Scalping Forex Is Often Easy with EUR/USD

Okay…pardon me while I shout…


Look at EVERYTHING on the charts. I mean EVERYTHING. If you can “see it”, it’s important.

I’m giving you some enormous forex trading strategies here. For those of you new to the Logical Forex Trading System…who have setup a trial (or are a regular client) of the Logical Forex Indicators AND have carefully studied the Online Training Videos, you WILL see many critical aspects of how YOU can trade and scalp forex in these charts. And, for those who have taken the Private One-on-One Online Forex Workshop, you will see further evidence of some of the “tricks” that I showed you.

These charts literally SCREAM the things that you *KNOW* already. You just have to DO them…no hesitation…no prediction. Just do it!

I’m including two zoomed out versions of the charts…one at max zoom out, and the other almost full zoom out. In these charts, you will see that the market has been going down since around midnight (US Central). The ride was rather bumpy. That is quite normal this time of “day” (or night, depending on where you are.) Further, you’ll notice that price has been somewhat “trapped” for the past 4 hours or so. Price is giving us some nice clues.

What all this leads to, along with the things YOU know too from the Training Videos (and especially the private workshop), is that price is setting up a nice Logical Forex Flow Flip. The RIGHT thing to do is…when the “signals and setups all say the same thing”…take the trade…and be ready to exit if price goes against you, and stay in until it does.

That’s exactly what I did. Here are the charts…


EURUSD Forex Scalping Full Zoom Out

EURUSD Forex Scalping Full Zoom Out


EURUSD Forex Scalping Zoom Out

EURUSD Forex Scalping Zoom Out

*** TRADE #1

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Freedom

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Freedom

Exit #1

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Freedom

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Freedom

Yes, price continued moving upwards after I exited, but, there are several reasons why I exited. Price “stalled” a bit, particularly in my broker platform quote panel, AND price crossed back through the Logical Forex Groove…two great reasons to exit. Holding on would have made NO SENSE…it would have just made an EASY trade stressful (no fun!), forced me to predict, and other nasty things I do NOT want to do…ever!

So, I took my EXTREMELY calm trade (other than the excitement of the nice profitable move)…and exited with fantastic profits, ALL COMPLETELY STRESS FREE.

And, here’s the best part…you really don’t have to “know that much” to trade this way. You just have to know HOW to do it…and THEN DO IT!

And PLEASE remember this…you do NOT have to catch these “big moves” to make a LOT of money scalping forex. There is a specific plan that make available for free that will show you how to trade forex a certain way (with small pip profits) and accumulate some nice profits and compound your way to wealth. Look at The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula to learn how to trade this simple to implement strategy.

I hope you have had as fun of a “day” trading as I have. I’m definitely done after that 22 pip net profit. These kinds of trades don’t happen all that often, but they HAVE setup nicely two nights in a row for us. Enjoy your new freedom with the Logical Forex Trading System.

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