Having Fun Forex Scalping?

Hello Hello Hello!

It is fantastic to “see you” again!

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve posted.

I’ve missed you. I’m serious.

I have a lot I want to share with you. This is a long post, I know. I want to make sure you know everything that has happened, but most importantly, what is happening Right Now that benefits you… serious benefits for you.

You see… I’ve been here all along. You’d be surprised at how many people just gave the blog a “quick look”, saw an older date from my last blog posting… and then started, well, predicting, over-analyzing, and hesitating.

Many people, however, did exactly the opposite. They have been the ultimate examples of Logical Forex traders.. with No Predicting. No Over-analyzing, and No Hesitating.

What did they do? They contacted me via the Support System… asking me if I was okay (life has been very challenging this past year), and asking me if Logical Forex was still working (it is, and I never went “away” – I just wasn’t posting on the blog). Many others just made a decision, and got started with Logical Forex.

I really like to work with people who do that… just make a decision, and Go! Of course, I’m not talking about doing things recklessly. I’m talking about people who are committed and dedicated to being a consistently profitable forex scalper and forex trader… and who take action!

You would be amazed at the incredible success many of our Logical Forex Family have had over these past months. Their (YOUR) success has kept me going and enthusiastic… and it’s allowed me to work my way through some “tough times”.

We have several traders who routinely trade 5 lots… 10 lots… even more. Most trade 1 or 2 lots, too. Logical Forex works whatever your account size. We simply look for and identify a high probability trade setup, and take pips (and money) out of the market by trading with the FLOW and at Decision Points where the Big Traders are moving the market. We trade in the same direction they trade, and THAT makes all the difference!

We combine our Pattern Matching abilities with our Logical Decision Making expertise, and with complete calmness, and no predicting, no over-analyzing, and no hesitating, we execute the trade, and are “in and out quickly, whenever it goes against me”.

This does take a bit of practice. The mechanics are easy. The mental aspect is a bit more challenging. And, that’s why we’re here… to “wire together” your brain into a “forex trading robot”… a “robot” that is YOU… where YOU are in control of all aspects of your trading. And, with practice, you refine your process such that your professional trading is fun… and consistently profitable.

The great thing is… we provide an enormous volume of training materials.

And… we have even more for you… which is part of what I’ve been doing for the past several months… creating even more ways for you to become an expert forex scalper and forex trader with Logical Forex.

Here are SOME improvements and additions you now have available…

  • Full Integration with NinjaTrader Version 7
  • New Quick Start Videos
  • New Quick Start Written Supplement
  • Simplified Datafeed
  • Specially Designed Relationship with a Top-Tier Broker
  • Most Importantly… A Mentoring Program
  • Special Packaging, Bundled Pricing, and Payment Plans!

Full Integration with NinjaTrader Version 7

Several months ago, NinjaTrader finally released a working and very reliable new version of NinjaTrader. It was a surprisingly difficult transition. For quite some time, I simply was not pleased with the performance or reliability of the new version of NinjaTrader. Of course, that was several months ago, and I’m now extremely pleased with NinjaTrader 7. It is robust, and works wonderfully with Logical Forex. You will be pleased, too!

New Quick Start Videos

With all the fundamental changes to how NinjaTrader 7 works compared to their previous version, there were some Logical Forex Quick Start Training Videos that needed updating to reflect the changes in NinjaTrader.

Well, since I had to make changes to the videos, I decided to completely “overhaul” them, and breathe new life into them. What you get now is an even more intense and deep level of training in the Quick Start Videos. Previously, they were quite complete, but now I go into a few more details that will help accelerate your training a bit faster.

It’s been interesting… many people have been able to use only the Quick Start Videos to become very successful with their Logical Forex scalping. Of course, they take advantage of ALL of the training materials, such as the Getting Started Guide and Checklist, the Forex Pattern Library, the Forex Trading Process Map, the FAQ, and the forex trading examples posted on the blog… and many of the other materials we make available.

Then, there are people who take that “next step” and add the Logical Forex Premium Videos. Some even take a 1-on-1 Workshop. And now, you can get an extra explosion of power trading with our Logical Forex Mentoring Program. More on that in a moment.

For now, make sure you view the new Quick Start Videos. When you install Logical Forex, you’ll find a link to these videos (and other valuable resources) in your Windows “Start” Menu. Just look for “Logical Forex” in that menu. If you don’t see Logical Forex listed there, you can reactivate your Logical Forex Indicators and when you install, you’ll be running again, fast!

New Quick Start Written Supplement

I have also rewritten the Quick Start Videos Written Supplement. It reflects the changes to NinjaTrader (you open a chart a bit differently, and a few other things). And, I’ve made a few more changes to clarify how to interpret and use the Logical Forex Indicators and the forex scalping strategies and forex trading techniques that we use.

The Written Supplement is extremely helpful if English is not your native language. I know how it is often easier to read text, than it is to watch a video and try to understand spoken English. The Written Supplement will help you since it is designed to be used along with the Quick Start Videos.

Simplified Datafeed

When the US Government decided to reach deep into our lives… making our forex trading lives much more challenging for a while… many forex brokers made changes that, well, hurt us as “retail traders”. The forex brokers were essentially forced into making the changes they did.

None of us liked these changes. And they were far-reaching… impacting not only US-based traders, but traders all over the world.

Even my long-time account that I traded through the Currenex platform… yes, my Serious-Trading account… was closed by the broker. They didn’t ask me any questions. They didn’t offer any alternatives. They just closed my long-time account. And, this was my favorite broker. I know several of you experienced the same thing.

Not only that challenge… but we also lost our free GAIN datafeed. NinjaTrader (the company) was forced (again by the US financial regulations) to stop providing the free datafeed. That was a nasty and uncomfortable time. I had to scramble to get us a solution. I was able to arrange some replacement datafeed options with an exceptional broker (more about that later). This still works, but we now have something even better. Keep reading.

We Logical Forex traders are a lively bunch. Like in most things, when “bad stuff happens” — whether it’s a bad trade or a painful life-event, we accept, adapt and adjust. Are there other options? I suppose so, but not for me. Doing these things can take some time… and certainly some effort… and our commitment to OURSELVES carries us through.

And, I’m glad I persevered. I went on a deliberate and dedicated search for a broker who we can easily and painlessly work with. Somebody who I trust. Completely.

Specially Designed Relationship with a Top-Tier Broker

Finding a first-class broker is almost impossible now. It never has been easy to find a good broker. It seems like after the US regulation fiasco (which was supposed to help us – huh?)… most of the forex brokers who remain today are either Huge Market Makers, or if they are an ECN/STP-type broker (which is what we prefer), they require a Huge Account Size or trading volume… and they will charge large fees.

Well, I have found that “Pearl amongst Swine”… a broker who understands what we need. A broker who is absolutely worth of our trust. And, who has arranged some special things for us… our Logical Forex Scalping Family.

I’ve worked with so many brokers through the years, and NONE OF THEM have even been close to the level of commitment and honesty I’ve seen from my new broker… the one who I’m recommending. And I’m doing this because I’m impressed and pleased. I receive absolutely no financial benefit from making this recommendation.

You can continue to use your current broker. You can easily trade Logical Forex with any broker, and you can trade other instruments, too, like currency futures and commodity futures and ETFs and indexes, whatever you prefer. Since we use the free version of NinjaTrader ONLY for charting, that means you can trade with any broker you prefer. If you already have the paid version of NinjaTrader, you’re also ready to go without any delay, as long as you have a datafeed you like.

And, that leads to another important thing… Our special Logical Forex broker will get you setup with what works best for you. If you’re a futures trader, that’s fine. If you’re from almost any part of the world, that’s okay, too. If you are just getting started, you’ll need a minimum of around $1,000 USD, but if you’re serious, you’ll need at least $2,500. In either case, they will work with you, and get something setup just for you including a datafeed. Another important thing is… if you try to open an account a different way, with a different broker, you’ll miss out on the special fees and rates we have for you.

Who are we talking about? It’s TradePro Futures and Forex, one of the most highly regarded futures and forex brokerage companies around. Trey, the owner, is an incredible person. He has helped me in more ways than I can share. TradePro represents a number of clearing houses, so they can get you setup with what will work best for you, and with your Logical Forex trading. They know us well (Logical Forex, and me), and they’re ready to help you get setup, install NinjaTrader, establish your datafeed… and just like me, they’re ready when you are to help you get started with Logical Forex, too.

So, while I was putting all of these things together… I kept having this deep-set desire that I’ve had forever… it kept bubbling up… yelling at me… reminding me…

Why did I create Logical Forex in the first place?

Well, I want other people to succeed with forex scalping and forex trading. I want you to be able to trade confidently and stress-free, and have fun… while being consistently profitable. It’s a great lifestyle. And, I created Logical Forex as a “product” so that I can get this information to people who are truly committed and dedicated to becoming a professional forex trader. I created it for You.

But, to put it bluntly… I simply have not been able to provide this to as many people as I wanted to. It has been frustrating at times… when people who are only mildly interested in forex scalping and forex trading to open a support ticket… and, essentially, want to “argue”… or whatever odd position they wanted to take. I got tired of it, especially with all of my other demanding Real Life-Events going on. And, that’s part of why I stopped posting to the blog for a while. I knew that only the most serious people would approach me. And, that’s what happened. And it worked out well for me. And for them.

Even so… I kept seeing the same thing again and again. Serious traders want More and Deeper training. They realize that there is so much to trading forex professionally, and particularly with forex scalping. They realize that there are things that a trader who has “been there, done that” can help them with. And fast.

And, so, we now have…

Most Importantly… A Mentoring Program

I know how it was for me. It was lonely. And frustrating. It seemed like every “mentor” or “coach” that I worked with early in my trading years, when I was first getting started… well… it was like they had this agenda… a script… a pre-defined program… and it was their goal to extract maximum money from me, and give in return nothing more than a young, inexperienced script-reader, a “schedule” to push “training stuff” AT me… so they could sell the next package to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There ARE always new things you can (and must) learn to enhance and improve your trading and scalping abilities. I was never bothered (nor should you) that there is more to learn or another “course” for me to buy. That’s okay with me, and for ANY professional. We’re always learning.

What bothered me so was, I ***KNEW*** that the person who was “mentoring” me or “coaching” rarely had much experience. Likely it was less than my own experience, which at the time wasn’t much. But, these people who were training me (not all, but most) seemed so… so inexperienced. They were trained well in delivering the material, but were usually not Real Traders. And, when I needed to go “off script”, they could rarely help.

That’s not what a Mentor or a Coach is supposed to be… at least from MY perspective.

So, what about you? Has that happened to you, too?

I’m determined and ***KNOW*** that WE will be different. With Logical Forex Mentoring, it’s personal. It’s personal to me. It’s personal to you. We will interact with each other… and get to know each other. Most importantly, we’ll get to know YOU and what it will take to personalize mentoring just for YOU. Yes, we do follow a plan, so that we can stay on track… but we will always have the freedom to go with the flow, just like with Logical Forex trading.

Now, when I say “we”, I mean this… I’ve spent the past several years now extensively training one particular Logical Forex trader, to levels of trading skills and ability that are almost insanely powerful.

You know in Martial Arts, like Karate, how there is a “Master” and a “Student”? Well, it’s been much the same with Scott and me. He is now, without a doubt, a true MASTER of Logical Forex. I’m not sure what that makes me, but I do know that for Mentoring… you’re in for an amazing treat. Scott will handle the bulk of your Mentoring, and I’ll be there too.

What makes Scott so critical to YOU is… he has been EXACTLY where you are… and I’ve given him my intense personal training, Mentoring, and he is a fully equipped Logical Forex Master. He is The Best of The Best. And… even more than that. How?

Well, Scott is also a Professional Trainer. He’s been delivering very specialized training in the financial industry for over a decade. He has an uncanny ability to “read your mind”, even when you may be confused, and reach his hand to you and guide you through to the profitable side. That’s what a true Mentor can do. Scott will do that for you. And I will, too.

You’ve probably seen me mention Scott previously on the blog. Well, just like I did, Scott had many similar unpleasant life-events. I’m sure you’ve been through many things, too. It’s been a challenge for both us. However, just like me, Scott was also always here with me… responding to support requests, working with Logical Forex traders. In fact, you’ve probably already worked with Scott if you’ve opened a support ticket in the past couple of years. And, yes, during that entire time, I’ve been working with Scott, mentoring him, coaching him… in Logical Forex details, mental aspects for trading, refining some of his professional training skills to work specifically for you in a Logical Forex environment. We’re ready when you are. ;-)

And so even with this excitement… I wanted to do even better for you… to make the Logical Forex Premium Videos and Private Personalized Forex Mentoring available to more people… YOU.

Here’s how we can do that..

Special Packaging, Bundled Pricing, and Payment Plans!

The most important thing we can have is… trust.

You trust that I’m delivering The Real Stuff with Logical Forex. I am. Logical Forex works, and very well. You have to make it work for YOU. And you can do that by starting with the regular training materials that are included with your initial Logical Forex Indicators activation… and you can become an even better trader with the Premium Videos and Mentoring.

It’s up to you how fast to start. And, you can always return later to add the Premium Videos or Mentoring, or both in a “bundle”.

There is an even deeper level of trust, too. You see, I trust you too. I trust that you ARE committed to YOURSELF. I trust that you will actually absorb and apply all of the training materials we have made available to you. And, I trust that you won’t abuse me or Scott by opening silly support tickets… just because you’re lazy and haven’t really reviewed these exceptional training materials.

And, I trust you even more than you realize.

In the past, I’ve only allowed people to pay up front, and pay in full, for the Premium Videos. I’ve had a change of mind.

Remember when I said I wanted to make Logical Forex available to more people?

There is an easy way for me to do that. (Please, don’t misinterpret me. I don’t want you to “give away” anything related to Logical Forex. We’re a trusting family of Logical Forex traders. Okay?)

First, if you make one payment in full for the Premium Videos or Mentoring, I have created a special price for you. That’s the best deal for you.

You can also make easy affordable payments… over a period of time that works for you. Of course, we expect that you will fulfill your commitment. We trust you. And, because of that, here’s a surprise…  with most of the payment plans, you STILL get a special price… especially when you “bundle” the Premium Videos AND Mentoring. It’s simplest if you just visit our Pricing and Plans page right now.

In addition, there are a few of you long-time Logical Forex traders who took a 1-on-1 Workshop. I’ve created some special pricing for you, too, and if you also have purchased the Premium Videos along with a Workshop, you’ll receive even more beneficial pricing. Just check out our Upgrade Plans and Offers page.

Quite simply, Scott and I are doing everything we can to help you be a consistently profitable forex trader… focusing on a specialized method of forex scalping that is much more than what you probably think forex scalping is all about. What we do is MUCH more than traditional forex scalping.

We have fun. In our trading. In our Videos. In our Mentoring. In our lives.

We would love to have you in our Logical Forex Family. Get started right now with whatever you are comfortable with. No pressure. No stress. Calm trading. Happy times. Confident trading. Fun.


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