It’s not always this way.

Have you noticed?

Almost all of the trades I’ve posted recently have been Sells.

No, I don’t favor sells over buys. It’s just that recently, the Sells are the trades setting up and signaling…when I’m trading.

Maybe one of the best parts about the Logical Forex Trading System is that I can truly just “go with the flow of the market”. Since I’m not forced into using X-minute candle charts or any other long-term setups, I can get in-and-out as the market flows.

The questions I always ask myself are these…Is there a definite market flow that I can interpret? Are the trading setups and signals clear to me? Do they reflect a high probability, low-stress upcoming trade? Are there 3-5 in-and-out pips available? Am I hesitating or wondering or analyzing anything? Is the setup/signal occurring during an active market period? What time of day is it?

I can trade and scalp forex this way, effectively and efficiently with low-stress, high probability “in the moment” scalps using Logical Forex.

Yes, that was an in-your-face plug. Forgive me. I searched and researched for so long to put the Logical Forex Trading System together…and it’s been so successful for me. I simply want to share it all with you.

If you join with me in this adventure, that would be super. You and I will both have a lot of fun, and likely make a lot of money trading forex. But if you just sit on the sidelines and don’t learn the Logical Forex way, then, won’t matter much to me…I’ll just keep trading and scalping forex…and enjoying the results. :-)

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