US Morning Session EUR/USD Scalping

I have been uncomfortably busy with “other things” this entire week, leaving little time for me to trade like I want to do.

I have been in meetings all morning, and just returned to my computer a few minutes after 10am US/Central.

It was fairly obvious the market was turning when I looked at the standard zoom. It looked a little different from a zoom-out. But, overall the setup was decent enough for me to CONSIDER trading.

You might want to zoom out a little more on your own charts for another interesting view of the market. It might look like I’m taking a trade that I don’t normally do…and you’d be right if that’s all you considered at the zoomed out level. However, at any zoom level, and especially at the normal zoom level where the trading decision really occurs, be sure to notice the Logical Forex Phase. It looks okay, doesn’t it?

### EUR/USD Zoomed Out Market Context

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Context

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Context

*** TRADE #1

As Price approached the Logical Forex Magnet Line, it has a LOT of momentum. The Quote Panel was moving with a nice pace, but it wasn’t moving so fast that I was concerned about getting a good fill. (That’s ALWAYS a consideration with a “fast move”.)

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Fast Move

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Fast Move

When price moves with authority toward a Magnet Line, I’m always cautious…because price could snap back just as fast. But, I was willing to TRY the trade. Remember…a large part of my decision to enter was based on what I saw on the LIVE chart and more importantly on the LIVE broker quote panel! Trading a live market ALWAYS looks different and “feels” different and gives you different (and better) information on your trades than these static chart images can do.

Exit #1

On a fast move, I always want to be ready to exit fast, too. “In and out quickly, whenever it goes against me.”

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Fast Move

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Fast Move

Well…I have meetings the remainder of the day, and late into the evening. I wish I could have traded more today, but…I just have to “go with the flow”…the Logical Flow…of the market…and my business…and with “life stuff”, too.

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