Peek Inside The Forex Scalping Cave

As I have talked about several times during the last few posts, I am adding some additional “materials” to the site that I know will help you in many ways.

For some people, it will help you see better how to trade Logical Forex. For others, it may help you destroy some of your old failing ways, and replace them with a trading style that actually makes sense to you.

Becoming a PROFESSIONAL TRADER is NOT an easy process. Sure, we ALL would like “arrows on our charts” that tell us exactly when to pull the trigger to take a trade (and exit with profit).

But, if you are using anything that is TOO mechanical or robotic…you would be at the mercy of the algorithm or the programmer or even the biases of the trader who implemented that method.

Logical Forex is ENTIRELY different.

When you learn how to completely incorporate ALL of your “being” into your trading style…with the emphasis on your best skill…being logical…YOU are in control.

YOU are the one who interprets the markets. YOU are the one who decides when to enter, and when to exit. YOU are the one responsible for your OWN success…and, that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

If not, you really need a job or something that pays you regularly and that you can expect to get “x result” from “y work”.

Here’s the good news…you CAN do something similar with Logical Forex! You CAN get “x result” from “y work”…and YOU are the one in control.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. You can do this whether you currently are employed or not. The time involvement with Logical Forex can be as short as 20-30 minutes per day…for a really nice income. :-) And, if you want to spend more time trading, that’s fine too (you just have to be careful to not tire yourself with the focus you’ll need to trade profitably). Notice I said *focus* and *not* thinking or analyzing. All we need is some concentration…and a process…a process that allows us to see EVERYTHING — including ourselves — and then trade!

I want you to know…I have heard all of you. I’m not so sure that I appreciate some of the moderately aggressive “tone” of some of the “statements and requests”, but I DO appreciate that you all WANT to be able to trade and scalp forex with consistent profits…and with a Logical Strategy.

You’ve told me you want a number of things. Some of them I can do fairly soon. Some are MUCH more complicated and difficult than you might imagine.

Consider this…a simple video.

If YOU are trading MAXIMUM LOTS…would YOU want a screen recorder program endlessly capturing every tiny pixel of information from your screen, all  of your mouse movements and clicks, each tick of the broker quote panel, every line and movement in your chart…all in realtime…and all this data constantly writing out to your hard drive…while YOU were trying to take a trade where a 3 pip  loss might cost you $600 to $1,200 USD (or more)?

Well…how does that feel? Is it logical?

Yes, I want to help…I do care about each of you…but there are some realities of all of this that I am limited in what I can do, and how I can do it.

What about a trading room? I like what Jimmy said in his comment that perhaps a trading room could be run by volunteers. Good idea. But, it takes money and some pretty serious internet connectivity for me to provide something like that. There are technical issues…and more…like…what if YOU showed up to be the volunteer moderator…and nobody was there? What would you do? Is your time lost? Could it effect your trading? Your income? Remember…if it’s all volunteer, then nobody has any commitment. What if you showed up just to “watch and learn” and nobody was there? (I’d be pretty annoyed…espeically if it happened very often.)

I don’t want that to happen. If we commit to each other…then it is SERIOUS, VERY SERIOUS to me…and I want to be able to honor EVERY commitment I make….to you…AND to myself. You feel the same way, too, right?

There are forums we could do…there are LOTS of things we can do…and many of them we WILL do. We will just have to work with each other to determine the best things that work for the majority of us…and things that I can actually implement. :-) But, right now, I am stretched to my limit on trying to help each of you…and still be able to trade…some. :-)

Yes, I “signed up for this”. No, I’m not stopping. I’m extremely serious and commited to helping ANYBODY who is determined to become a Logical Forex Trader. You CAN do this!

What does all of this mean?

Well…I am about to start something new.

I am going to give you a look inside my Forex Scalping Cave.

I’m going to post a few live trades for you. When I say “live”, I mean I will record a live trading session. When I do this, I will have to make an adjustment to the way I trade (see the above comments on videos for more info).

What I will do during these recordings is (usually) trade with a smaller lot size. And, yes, that DOES effect my income in a not-so-pleasant way, but I believe it will help you…and I can always trade and NOT record videos. :-)

I will be showing you some of the following…

  • trading during different times of day
  • trading with different brokers
  • how my desktop trading workstation is setup
  • prove to you how stress free Logical Forex can be
  • how to avoid bad trades by selecting ONLY the most high probability setups
  • how to “do nothing” when there is nothing to do
  • what to watch on the charts and on the quote panel, to avoid being hypnotized
  • how to trade “in and out quickly, whenever it goes against me”…and how to “hold’ when appropriate
  • how to trade aggressively if you like to do that (okay…I will have some stress with this one, since it’s NOT my normal style)
  • maybe a few things might “slip out” that I would normally only disclose in a Private One-on-One Forex Workshop
  • and many more things…

I made a very interesting recording during the London Close today (August 3, 2009). It will likely be the first video that I post. What’s interesting about this video is…if you are a mature trader (not necessarily one with “lots of expereince”, but one who has a ‘perspective grounded in reality”…you will learn an AMAZING amount of powerful information in this video. You will see the REALITY of forex trading. However, if you are “looking for wild action with me jumping into a trade”, you’ll be very disappointed. Good. There are other systems you would prefer anyway.

I’m going to try to get this particular video posted in the next 18 to 24 hours or so. If you want to see this video, continue reading. Take action!

By the way, I showed this video to a mature trader who has been with me for a while, and he said…

This does a lot to separate you from the pack.

1) You don’t care if you don’t take a trade.

2) You don’t care if you miss out on pips.

3) You are relaxed the entire time.

4) You make FOREX seem fun!

Let that really get into your brain…your logical brain AND your “other brain”…the one with feelings.

These videos will NOT be posted “every day”. They will be posted on a periodic basis…but quite regularly…although some weeks there will be “more”, and some weeks “fewer”…and some weeks “none” (when I take some time away to re-generate and sharpen my scalping tools).

I have not quite finished getting the web site prepared to deliver these videos. But, that will happen soon (but “later enough” for you to take action to make sure you get access to them).

I had hoped to have it done by this evening (US/Central), but it’s turning out to be a little more complex than I had hoped. I’m trying to fix things so that it is easy for me to continually add videos. And, I’m also trying to make it where one of my best traders/clients will be able to post a few videos, too.

I will let you know when this is ready for you.

BUT YOU MUST BE “PART OF THE LOGICAL FOREX FAMILY” for me to be able to notify you!

How can you become “part of the Logical Forex Family”? It’s easy…

Initially, I will send out an email with the access information to:

  • anybody who has downloaded The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula but has not yet started a trial
  • anybody who is a current paying client (meaning those who are taking the Logical Forex Trial OR have regular subscription)
  • anybody who has signed up to be notified of these blog postings (see the box in the top right corner of this page)

If you want to be sure that you get CONSISTENT access to these videos (and more), you need to take action! Start a trial and become a regular client. Obviously, anybody who is a client will get “more detailed videos”.


I am finishing up a tool right now (in addition to the new trading videos) that will help you see how powerful Logical Forex can truly be and how it can change your life.

Don’t miss out. Getting “grandfathered in” right now is easy. It won’t be so easy soon.

Keep this in mind…with all of these changes that I’m making…there is likely to be some changes in the pricing structure…and maybe even who I will consider taking in as a client. It’s quite likely that I will create a Qualification Quiz or Process  to limit who can become part of my Logical Forex Family. But…right now…everything is still wide open for you. Take advantage of it. If you  have been around Logical Forex for very long, you know I am not joking when I say…”price moves”. No predicting. No over-analyzing. No hesitating. Take action!


2 Responses to “Peek Inside The Forex Scalping Cave”

  1. Yimmy Ya Yang says:


    this is a great start and certainly shows your gr8 wisdom and flexibiliy in attending to our wishlists. my only caution is to be flexible and to make the 1st few videos freely available, while u work on a dedicated section on the paid’s members website. Right now, dont try to close doors to the little guy like me, who is struggling, and who happens to be on a well deserved holiday. I will subscribed on 30 August. Until then, I hope u preserver with this initiative and take it through the teeting problems. I have NERVER watch the all the training videos, due to my dismally slow 128k broadband connection in my town. However, I think trading videos where u show few comments, would be putting it all together.

    I am member of tradingroom that solely trade the tokio open for 2 hours, and having a live interaction really fasttracks the learning curve. u can ask questions, u can see how stuff done. I am not trying to do comparisions here. I just feel that the road u r travelling, will be worthwhile for many clients.

    I wont oppose increases of charges, as long as its incrementally. For loosers like me, it would be good to have a 2 month waiver, where I pay the old subscription fee, Once I make progress beyond a certain threshold, I can then pay the normal fee. Also, u can have optons, a bre bones option for the indicators, and 2nd option for indicators plus additional video training. I am certain some people would maybe stick to barebones option.

    Thanks for starting thise. Just share it and lets go real slow with it.

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