So many forex scalping trades today!


Today, October 4, 2011, has been an incredible day for scalping forex.

Good trading days happen more often than you might imagine. With Logical Forex, we can MUCH more quickly identify trade setups by focusing on the Flow of the Market, and seeing where the Big Money traders are making a decision with the Logical Forex Magnet Lines. And, our Logical Forex WatchDog gives that extra boost of confidence.

Well, I’m not going to comment on these trades, but I do want to show you some charts from just today. Keep in mind, some days, it rains. Some days it doesn’t. Today, it “rained trades”, and all that was left to do was to take advantage of it.

Always remember, even when we say something like “I need to make 20 pips per day”, the market does not care what you need… and it is not obliged in any way to “give you” those pips. It is our responsibility as professional forex scalpers to TAKE WHAT THE MARKET GIVES, and to do that, we have to be equipped with our Logical Forex strategy, and have practiced many times such that we have no predicting, no over-analyzing, and no hesitating. We have fun, taking low stress (often no-stress) trades, and enjoy some really consistent profitability.

With each of the forex charts I’ve included here, I have marked them simply to show you potential entry and exit points. If you see multiple arrows on the same trade, that represents alternative entries or exits… meaning some Logical Forex scalpers will prefer a style that is related to their experience and their risk tolerance. (Remember, too that we don’t automatically draw arrows on the charts. Read more on the website for more info.).

And, I’m not showing you all of these scalping trades like you are supposed to be sitting at your computer all day. These charts are to show you the various times of day when trades can happen. And, this is just a sampling on the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY for today. Every day is slightly different, but the times you see on these charts are good places for you to look every day, too. :-)

The charts are all showing US/Central Time Zone. You can convert to your time zone using or (opens in new browser window).

One more thing for Logical Forex clients who have the Premium Videos or Mentoring… pay particular attention to the Market Cycles. If you are scalping forex using our proprietary Forex Market Cycles, it’s pretty easy to find those greatest highest probability trades. :-)

Okay… here is large batch of Logical Forex scalping trade examples. Remember that you can click each chart to enlarge it into a new browser window (or tab). Just close that window (or tab) to return to this page.

Be sure to notice on each forex scalping example:

  • The Activity Lines (liquid or soon-to-be liquid market)
  • The Flow of the Market (price is moving freely and orderly)
  • The Magnet Lines (Decision Points where Big Money moves the market)
  • The WatchDog (when it turns yellow, you know it sees something interesting)


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Trades

EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 1


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 2


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 3


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 4


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 5


EUR/USD Forex Scalping Example 6


EUR/JPY Scalping Forex Examples

EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 1


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 2


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 3


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 4


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 5


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 6


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 7


EUR/JPY Forex Scalping Example 8


Logical Forex is a lot of fun to trade. It’s fun to learn. And, I always get a HUGE Thrill knowing that my Logical Forex Family is enjoying scalping as much as I do. I have to tell you, running the “business side” of Logical Forex is challenging, but my desire has always been to help and mentor other traders and scalpers who are truly committed to being a professional… and that makes Logical Forex fun for all of us.



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