Pre-Holiday Scalping

For at least the last three weeks, I have been non-stop with business travel and other end-of-year requirements of my time. If you have been watching the markets lately, you will start to see liquidity change a bit as we get further and further into the holiday season. Remember, the markets are simply people – who go shopping, take time off, and enjoy time with family and friends. What this means to us traders is that we need to be more patient – and more diligent – in identifying patterns and market flow. Remember, don’t force any trades. Let the trades come to you.



Scalping Forex

Market Structure of EURUSD


I liked what I was seeing in terms of market structure. For those of you who have been checking out the blog for a while, you should definitely be seeing some consistency in the types of trades I take – even if you are not a Mentoring or Premium Video client of ours.





Price was behaving as expected around the Magnet Lines. In my studies of two Magnet Lines that are closely together, it prompted me to jump into a trade as soon as price started to pick up speed on the broker quote panel.



Forex Scalping

Scalp Exit


As soon as price started to slow down a bit on the panel, it was time for me to exit. You will notice that price continued on a bit longer, but that’s ok. I got my pips. That’s all that matters to me.


For those of you who are still looking for that magic formula of trading, there really isn’t any. It is simply a matter of finding a system that works for your personality, and practicing, practicing, practicing. You CAN do this.


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