Is A Little Forex Scalp Enough?

Hi. It’s good to see you again. :)

I have been quietly in the background for some time now, working on a number of things to help you be able to learn and apply Logical Forex even better to your trading. Sometimes, like for the past week or so, things get so intense that I have little time to trade. I supposed I could ignore my own experience and “trade anyway”, but I always only want to trade when I can fully dedicate my efforts exclusively to trading.

That’s been difficult the past several months, with “life events” and several projects eating all of my time. Finally, I am nearing the end of my massive efforts (but I still have a long way to go). What this means is… I hope to be able to post more often to the blog. I sincerely appreciate how kind you all have been to me while I have not been able to post all that often recently. You are truly a wonderful group of people.

And, you’ll see in the next several weeks more of what I’ve been up to for you. I have not changed the Logical Forex Indicators in any way, but I have created some things that I will tell you more about later. They have been designed to help you “see patterns” even more clearly, understand how to overcome some of the challenges we face (such as predicting), and many other things. I’ll be announcing these things over a period of time… so that I’m not stuck in a “support mode” and can actually trade more regularly again.

For those of you who are considering getting started, now is the time… as you will have immediate access to these new materials. For those who are currently clients, I will make special private announcements to you during the upcoming weeks. Please be patient… as there are some things I have to do differently for you as a current client. You get special treatment.

A Simple Trade

Now, I wanted to share a simple trade with you from earlier this morning (US/Central). It was a classic forex scalping trade, which happened after a couple of News Events had settled… and the market was beginning to turn around (again) at a critical Market Structure point… while also price was also in a Market Cycle. I’ll talk more about these below… exclusively for those who have purchased the Logical Forex Premium Videos.

Here is what the market structure looked like…

### EUR/USD Market Structure

EUR/USD Market Structure

EUR/USD Market Structure

(You can click the chart image to enlarge it in another window.)

*** TRADE #1

Scalping EUR/USD

Scalping EUR/USD

Price was moving fast, but not too fast. It was obvious what was happening. So, given all the things telling me that it was a good trade to TRY, I did exactly that. As usual, I don’t want to experience stress, so I was ready to exit quickly.

Exit #1

Scalping EUR/USD

Scalping EUR/USD

This really was a fast and simple, no-stress trade.

After having been unable to trade for a few days, I have to tell you… it is ALWAYS a lot of fun for me to trade Logical Forex. The way we can just go with the flow, and take small pip profits with no stress, while continuing to build our accounts… well… it really is a great way to live. And, it’s a lot more fun than some of the things I’ve been doing recently. ;-)

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