EURUSD Forex Scalping with Market Flow


One of the most critical advantages you have with Logical Forex Scalping is being able to trade with the flow of the market. For easy forex scalping, you don’t have to identify a trend, or calculate limits and stops. It’s much easier than that. To find good trade setups,

  1. identify when the market is active (with the Logical Forex Activity Lines),
  2. make sure that there is a good Flow of price in the market (Logical Forex Flow Lines)
  3. identify the Decision Points where the Big Money Traders are making their decision and allow them to TELL you where they are taking the market (with the Logical Forex Magnet Lines)
  4. see if the Logical Forex WatchDog is noticing the trade setup and signaling the same thing you are
  5. decide if you are going to execute the trade, being “in and out quickly, whenever it goes against me”

Of course, with Logical Forex, we have a few more things that we can use to boost our confidence in our trade selection, but in general, that’s pretty much all you have to do when trading with Logical Forex.

The first thing I prefer to do when looking at a chart is seeing the structure of the market. Now, some people who think in “trends” need to see different “time frames”, so they will open a chart on say, Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, and 15-minutes… and somehow if those are all “in agreement”, it’s supposed to be easier to trade.

Since we think in FLOW with Logical Forex — not quite the same thing “trend”, and we cover that in the training materials — we don’t need to do use charts based on “time frames”. We don’t really even consider any time frame at all in our trading. We consider HOW the market is FLOWING Right Now, and by also seeing the Market Structure and Patterns (which we see repeat again and again), we get clear “signals” on what to do… from ONE Chart… and from a chart that we don’t have to draw lines or anything else on it.

First, I want to see the Market Structure. We will zoom out on the Logical Forex chart, and, as you can see, that will tell us all we need to know about “what has happened recently”. This only has a limited value to us as forex scalping experts… but it’s still interesting in certain patterns we use to increase our confidence. We cover Market Structure in great detail in the Logical Forex Premium Videos.

Anyway, here’s what I saw when I opened my chart, and zoomed out…


Market Structure of EUR/USD - Click To Enlarge

Now, you can see how the market has a certain rhythm and structure to it, and yes, I’m using one of my Market Structure advanced identification tools to see even deeper into the likelihood this trade will work out.

Next, we will zoom back to our standard chart, and make sure there is activity in the market, and let the market tell us if there is good flow around decision points.

*** TRADE #1

EURUSD Entry - Click to Enlarge

The Logical Forex Activity Lines show us fairly wide boxes/rectangles, and we know that this time of day (US/Central on this chart) that we are nearing the close of the London market session. Good so far.

We have a good flow, too. All of the Flow Lines are are somewhat “in order” — but I do give a bit more lenience on how “pretty” these are since we are in our London close time period. There is even an additional “clue” in the Market Cycles. The main thing is… there is clarity of the price movement at the Logical Forex Magnet Line too, and so, given that I have seen this same pattern many times before, I will TRY the trade. (You never know if a trade is going to work out in your favor. You can only have “levels of confidence” based on your training, practice, and experience.)

Exit #1 (and optional Exit)

Exiting trade with choices - Click to Enlarge

Now, if this is the first time you’ve seen a Logical Forex trade, you may be wondering if those little arrows are automatically drawn on the chart. They’re not. Check out the FAQ and other training materials for more info. I manually add those arrows to the chart, and use them just to show you the trade.

What you’ll notice is… I placed two exit arrows on the chart (the red arrows).

The first one is where I normally exit… and I exit here because I  see that the trade is kind of “stalling”.. and I see this information on the broker panel. (As I am about to enter a trade, and ALWAYS when in a trade,  I am focused exclusively on the broker panel, where I enter/exit my trades, and I am NOT focused on the chart —  it will always lag a bit.)

What I see in the broker panel is that the  ”flickering” slows down… and the price essentially “stays the same” on the broker panel (where I execute my trades). You can see this info on the chart image, where the flat line is, and where the first red arrow marks. I exit here because.. that’s just my preferred style of training. I don’t care to have any stress… and the trade had already made a net of around 6 pips… and with a large lot size trade… that is a REALLY nice, no-stress trade.

Other people, though, are willing to hold a bit longer. And, that’s what the second red arrow shows. That is the obvious exit point for those who have a bit higher risk tolerance than I do. :-) And, that particular trade was worth a lot of money, all in a very short time span… to those who like to hold longer, and my quick-exit trade was also very profitable, too. Forex scalping and trading is fun.

Of course, we’ll help you discover exactly what kind of trader you are. You probably think you are a certain “type” of trader, but we can almost be certain that you’re different than you think you are. And, we’ll help you discover what this means to you, and how to apply it to your Logical Forex Scalping experience. And, in some cases, you’ll even find out that what you thought was “scalping” is not really “scalping” at all. Logical Forex is actually a hybrid of forex scalping and and forex “trading”… with some specialized proprietary knowledge that we’re willing to help you absorb and apply with our Logical Forex Premium Videos and our extremely comprehensive (and fun!) Logical Forex Mentoring.

I hope you have read my previous post. I can save you some time (though I do wish you would read it)… and tell you that we offer several  “payment plans where you can quickly and inexpensively get started with the  Premium Videos and Mentoring, with very little cash outlay. As you become even better equipped for trading Logical Forex, and you are improving your Logical Forex skills, you’ll realize these “extra things” we can show you with the Premium Videos and Mentoring can rocket you to new levels of  consistent profits. (You can still do very well with the comprehensive standard training materials too!) And, if you’re wondering, most people can “cover” their training investment… as long as they are committed and serious. I know most people who read this blog are exactly that, committed and serious, and we want to help you be that forex trader you know you can be.

I’d love to hear from some of my Logical Forex Family who, uhm, may have taken a bit of “trading vacation”. Talk to me in the comment section below, or let’s visit in a support ticket if you want to keep things private.

The forex trading world has settled quite nicely, and we have a great broker+datafeed relationship that eliminates all the challenges we had for a while during the regulation insani-days. Those days, for the most part are over, though we always must be ready to adapt and adjust. The forex trading world, and in particular Logical Forex Scalping, is an active and fun place again, with many trading opportunities given all the world’s financial volatility. We’d love to help you get started having fun again with forex trading, and the best way to do that is with Logical Forex.

One more thing… Scott is going to become more active on the blog in the next several days… probably in the next week or so. You will enjoy his perspective on things, especially since Scott IS “one of you”who started with Logical Forex just like you, and has become a Master Trader. He knows things about Logical Forex that others simply do not know, and he is prepared to share them with you. I have specifically and specially trained him to be an amazing Logical Forex Mentor … and along the way he has become a great, caring friend. And he will be to you, too.

Let’s have some more fun with forex scalping!


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