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Wow! I was quite surprised when I realized how long it has been since I last posted. Yes, I have been scalping forex regularly, but I have just not been posting here. It takes me at least an hour (often more) to prepare a post, and I have only had about 30 hours every day to get everything done that must be done! :-)

My posting will still be a bit spotty for the next few weeks, but I hope to be able to get back on track for posting more frequently… maybe even before then.

Even if I’m not able to post, I’ll definitely be trading. Of course, this time of year, one must be careful to make sure there is adequate liquidity in the market before trading…. and that’s trivial to recognize with the Logical Forex Activity Lines. You do always check the Activity Lines before you trade, right?

I’m happy to report that my Mom is doing quite well. I appreciate how so many of you have continued your prayers and well wishes! Many of you have kept in touch using the support ticket system to keep things a bit more private… and I thank you for that, too.

My Mom continues to be a great inspiration to me, and what she is going through reminds me all the time about how forex trading present the EXACT same “challenges” as life. I’m not going to go to deepply into that right now, but consider how we all are so often presented “challenging choices” in life… and how fear and all of our other emotions can “get in the way” of taking action… yet those who DO take action are really the ONLY ones who have ANY kind of control… and that being ONLY of Their Choices… but NEVER really knowing the outcome.

So, what do we do in forex trading (and life)? We make choices based on the best information we have available at that particular MOMENT. The more we try to predict or over-analyze, then we hesitate, and become more uncertain, or, more “certain” that our predicting and analyzing will have some “magical influence” on the outcome. Nope. Not in life. Not in forex trading.

But, if we can isolate our choices to a fairly well-known and understood PATTERN and can recognize those patterns, then our decision making is a fast process, with less emotion, and much less to “defend” or “insist on Being Right”, so it is easier for us to ‘exit a bad choice’… certainly in our forex trading… but only sometimes in life. And it is THAT difference that makes forex scalping and forex trading EASIER than life choices, but almost the same “situational choices” as life.

What would be nice, of course, is if we had Logical Forex Indicators for LIFE Choices. :-) The way Logical Forex shows us THE Decision Points in specific ways is what gives us our edge of just about any other forex trader or forex scalper. And with continued practice, it gets easier to deal with whatever the outcome of “the choice” or “the day” or whatever.

I have included a video for you today to show you some specific patterns that are occurring frequently over the past several weeks. Actually, they happen all the time, it’s perhaps just been bit more “obvious” recently.

You’ll hear me mention several times about a few additional items that give me even more confidence in taking some of the trade setups I’ll show you in the video. I’ll explain those things in more detail, below, for those who have purchased the Logical Forex Premium Videos or who have experienced a Private Workshop with me.

Forex Scalping Patterns
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Keep practicing! Keep trading! Keep going! Stay committed and determined to YOURSELF!


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  1. Greg says:

    Hi Al.

    If you’re asking if you can succeed without the Premium Videos, yes, you can. Many Logical Forex traders have done quite well with just the Logical Forex Indicators and the Quick Start Training Videos and the Written Supplement… all things you have access to when you start your trial.

    The traders who are MOST successful fully commit to themselves by learning the “extra tips” and methods that you may discover on your own over time… and may pick up bits and pieces from the trade examples posted on the blog.

    Perhaps the biggest thing most people have to overcome is partly touched on with your second question. There simply is no “guaranteed, never fail” trading method. Each trade is ultimately made by PEOPLE, and people sometimes do unusual things. “Life” is not any different.

    What we, as professional traders, must do is to find common “Decision Points” in the market where the bulk of traders are making the same basic decisions, and then enter a trade when the conditions are such that the Market Flow makes sense. And, that’s exactly what the Logical Forex Indicators show us visually. Of course, the additional information provided in the Premium Videos will teach you how to even better interpret what you are seeing in the market, and how to handle it… but the “basics” you get when you start a trial DO give you the framework for doing quite well.

    In simplest terms… a “setup” is pretty easy to identify, and demonstrated in the trade examples on the blog, in the Quick Start Videos and the Written Supplement…

    1. Make sure there is liquidity and action in the market with the Logical Forex Activity Lines
    2. The flow of the market must make sense with the Logical Forex Flow Lines
    3. Allow the market to interact with a Logical Forex Magnet Line
    4. Wait for the market to TELL YOU where it is going
    5. Take the trade or stay out
    6. “In and out quickly, whenever it goes against me” whether in profit or not.

    Of course, there are refinements to this and additional things to look for that will give you additional confidence to take a trade or stay out… things like the Logical Forex Phase, the Logical Forex Bias, the Logical Forex Groove, and a bunch of other gems that are fully disclosed in the Premium Videos. The basics though are included in what you get when you start a trial.

    I don’t know about you, but for me, when I decide I want to become a professional at something, I want to learn all I can about it. I can learn the “basics” of swinging a golf club, and possibly do quite well. But I know I could do much better by learning the best methods and practicing them frequently (and especially practicing the Right Way as only a professional golfer could teach me). Forex trading is no different. It takes a commitment, and determination and effort.

    The result for you is truly powerful… and something that cannot be “taken away”. You become a True Professional and can adapt to any situation, keep a proper perspective, stay very consistent, and have a lot of fun doing what you love.


  2. Greg says:

    There isn’t any reliable type of “Level II” data in forex. There are some approximations that sometimes work WITHIN your brokers platform, but you’re only seeing into THAT brokers orders… and since the forex market is basically unregulated with no common “exchange” you’ll never be able to “see the market” like you can with Level II. But, that is NOT a problem! Logical Forex handles this quite easily!

    Watch the most recent video again where I talk about how people initially want to interpret Logical Forex Magnets as a type of “support/resistance Breakout trade”.

    That isn’t how Magnet Lines work… and it’s not really how the forex market works.

    Here’s what I mean…

    When price approaches what other people call a “resistance line”… and price ticks ONE pip PAST that line, what do most people do?

    They jump on the trade! And, the typically do this PREDICTING that price will continue to “break out and through” that “resistance” line.

    How many times have you tried that? How often did it work? (Not very often for me!)

    So, what’s the solution?

    You’ll see how often I allow price to “dance” around a Logical Forex Magnet Line. In fact, I specifically talk about that in the most recent video I posted here. Sometimes this “dance” is fast, and sometimes slow. Recently, as I show in this video, price has been making a more deliberate move to a Magnet Line, then moving away from it, ultimately to move back THROUGH it.

    If one is patient… and allows price TO TELL YOU WHAT IT IS DOING instead of trying to “predict”, then trading becomes MUCH easier.

    Imagine this…

    I have posted something similar elsewhere… Let’s say we’re standing near each other, just a few meters apart. I’m GOING to throw a ball at you. Go ahead. Catch it. Where do you extend your hands?

    Uhm… how do you know WHERE to extend your hands to catch the ball? And WHEN do you take action?

    Visualize this… I still have NOT thrown the ball at you yet! So… what are you doing with your hands? If you PREDICT, then I may just throw the ball where it is impossible for you to change your position in order to catch the ball. In other words, you’re LOCKED into a position / philosophy / prediction and now it just became very “critical” that you’re right… but there is little you can do to “adjust”.

    Now, what if you took a different action…

    You actually WAIT and do NOT predict WHERE and WHEN I’m going to throw the ball at you. You simply observe my actions, apply what you know of my behavior — or behaviour ;-) — based on knowing my patterns and tendencies, look for specific “movements” that I do with MY hands and eyes… and then you Take Action… based on WHAT I AM DOING and not on anything else!

    And, that’s how the Logical Forex Indicators give you a “monitor” to the market actions… just like you are observing me looking for “normal behaviour patterns” and other things you know about me. And, as I say “everywhere” and cover extensively in the Logical Forex Premium Videos, it’s when you “put all of this together” that trading becomes a true joy.


  3. Greg says:

    Hey Al… My time is never wasted when people like you are sincere and take action.

    There really isn’t a one-line answer I can give you, but I can give you a summary of sorts… and then you can further your application of these things by viewing the Quick Start Training Videos which come with the Trial, or even better, get into the depths of trading forex with the Logical Forex Premium Videos. Have you noticed the Special Offer I’m making for the next few days? (It will appear in your browser a couple of times when you first visit a web page).

    Okay… so what do we look at as a professional Logical Forex trader?

    The easiest summary is…

    Review the comment I wrote for you just a post or so previous to this one. It’s where I list the 6 main things we look for to know when it is time to consider a trade.

    “But wait,” you say! “I need more! I want to know WHEN to pull the trigger!” :-)

    Well… you will gain that with experience for sure. When you combine the “list of 6 main things” with some practice, and some experience it begins to be an almost “automatic response”.

    Let me re-frame this a bit, using the previous example I gave you about catching a ball…

    Put yourself back in that position… ready to catch a ball that I’m about to throw.

    WHEN DO YOU RAISE YOUR HANDS to catch that ball?

    How do you know EXACTLY WHEN?

    I covered that a bit in the previous example… but now… REALLY think about this…


    You do NOT know nor CAN you know nor WILL you know UNTIL YOU ARE THERE in Real Life REALLY standing in front of me when I am about to throw the ball!

    Stories are nice. Instructions are beneficial. Videos are helpful. Practice is essential…

    But, until you are THERE actually IN the situation, it’s almost impossible for me or anybody else to do much more to help. It’s a matter of YOU taking action. And THEN you will begin to “see my tendencies” when I am about to throw the ball, those odd patterns I have when I’m just going to “fake you out”… But you’ll never really KNOW them, even if I explain them to you, until you actually experience it.

    In fact, I have something I demonstrate in a personal session with people… I mean one where we are training face to face. I *guarantee* that you will NOT be able to catch a ball that I throw to you, even after I give you “all the rules”, and tell you all my tendencies. I will not throw the ball hard or fast or slow… just a moderate pace that is VERY catchable… but I have NEVER seen anybody do it successfully (except a few times by pure luck, to which we all agreed was luck).

    I do NOT want to be a LUCKY trader.. I want to be a consistently profitable forex trader, and to do that, well, you know… become familiar with my currency pair (the tendencies of patterns), be able to SEE those tendencies (the Logical Forex Indicators), and train my brain and body to take action (practicing the Right Way).

    Just a few moments ago, I responded to a lady who has made incredible progress. She started where you are, asking the same questions, and applying what I’m sharing with you. Her progress is astounding… and is “part of the depth of her being” now. It has been just a few short months, and she continues to advance and grow daily. In fact, you’ll find a few of her posts scattered on the blog, but we mostly communicate with “support tickets” now. Actually, her “support tickets” are now mostly chart “snapshots” of another super trade, or an account record snapshot… with an occasional request for a refinement. She’s also Canadian… (you are too, right?)… chastising me regularly for my inappropriate US “coloured” spelling. :-)

    So, Al… jump in. The water is comfortable.

    Hey, that makes me think of something…

    I have this great book and video on swimming. They are absolutely fantastic. And, I know you’ll learn a LOT when you read the book and view the video. But, at some point… ya just gotta jump in… to really become a pro… taking all the appropriate “strokes” along the way. You’ll do just fine, Al.


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