Expectations. Surprises. Hope. Commitment.

What a whirlwind.


Yes, I really thought it I could have posted sooner than this. Obviously not.

My expectations were different then the reality I had to live.

But, no, life has been full of surprises.

Sure, I hoped things would be different than they have been.

That doesn’t’ change anything though.

Why? Because I am committed… to many things, but mostly to persevering to the challenges and disappointments, the unfulfilled expectations, the surprises… you know… life.

Or, is that… forex trading?

Forex trading is quite simply a different perspective of “life”.

We build up expectations… and are surprised. We have hopes, but are often disappointed. When these expectations, surprises and hope all intertwine… things get confusing… in life, and in forex trading. And, from what I can tell, the only thing that will pull us through is… commitment… to something… often just to ourselves. Why? Because I am the only one who can CHOOSE to continue… or quit… in the face of surprises… and failed expectations… and confused hope.

And, then… there are those who are BEYOND AN INSPIRATION to me.

I look at my life (or my forex trading, or whatever)… and sometimes it looks “challenging” or “frustrating” or “whatever”)… and I get things confused. Most of what I go through is trivial. Absolutely trivial.

I lose a trade. Not what I expected. I lose another. Certainly not what I expected. I have been surprised, of course. And, if I’m not careful, I’ll lose hope… and quickly follow that by quitting, completely abandoning my commitment… to myself… my goals… my dreams… my KNOWING THAT I CAN DO THIS.

Sound familiar?

Well… let’s re-frame this to Real Life.

My Mom and I are great friends. We talk regularly. In her 70 or so years, she has lived and learned a lot of life. How to live. How to love. How to manage expectations. How to handle surprises. How to keep hope. How to stay committed. How to persevere…

Ring. Ring. “Hello.”

“Hi Greg!”

“Hi Mom!”

We chat for a while. Laugh frequently. About 10 minutes into the phone call, and with a lengthly lead-in…

“I have breast cancer.”


Not expected. Big surprise. Is there hope? How to stay focused? Is this The End? WHAT do I commit to?

Sure, this had an effect on me. That hardly matters though. It my MOM who has to go through those things HEAD ON… and face those “feelings and thoughts”… and all the baggage that comes with it.

Sure, there are emotions to deal with. We’re human, yea know.

And, after a VERY short period of time… she SETTLES everything in her mind and her soul… and MOVES FORWARD… committed to herself… to “win”… and to keep her hope in line with reality, but still a lively hope… and even through the surprise, to keep her expectations real. And, then, to put it all together into a day-by-day… moment-by-moment… in-the-flow life.

If you talked to her… when this first started several weeks ago… or today… YOU WOULD HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THERE IS ANYTHING “WRONG”. She just continues to step through every day, every moment, and exude love and commitment to everybody. Consistently. No matter what is going on.

Yes, she is doing quite well… still “on the mend” and has a ways to go with her continued treatment. But, she is COMMITTED TO HERSELF… even though there are times when hope may look bleak, expectations are unfulfilled, and surprises abound.

My Mom is my hero.

Now… I wanna gripe about my forex trading? Nope. Perspective is king.

I know many of us have faced similar “life challenges”. Things just rarely seem to go like we expect them to, or hope they will. Many of you have shared some of the most personal details of your life with me… cancer of the larynx, parents and children ill, financial problems, and more. And, it seems that those of us who go through these things DO have a different perspective… being able to realize that not every “life moment” (or forex trade) will be like we expect… but we still handle the surprises… keep on hoping… and stay committed. You know who you are. :-)

I won’t tie all of this together for you any more than I already have. I’m sure you can do that. The bottom line is what I have said all along in my postings on the blog, and in the Premium Videos. You know what these things are.

Yes, it has been a busy time. Yes, I have still been trading, and for those who opened support tickets, you know that I have been around and responsive. I have also been working on several other things related to Logical Forex, and others related to some of the other businesses I run. What does this mean? Well, I want to get some of these things “wrapped up”. I hope and expect that this will take just a few more weeks… but even if there are surprises and things don’t work as easily as I expect or hope, I will STAY COMMITTED… to me AND to you.

I want you to be the best forex trader… not that you believe that you can be… but what I *know* you can be. But, it’s up to you to manage your expectations… handle the surprises… continue with an overall hope (NOT “Hope and Pray TRADING”)… and staying committed to yourself to see it all through.

It may be another several days (maybe a couple of weeks) before I can post again. Keep practicing. Keep enjoying EVERY DAY of life… AND your forex trading. MAKE IT FUN WHILE YOU CAN.

I’ll leave you with a trade I took earlier this morning…

*** TRADE #1

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Fast

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Fast

Exit #1

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Fast

EUR/USD Scalping Forex Fast

Now, stay committed. Realize not all your expectations are what will happen. Handle the surprises. Keep hope based in reality. Keep moving forward. No fantasy. Just reality. Keep going. And, stay committed. Did I already say that?


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  1. Greg says:

    Wow, Rod, it’s not easy for me to express to you how much I appreciate your post and your prayers. For a long time now, you have been an important part of my Logical Forex Family… a very important person to me… and it has been exciting seeing how you have stayed so committed, even in times when I know you have struggled. (Was I talking about forex or life?) ;-) Yes, my Mom, and you, and many others are winners… and we all are connected in some fabulous and remarkable ways… and somehow that keeps us all on a winning path.

    Yes, it will probably take a bit for you to completely get back into “full force” with your Logical Forex trading if it has been a while since you’ve last traded. It’s great that you won’t have to “learn or re-learn” anything. It’s just a matter of you “reconnecting” with your spouse, I mean your currency pairs, and getting in the flow of the moment. ;-) And, it sounds like you’re reconnecting just fine.

    I suppose for me, my winning attitude is knowing that my Happiness is NOT determined by HappenINGS. I am constantly filled with joy, even during the rough times, knowing that I have friends and family all over the world, each of us going through the same basic “challenges” in different configurations… all of us holding each other up when necessary, cheering each other on, praying for each other… and helping each other keep committed with a proper perspective.

    You all help ME keep a proper perspective, and I thank you for that… and more.


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