Forex Scalping Patterns Repeat Repeat

You are standing in front of me, about 5 feet (1.5 meters) away. We are facing each other.

In my right hand, I have a tennis ball.

You can sense it. You just “know”. Yep, I am about to throw that ball at you.

Can you SEE this?

Is your Logical Brain seeing this, or your Pattern Matching brain? Have you had a physical reaction of any kind?

If you need to, close your eyes and really SEE this situation.

Now, imagine that I throw the ball to you. It’s your choice… in YOUR imagination whether I throw it hard, soft or ‘regular’.

So, how did I throw the ball? Was I on target? What WAS the target? Your head? Your hands? At your feet?

What did YOUR imagination do with this?

You already have something ingrained in your brain. Even if you haven’t experienced this exact scenario before, you can still imagine it…SEE it, right?

Now, let’s put your logical brain to work.

Let’s pretend this was a ‘real life’ situation.

Really think about this…

When I release that ball, there are literally MILLIONS of “calculations” that you must make so that you can catch the ball. MILLIONS.

How may LOGICAL decisions DO you make? Is there a separation that YOU ARE AWARE OF when your Pattern Matching Brain and your Logical Brain are “arguing the details” of what to do… and then what actually controls your hands to reach to the EXACT PLACE IN SPACE to catch the ball?

Do you see how ALL of your brain and your eyes and your body is involved in something so simple as “catching a ball”?

So, here you are observing a Logical Forex chart. Your Pattern Matching Brain SEES “the flow of the ball”, the spin, the direction, the pace. But, so does your Logical Brain, because it is using that information to “define the proper trajectory” to PLACE YOUR HANDS so that you can “grasp the ball”. Wait… I mean, your Pattern Matching Brain is seeing the Market Structure and the Flow and the Decision Points, and your Logical Brain is “putting it together at those Decisions Points”, and together, they direct your finger, almost unconsciously, to “click the button to trade”… or to not trade.

And all of this happens VERY quickly.

Now, let’s throw that tennis ball at a 3 year old child. Softly, of course. ;-)

Can you see how that child doesn’t quite yet have the “combination of skills” to “put it all together”?

Throw it to a 6 year old. A little better right?

Throw the ball to an adult, and even one with little experience catching balls has developed enough Pattern Recognition, Logic, and Motor Skills to at least make a pretty decent effort… right?

Give that adult a little training… a little instruction… some guidelines… and some practice… and they’ll do quite well. With more practice, even better still.

Is this any different than trading forex?

Logical Forex provides the “framework” for your Logical Brain to make decisions in the forex market… whether to execute a trade or to stay out… when to enter and when to exit… but it DOES NOT do it “independently” from ALL of the rest of YOU… your Pattern Matching Brain AND your Physical Body (clicking the button to execute a trade).

So, even with the clear “guidelines” of the Logical Forex Indicators, and the instruction of the Quick Start Videos and the Logical Forex Premium Videos and the trade examples on this blog… you STILL must “put it all together the Right Way”. And, that’s where the SPECIFIC details on how to Train Your Brain and Optimize It for Forex Trading are included in the Premium Videos.

Now, I debated whether to make this video available to “everybody” or just the Premium Video clients.

Well, I decided that it would help EVERYBODY and it is SO important, I wanted everybody to have it.

What you will see is the amazing repetition of patterns in forex trading, and particularly in our scalping forex with the Logical Forex Trading System.

And, it is exactly this type of “Pattern Matching” that your Right Visual Brain WILL see with some training! And, once those patterns are “fully integrated” into your brain, it’s as easy as “catching a tennis ball” being thrown to you.

In this video, I have exaggerated the Price Line so that your logical brain will have less to interfere with. I JUST want you to see the patterns, and how they repeat.

THEN… Train your brain with Market Replay and Single Step WITH THE REGULAR LOGICAL FOREX TRADING TEMPLATE! Do NOT use the “thick price lines” I am using them in this video ONLY to SHOW you some examples, NOT to “train your brain”… but actually to just “convince your logical brain” that pattern matching is a powerful key to unlock your true trading abilities! This video is ONLY to show you how patterns repeat… and the only way you can train your brain properly is to train it with the REAL Logical Forex Templates!

Now, have fun with this, and then…

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN USING MARKET REPLAY AND SINGLE STEP exactly as I describe in the Premium Videos, and have even talked about elsewhere on this blog.

Scalping Forex Patterns
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