Living. Trading. Adapting.

This post remains here for your historical perspective. New and better solutions are available. See the updated blog post Having Fun Forex Scalping?. You will enjoy it.

As you have probably guessed by the length of time that has passed since my last post, many things have been happening in my life. Few of them have been pleasant.

Let me give you a quick summary. I tell you this, not to make you feel sorry for me. I know you, too, have had challenges in your own life. I tell you these things because… well… these “life events” have caused me to have to do a lot of “adapting”. And, now it is exactly the same with our Logical Forex Trading.

For about two months, my mother was seriously ill, in the ┬áhospital or a special nursing facility… for almost 2 months, from early June until near the end of July. I’m sure you can imagine how this reached deep into my ability to trade. I simply could not risk “being stupid” and trading when I was not mentally able to do so properly. I’m happy to report that my mother is now back home, and is doing quite well.

After things had settled down a bit, I was able to re-focus… but I still was unable to trade like I want to. Why? Well, Scott and I have been working on some incredible new training options for you. We’ll tell you more about that soon.

Just as I was getting to our next phase of “testing” our additional training materials, I got a phone call. One I didn’t expect. One that started another full-dedication of my effort. My Step-mother (not my mother) suffered a massive heart attack. Totally unconscious. After around a week, she could not continue the fight, and died. Did I say this was not expected?

So, I’ve been involved in a number of major “life events”. I’ve had to adapt just to keep going. Just to keep my perspective aligned with reality. Just to care… about much of anything.

And, I know many of you have had similar circumstances. Even worse. I suppose that it was the surprise of these events that make them so… so… painful(?). And, it’s this same surprise that FORCES us to adapt. Or quit.

I choose not to quit. I will adapt to ALL circumstances, and continue on. I know you do, too.

And, then… NinjaTrader surprises us…

Less than 9 business days ago, NinjaTrader made “that announcement”. You may have clicked on the link that popped up when you opened NinjaTrader. If you did, you may have been confused. I certainly was. And surprised.

I got no more warning than you did.

NinjaTrader has been forced by new US Government Laws and Regulations to change certain relationships with their broker and datafeed partners. This means they can no longer offer a Free GAIN Datafeed.

We must adapt. We will. We have.

These changes were NOT what NinjaTrader wanted to do, nor what I want to do, nor what YOU want to do. Our “want-to-do” wishes simply do not exist within the “new world of financial regulations”. They impact me just as much as they do. They impact EVERYBODY, even those who are not US citizens… because companies like NinjaTrader must obey the laws, and adapt. The US Congress passed, and the US President signed into law, and thus they set into motion these changes… changes that we can do nothing about… except adapt.

So… we have a solution for you so that you can continue to get a FREE GAIN DATAFEED.

There are specific actions you must take to be able to continue trading with NinjaTrader and Logical Forex. You can easily adapt. I’ve worked harder than you can possibly imagine to make arrangements for all of this for YOU. And, I believe you will take advantage of these things… adapt… so that you can continue to have fun with Logical Forex! And life!

Now, it is not an easy thing to describe all of the background information to you in such a way that “everything and every condition” will have an “instant answer”. But, I can tell you this…

If you take the time to carefully read the page I’m about to direct you to, you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do to keep your free datafeed. PLEASE… don’t just skim the instructions and start opening support tickets. I can do little to help you through the process. There are specific instructions and contact info throughout the instructions. IT IS SIMPLE IF YOU ALLOW IT TO BE. So, let it be. :-)

The summary of what we’ve arranged for you is…

You make a small deposit into a special trading account with GAIN. You’ll need to use my special broker who has been so incredibly kind, professional and helpful. (And, I’ll be recommending THIS broker as my preferred broker soon… with another announcement in a week or so.) They will guide you through any special conditions, but generally, you’ll have things running within a day or so, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little slower depending on several factors outside of our control. So, GET THE PROCESS STARTED NOW.

I wish I had been able to get all of this together for you sooner. With the short notice we all received from NinjaTrader, I’ve been scrambling to put this together for you. Initially, our only option was to spend money every month for a datafeed. However, now, by simply following the instructions I’ll give to you, you can deposit your money into a specially marked account at GAIN (, and your datafeed will continue. And, since you are depositing money into your account, you are not really paying anything for your datafeed. (Sure, I know, you’re reducing your equity for trading a bit, but the money is still “in your pocket”.)

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR BROKER. You simply have to fund a small mini-account with GAIN and have them mark it a special way, and that’s it! ┬áKeep trading with your current broker! Keep trading Logical Forex! (If you already have a live funded account with GAIN/, we’ll also tell you how to get your account setup so that it works with NinjaTrader.)

And, if you want to, you can actually trade out of that special GAIN account, mini-lots of course.

We’ll explain all of this in detail. Let’s get started.

Here’s what you need to do now…

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