Scalping the EUR/JPY When It Matters

If you carefully review my last few posts and pay attention to, well, EVERYTHING on ALL of the charts, you’ll see some things that I am doing over and over and over and over and…

I’m very tired, so this is going to be my only trade. My weekend was filled with many things that kept me far busier than I had planned,┬ábut I did have a chance to get a little rest-time with family this afternoon for a few hours. It went fast, and I’m still a bit sluggish from the recent “extra effort” I’ve been doing with Logical Forex…so as you’ve heard me say before…dont’ trade unless you’re “feeling good”…where the market “makes sense”, and YOU “make sense”, too.

I have to tell you…I’m SO determined to make sure Logical Forex is working for my clients, and making sure that *everybody* can see how Logical Forex Trading is so different from everything else “out there”. Trading with the LOGICAL structure and flow of the markets, without having to “study” and predict and hesitate and so on…well…I want to make sure it’s something that you, too, can enjoy as much as I do.

By the way…both the EURUSD and the EURJPY were moving about the same patterns and same ways. You could have traded either one…smaller spreads on the EUR/USD is about the only reason to choose that currency pair instead of the EUR/JPY…and perhaps that was a “good enough reason”, but I was paying more attention to the EURJPY at the moment the trade developed.

### The Context of the EURJPY zoomed out

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

*** TRADE #1

I literally had opened my charts about 2 minutes before this trade setup. I was in the trade less than 2 minutes…and there was a 15 pip net profit after spreads and commissions. Even with just 1 full lot, what does that translate to “per hour”? :-) I like my job. :-D

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

Exit #1

“Flat spot” exit.

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

My EUR/JPY Standard Forex Scalping Trade

Okay…one more time…review the past several days of charts that I have posted here, and I *really* believe you’ll see some excellent examples of how to have a LOT of fun trading and scalping forex!

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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Charles.

    I definitely understand how adding an “executive summary” would help. But, I have to tell you…posting to the blog is FAR more time consuming than the actual trades. I’m usually in-and-out of my trades in a matter of minutes…with my entire “trading day” taking about 30 minutes.

    It can take me 20-40 minutes just to post my trades…with all the descriptions I write, the chart images I have to capture/upload/convert/align, etc. It’s quite a lot of work.

    You can quickly see the information you’re asking about by looking at the chart. For “how much time in the trade”, just look near the bottom of the chart, and you’ll see the “clock” in US/Central Time. Then, to see how many pips the trade moved, you can just “get close” by following the grid lines to the right side of the chart…where the price is listed. Find the arrow (green/up for buy, followed by a red/down for sell)…and then “trace that arrow” basically to the white line…where you’ll get a decent idea of “exactly” where I entered and exited. It’s almost impossible to indicated “exactly” on these chart images…but it’s close enough to give you some clear patterns you can trade on your own.

    I’m not sure what much more I can openly discuss on these extensive blog posts. I leave “hints and clues” for the curious…and for those who have been in a Private Workshop with me, they can usually identify exactly what I am doing, and why.

    I really believe if you do some trading with the Logical Forex Trading System, and really trade LOGICALLY with the LOGICAL flow and structure of the market, forex trading is actually quite a lot of fun, and with little to no stress. When you have the resources I make available, from the Logical Forex Indicators to the Workshops, and even this blog, you can make FAST progress and become a very consistently profitable trader…and have a lot of fun. — Did I already say something about fun? :-)


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