Super Quick 7.7 Pip EUR/JPY Scalp

I believe I may have a “mostly reasonable” video recording setup now. It took roughly 330 different combinations and experiments for me to “get it”. Each one of those “different combinations” took quite a while to do. But I did them. That’s something like determination and commitment, isn’t it? :-)

I still have challenges with the rendering, but, at least I can record now without my system spewing nasty words at me…or is that the other way round?

I want to give those of you who offered ideas and possible solutions to me, both as comments on the blog and in support tickets…a heart-felt thank you!

Now…on to the trade. :-)

I don’t want to spoil the fun by posting a chart image here.

Just watch the video for a VERY quick 7.7 pip profit scalp. I did this on my FXCM Micro account with 1 full lot. I’m still not comfortable taking larger lot trades until I have the video recording “stuff” stabilized, and even then, I still don’t want to take large lot trades while ANYTHING else is running on my computer other than NinjaTrader and my broker trading platform.

For people who have been in a One-on-One Workshop with me, you’ll see very quickly SEVERAL things that SCREAMED at me that this was a good trade setup. I don’t know that I’d classify it as “super high probability”, but it’s “fairly high” in the “probability” category. :-)

It’s all of the “things combined” that make this a good trade. Just look at what all of the Logical Forex Indicators are telling you “in total”.

You’ll be able to tell, I had absolutely NO STRESS in this trade. None. I did, however, experience a moment of stress prior to the trade, as I wasn’t sure that the video recorder was going to get started fast enough. It did. ;-)

I’m certain that you’ll enjoy this video. Now…DO THIS…KNOW THIS…


The only difference between you and me is…I’ve just been doing this just a little bit longer than YOU have.

And, take notice! Soon I will be posting something that one of our fellow Logical Forex family members has put together…an amazing “proof” of sorts that will further show you that consistency, patience, and determination is going to give you the edge you deserve…and that you will have…just as he has done.

Super Quick 7.7 Pip EUR/JPY Scalp
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  1. Greg says:

    Well, Shawn, I’m not quite big enough (yet) to force the market to give me 4-5 pips a day because I want them or need them. Maybe I’ll get there soon. :-)

    There are some days that the market simply isn’t easy to trade. “Nobody” is trading. The market is too jumpy. My time at the computer is out of sync with the market moves. These things, and more, are just the realities of trading forex.

    Unless there is something that prevents me from doing so, I trade my favorite 1 hour period just about every day. But, some days, I trade longer. Some days, not at all…because I can’t make sense of the market, or myself. Every market open and close is a “good time” to look for trades. That’s a lot of times for good setups, giving us many times of day to potentially get those 4-5 pips.

    In the video you watched, you saw where I did an easy 7.7 pips. That’s essentially ’2 days” of trading The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula “way”. Really consider what this means to you. The opportunities of trading forex with the Logical Forex Trading System are rather astounding, aren’t they?

    Consistency. Repeatable Process. Determination. Commitment. Those are not words that I just toss around. I live them. Every day…whether the market wants to “reward me” for this is not for me to decide. But, I’m going to “be there” just about every day, “doing my thing” ready to receive the benefits of my efforts…or recover quickly if things don’t go my way…because (repeat from the beginning of this paragraph.) :-)


  2. Greg says:

    Well, Mojo…

    Logical Forex Magnet Lines are one of the most critical “Decision Points”…in my, uhm, decision.

    I prefer to see price interacting with a Magnet Line, and will often wait for “The Dance” of price around a Magnet Line before I have enough compelling evidence for ME to trade. I’ll also consider taking a trade if price makes a decisive move through a Magnet Line…but I don’t want it to be so fast that I can’t get a good fill on my order.

    I do take trades from time-to-time when price is not interacting with a Logical Forex Magnet Line, but they are typically a much more aggressive trade. And, as you know, the probability of a successful outcome to a trade decreases as we become more aggressive and “settle” for less optimal setups.

    And, for me…the most optimal setups almost always have price interacting with a Logical Forex Magnet Line…so I will almost always wait for The Dance.

    But, don’t let that limit YOU. If you have found something that works for you…a clear-to-identify and conssistently repeating profitable pattern…trade it! You may be able to “see things” that others cannot…and so use that to your advantage. (Consider how color-blindness might effect one person, but not another.) Trade what YOU see!

    Of course, use what I show you primarily, as you won’t have to “discover” anything. You can just trade after training for a while. But, as with any professional, after you have truly perfected your craft, and you ARE a professional (you’ll know when you are)…THEN…and ONLY then…is it reasonable to consider adjustments and modifications…all to make your skills improve, building upon the strong foundation you have already implanted in your soul.

    My eyes, however, are linked pretty strongly in both sides of my brain, to just feel more comfortable taking a trade when price interacts with a Magnet Line…and that just makes more sense to me.

    Why such importance on Logical Forex Magnet Lines? Because they represent the strongest area where MANY traders (professionals in particular) will be at a Decision Point. I like to make decisions there, too. :-)

    The “setup period” part of the recording was not working properly. My computer was not liking it…so I stopped it, and restarted it..and that’s why I was in a rush to capture that trade on the video. It was very disappointing to me, as I had done some nice “discussion before the trade” and how it was setting up, but, alas, the video recorder refused to work properly. At least we got SOMETHING! :-)


  3. Reems says:

    Hi Greg,

    I just signed up 5 hours ago and taken in as much as I can.

    After 8 months of studying forex 24 hours a day and night from all the major forex training people including testing 6 different robots, I was at the point of giving up and was a broken man.

    This morning (7 25 on 22 june 2010 UK time) in a last ditch attempt to salvage thousands of waisted hours i decided to have a look at scalping (every body said dont touch it with a barge pole, stick to 4 hour charts they said).

    I typed these words into google ” best moving averages for forex scalping” your site came up first.

    Within about 10 mins of reading your site I instantly new you think the same way as I do and then I saw your screen and it blew me away, its the clearest thing I have ever seen. (I cant imagine what would happen if you and Steve Jobs got together)

    I cant even begin to thank you enough for all the effort you have put into this, its awsome and I love it and I cant wait to spend the next few months to become an expert on it.

    The best thing about this is no more sitting watching 1 hr and 4 hr charts 24 hours a day only to make $0.30

    I feel like I have come home, thank you.

    If any body reading this thinks this is some marketing BS then I will put my money where my mouth is. My land line number is UK 01292 2xxxx8 any body can call me any time if they want to know why this is so brilliant.

    [Note: If you want the phone number, open a support ticket. The phone number was posted openly here, but I have done this to protect Reems' privacy just a bit. - Greg]

    I really look forward to working with you Greg.

    Thanks again,


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