Good Friday is a Good Friday to Not Trade

For “big holidays” that apply to the entire world, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day…and Good Friday, it’s a great time to enjoy the windfall of your Logical Forex trading, and avoid trading those days. They’re holidays!

I always keep an eye on national holidays, too. When I know that the banks are closed in a paritcular country or region, but open in others, I may adjust my trading session, or not trade at all. When London or New York have holidays, you might want to do the same.

Something that fooled me in the past was when I’d look at a chart, and think I saw a nice setup. Well, it may appear to be a setup, but “behind the curtain” that setup had no punch. Why? The market was inactive. Sure the moves were real, and the price had moved…but, for example, the move took place over a 5 hour period. I prefer to trade when the market is active.

So I developed the Logical Forex Activity Indicator. This is part of the Logical Forex Indicator package. At an almost instanteous glance, I can see how active the market is, and quickly know what I’m going to do…trade or stay out.

On my charts, I have set the Logical Forex Activity lines to a very quiet and “in the background” color. You may not have even noticed them before. Their shape and dimensions are a powerful influence on my trading decisions (and it’s more than just “lots of lines or not”.

I’ve made the Logical Forex Activity lines brighter on the following chart. Compare this chart to some of the other charts I’ve posted, and you’ll see some interesting things, I’m sure.

Here’s an example of a very slow day…a great day to not trade, and to do something else for the good of your world.

Slow Market Obvious with Logical Forex Activity Lines - Click to Enlarge

A Slow Market is Obvious with Logical Forex Activity Lines - Click to Enlarge

I’m gone for a few days. Time to rest. Time to get ready for another fun week of forex scalping and trading.

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