Hold? Exit? No-stress Trading Is MY Choice

When you enter a trade… how much pressure do you put on yourself by debating whether you should hold or exit? Do you feel the same kind of pressure and the same amount of pressure whether you are in profit or a loss?

For me, I prefer the least amount of stress in EVERY trade. That means… you’ve heard it many times, “in and out quickly, whenever it goes against me”. Now, I know that can be a challenge sometime, especially when you’re applying that to a loss… but is that really any different than a trade in profit? It depends somewhat on your personality and┬átemperament to a certain degree… but… what it REALLY depends on is… your ability to REALLY KNOW YOUR CURRENCY PAIR.

Sure, there WILL be surprises. In fact, I’m going to show you one in just a moment. But, most of the time, it is truly quite easy to “see the same patterns over and over” on a currency pair, and when you see Price interacting with a Logical Forex Magnet Line, and all the rest of the Logical Forex Indicators showing the Decision Points in the market… where professional traders are “hunting”… we CAN know what to do… and when there are surprises… we just… respond accordingly.

So, here was my surprise…

### EUR/USD Market Structure

There have been more of these kinds of trades, it seems, the past several weeks. What I mean is… when I zoom out, and see “price near the top”, I am extremely cautious about entering a buy. I’d usually prefer to see the market structure appear a bit different… you know, I’ve mentioned this many times… but, as I said, it seems quite often recently the market has “taken off” even though the zoomed out perspective shows things “at the top”.

Maybe this is a function of “uncertain economic times”. Whatever. I don’t really care. All I really have to know is… are there any news events that might surprise me? and… can I interpret the Market Flow and the Decision Points with the Logical Forex Indicators. YES! That’s all I need… other than I have to make sure the Market and ME are “in sync”… I’m mentally alert and ready to trade… and the market makes sense to me. Good! It did. Consider taking a trade… making sure that price TELLS you what it IS doing (no predicting!)

EUR/USD Market Structure

EUR/USD Market Structure

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*** TRADE #1

I then always wait for price to “do its dance” around the Logical Forex Magnet Lines. Sometimes that dance is a shuffle. Sometimes it is a sprint. Either way, I’m ready… I let price tell me what it IS doing… and I’ve seen these things a million times before (maybe literally) since I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced viewing chart patterns over and over… so that I know my currency pair like my spouse or my best friend.

And, when the price and the patterns make sense to me… I take the trade. No predicting. No over-analyzing. No hesitating. There is only one way in… to click the button on the broker software. There is only one way out… to click button on the broker software. When price goes against me… well, you know.

Yes, there is a bit of discretion. But it is not any kind of guessing. I know my currency pairs. I’ve practiced. I’ve trained myself… pattern matching… mentally… even physically with my “trading finger”. What’s left to do?

Take the trade. There are three basic outcomes. Only three. It will be profitable. It will be a loss. It will be break-even. End of story. Everything else is a matter of “how much”. I DO NOT CONTROL “HOW MUCH”. I DO CONTROL ME.

So, let’s enter…



Let’s review… now that we have entered the trade… what can happen?

Only three basic things will happen now. Put simply, all I have done is… TRY THE TRADE. That’s it. I don’t know the outcome. I AM somewhat confident that I have taken a trade that will be profitable – not because I’m predicting, or because I’m a prophet, or because my “math says so”. No, I’m only trying the trade… and I entered the trade because the Market Made Sense To Me, given the Logical Forex Indicators showing me the Flow and Decision Points in the market… and my countless hours of practice and real-life experience. It is no different than YOU!

Exit #1

Okay… now I’m in the trade… WHEN DO I EXIT? How long do I hold?… bleh… I can feel my stress building just asking those questions. No! There is no need to do that. ALL profit is good. ANY profit is good. And what makes this SO powerful is… because of how you apply Logical Forex… you can be consistent… and consistently profitable… and it really does “add up quickly”… and best of all… with NO stress.

Let’s see where I exited… consider what YOU would have done…



So, where would YOU have exited? :-)

I can hear some people… right now… saying “is he crazy?” Perhaps they might be right.. but not about my trading… because my NO STRESS trading works for ME… and I just made around 10 pips net… with, uhm, no stress. No predicting. No over-analyzing. No hesitating.

But… but what about all that POTENTIAL PROFIT I “missed”. Well… how could I have know that at the time I exited? Yes, it is fair to ask… if I know my currency pair so well, couldn’t I have “held on longer”. Well, I suppose so, but, I also know MY tolerances and preferences, too. And they play a large role in ALL of our trading experiences. In other words, some of you would have held longer, and that is OKAY!

For me, I’ll take my no-stress 10 pip net, and get ready for another trade that, well, looks quite similar on the charts… the way the Logical Forex Indicators show me. And, I’ll repeat this process… consistently… have a lot of fun doing it… and eliminate my stress.

And… you do remember… as you build up your equity… you Trade More Lots… one time a day is plenty in many cases… and I can do that in about 20-30 minutes every day. You can too. Yes, you know this too… sometimes I do like to continue trading after my “big trade”, and when I want to do that, I seriously reduce my lot sizes so that I’m not likely to eat up my “big trade profits”.

Logical Forex trading really is simple. Keep it that way. Have fun with it.


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