tool.

I have tried various screen sizes, frame rates, and more. No matter what, the results are only marginal. It takes more than 3 hours for my computer (and it’s a rather fast one) to render the videos so that I can make them available to you. During that time, I can’t use my computer at all…for nothing…no email…no web browsing…no support tickets…and certainly no trading.

I’ll figure out a better method soon, and I know you’ll be patient, like a patient forex trader, while I figure this out to make it work well for all of us. Thanks!

No big deal though…we have some videos right now, right? :-)

I tried to record a couple of excellent examples this morning (Tuesday, August 11, US/Central), but nothing worked. :-(

But…I did get some decent videos from the 1:00am US/Central time — the first part of the European Session Open.

I traded this one with small lots on my FXCM MicroLot account. As I’ve mentioned, and again now, with the video recorder running while I’m trying to trade, I’m just too concerned to take large lot trades. Maybe I’ll be able to do that later when I have the video recording issues worked out.

You’ll see first hand how the screen recorder competes for my computer horsepower, and how it effects my order fills. Think about this from your OWN experience, too. What might be running on YOUR computer that you can shut down while you trade? (Hint: Only have your charts and your broker platform running while you trade!)

The trade example in the video…is not exactly a perfect setup.

There is a reason I am doing things this way.

I want to show you FOREX TRADING REALITY.

These videos will include ALL market conditions…and maybe best of all…I will be trading “like you might trade”…at least for a while. :-)

And, for those who are allowed to “see more behind the curtain”…who are more experienced, you may see an occasional loss. But, as I have discussed elsewhere on this blog, I’m rarely going to post a loss here on this blog. Yes I have them…but I just don’t want to show you the wrong way to trade…I want to show you the right way to trade.

Would you want to take golf lessons, and have the instructor show you how to do it wrong? I sure don’t. It would be okay if they showed me “things that might fool me”…and give me some correction, but I likely wouldn’t pay much attention to him otherwise. Would you rather watch Tiger Woods SHOW YOU how to correctly hit a golf ball…and then guide you to improving? Or, would you rather him show you how to do it wrong? Or, would you rather hire Joe Almost, who really can teach you, quite well in fact, how to hit the ball wrong? (Not me.)

It’s something that some of you may not like…that I don’t post losses…at least not many…and I can certainly respect your skepticism. But, I did NOT say I don’t have them. If you want to see them, then you’ll need to become a “closer part of the Logical Forex family”…and that opportunity will be available to you soon.

Now…why am I telling you this right now?

Well…because I’m also posting another trade example, using my “Big Boy” Currenex account. I don’t take a large lot trade…for the reasons I’ve already mentioned…but you’ll be able to see how differently a professional trading broker platform works…and all in a trade that is, well, not ideal. :-)

Yes, you too might be able to setup a Currenex trading account like I have. If you are wondering how to do that, just open a support ticket and put “Brokers” in the subject line.

One more thing…these videos may just chase some of you away. That’s fine too. I want traders who want to deal with the reality of the forex market…AND THEMSELVES. I want to eliminate all the fantasies that each of us have. Yes, I have them, too, but I have overcome them (mostly) by the way I trade with the Logical Forex Trading System. Yes, I will post “bigger wins” and other things you will definitely enjoy…but let’s start with a reality that is most likely your reality that are experiencing right now.

Once you see these videos, you WILL “see yourself” in them…those odd emotions and decisions…and you WILL be able to see how you can really become a professional forex trader…with your determined effort and your commitment to YOURSELF.

And, of course, some of you are have accomplished much already in becoming an expert Logical Forex Trader. You know who you are. :-) And, for you, there will be a much more advanced level of materials available soon.

Start practicing. Read everything. Believe in yourself. I’ll get you where you want to be…but it’s not going to be an “overnight success”. We want a long-term, fully entrenched, consistent process to allow us to be a professional forex trader, right?

Enjoy these videos…and be prepared for a LOT more material soon…just as soon as I can get my computer thinking more quickly, and have a consistent, reproducible process for making good videos for you. Hmmm…consistent … reproducible… process…frequent topics around here, huh? :-)

And now…the videos…

These videos are NOT “quick, short videos”. The first one runs about 30 minutes, the other about 50 minutes. Is it worth your time? That’s your call. How serious are you? How committed are you to yourself?

First…a 3.5 winner…but it’s going to tease you…and you’re going to ask a LOT of questions. But, remember…the questions you are likely to ask…are really questions that only YOU can answer. Really “put yourself” in the situation of the trade example.

Play Video (in new window)

Now…the video that you may learn the most from…

Here’s the setup…and how many people might tend to enter…click the images to enlarge them…

EUR/USD Trap Setup...for Some Traders

EUR/USD Trap Setup...for Some Traders

But…if you are patient and let price dance around magnet lines you can do better. Much better. Much more often. Remember, Logical Forex Magnet Lines are not simple support and resistance lines.

Asking a question based on the old candlestick method…is simply not relevant…and is dangerous to your trading health…a question like…”do I trade when it just ‘breaks through’ the support line, or must it close above it”. Stop thinking this way! These questions CANNOT be used when trading The FLOW of The Market. Think about it. :-)

Here’s what happens when you are patient (with the same basic setup…but I allowed the price to “do it’s traditional dance” around the Logical Forex Magnet Line. How do I know that is going to happen? I don’t for certain…but I do know my currency pair, like my spouse or my best friend…and I know its normal tendencies…so I allow the to patiently happen. If these normal tendencies don’t happen, that’s okay too.

The Patient, Mature Forex Scalper

The Patient, Mature Forex Scalper

Now, watch the video to see what really happens most of the time when trades setup. Are you sure you’re really up for trading professionally?

Yes…yes you are.

Again…do you “see YOU” in these videos? That’s my intent. :-)

Play Video (in new window)

Keep that commitment to yourself! You WILL succeed. You WILL have something that NOBODY CAN EVER TAKE AWAY FROM YOU.


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