Scalping with Ridiculously Large Lot Sizes

When I see a Flow Flip setting up, along with a few other things I look for (which I tell you more about in a Online Forex Workshop) then I will often enter the trade with a rather substantial amount of lots. As a friend of mine says, “You just back up the truck to the loading dock, and fill ‘er up!”.

Well, that’s my goal. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like I want it to, and when that happens, I am VERY quick on the trigger to bail out of the trade.

Of course, it doesn’t take much movement with a large lot size trade to QUICKLY make a lot of money…or lose a lot of lots :-)

After being a bit anxious, only because I believed the Flow Flip was about to happen, my patience paid off with a clear entry. I supposed I could have entered earlier, but I’m just the cautious conservative type usually. I’d rather miss a trade than jump in too early and get hurt.

This trade, however, gave me much pleasure, and no pain. And, it didn’t take but a few minutes. Price hasn’t been moving all that fast, but the moves, once they get started, have been fairly clean.

The chart image looks ugly. In fact, I wouldn’t normally recommend that beginning traders take a trade exactly like this, as continuation trades with prettier “flow lines” are usually easier, but I personally like these Flow Flip trades. If you look at the chart with the Logical Forex Indicators, you’ll see that it was an obvious Flow Flip setup situation.

*** TRADE #1

Big Lot Trade - Click to Enlarge

Big Lot Trade - Click to Enlarge

Exit #1

Big Lot Scalp - Click to Enlarge

Big Lot Scalp - Click to Enlarge

I’m definitely done for the day because trading lots of lots allows me to do lots and lots of other things. :-)

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