Can you enter and exit fast enough when scalping forex?

Hello again!

Yes, I know. It has been a while since my last post. I have really missed being able to post regularly this past several weeks.

As you know, I was finishing up and releasing the Forex Scalping Premium Videos. I am completely overwhelmed with the exceptionally kind words that you have all given to me. I knew the Premium Videos were going to help you, but I had no idea as to the extent that it took a few of you from “good traders” to Great Traders — almost instantly!

Of course, we all know that the things that I taught you in the Premium Videos you will have to practice to perfect, but since you have committed to YOURSELF that you ARE a Professional Forex Trader, the conclusion is all but certain, right? YOU are in control! Exciting isn’t it?

Everybody who is (or has been) a client (even those who just did a trial) are welcome to a stunning discount on the Premium Videos. I sent you all an email last week, but if for some reason you didn’t see that email, open a support ticket, and we’ll extend the special discount to you again.

And, if you are still contemplating about starting a trial…stop over-analyzing…stop hesitating. :-) I have a deep discount offer that you will receive on the Premium Videos when you start your trial. The discount won’t be this deep forever. No predicting. :-)

So, let’s talk about the forex market…

The past several weeks, especially this past week with the US Labor Day holiday (and a few other countries, too)… the market has been dead or insane, and even when moderately sane, trading has been VERY DIFFICULT.


This “insane market” is a fairly regular occurrence. Every summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), it seems that the market goes into a type of “summer hibernation”… and just acts, well, crazy.

To be able to trade this, you have to be extra careful, and extra selective on your trades. And, if you still chose to trade, reduce your lot size.

Now, I have not posted much the past several weeks, as you already know. Yes, it has been partly because I was releasing the Premium Videos, partly because I have had some personal “challenges” that have effected my availability to trade… but MOST OF ALL, it has been because I simply have not seen many setups that I want to trade, and especially not with Max Lots.

This morning, I saw a couple of medium probability setups, but I personally was not “in to it”. In other words, I was sniffling with allergies (ragweed and mold), so I just wasn’t physically up to trading much.

So, what did I do? Go ahead…guess…

I decided I would take a trade or two… and recorded one of them for you. It was ugly. :-) But I had reduced my lot size to a tiny number, so I didn’t have much risk. And, I knew the setup was likely to be a good “teaching time”.

So, that’s what I recorded for you. You will see where I normally would have gotten out. Let me say that again… you WILL see where I would have normally gotten out. But, I chose to stay in the trade to demonstrate a couple of things that will be obvious to you when you watch the video.

Be sure to listen for a story about cars. :-)

scalping forex quick in and out example
Play Video (in new window)

Now, for people who have purchased the Logical Forex Premium Videos or who have previously taken a Workshop with me… I am going to give you a bonus today.

I will show you specifically how to interpret some additional details about this trade. But, perhaps even more helpful, I’m going to show you in detail how to enter a trade correctly and where to place your focus during each part of the trade.

This information can truly change your profitability. It will help you completely eliminate “entering a trade late”.

I’ll show you 2 examples of trades (both small and profitable) without ANY SETUP AT ALL… just me clicking with the flow, and watching the right places on the charts and the broker panel.

So, take a look now at how you can start entering your trades “on time”. Yes, it WILL take some practice, but that is what Professionals do, and that is what YOU are…a Professional Forex Trader!

Here ya go…

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Now, I want to encourage you to view some of the other trade examples on the blog, especially the post on that Super Quick 7.7 pip profit scalp. :-)


4 Responses to “Can you enter and exit fast enough when scalping forex?”

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks, Scott.

    Yep, the market movements have been a challenge for a while. As you know, the “trick” is to trade fewer lots, and look for even better setups. This sometimes reduces the frequency that one trades, so for “forex addicts” (like me), it can seem very slooow at times. When my addiction gets creates an itch that must be scratched, I will take lower probability trades, and I especially will reduce my lot size even more, and get even faster on my exits. This often helps feed my addiction, but more often does little to put money in my pocket so I can feed my face.

    The best thing about Logical Forex may be, that with our “intense yet quick interactivity” we have with the market, we know IN AN INSTANT with the Logical Forex Activity Lines and the Logical Forex Flow in particular, when it is reasonable to trade… or not… and can act accordingly. I’m happy we don’t have to draw trend lines, and fibs, and channels and such, and then “hope that it works”. We can just take a glance and our charts, and know if we want to trade or not. That is a very refreshing and low stress way to trade, and it actually allows us to “live life” without having to be tethered to our computers.

    Those things that I discuss in the protected video in this post (to which any Premium Video client has access) really do provide a type of “insider tip” on specifically how to enter and exit without predicting or hesitating. That one example where there was no setup at all, yet I still showed a profit…well, if I can do that WITHOUT a setup, you KNOW what you can do when you trade high probability setups!


  2. Greg says:

    Hey Alex!

    This is a great question.

    Not just “now”, but ANY time… when the market is not doing what we need it to do, or said differently, it is “misbehaving” or “a little crazy”, I use the same strategy all the time, every time.

    First, I reduce my lot sizes. Significantly.

    Next, I exit VERY quickly!

    All profit is good. ANY profit is good.

    Even with “medium probability setups”, I still prefer to see price giving some strong indications that it is going to move with some conviction… some momentum. That allows me to “ride the wave” without price ticking back against me very much.

    By doing these things, I can take “lower probability trades” than I usually prefer.

    My main focus ALWAYS remains Price interacting with a Logical Forex Magnet Line. I may take more aggressive, lower probability trades, such as when the Logical Forex Flow Lines aren’t “perfectly on the other side of the Spine”. Things like that. There are a few examples of these kinds of trades scattered around on the blog.

    Probably the most difficult thing is to not get “hooked” into trading too frequently. Every trade is just a “probability”… and the more trades I take, the more likely I’ll get tired and lose focus… and get sloppy. In a sloppy-choppy market, if I’m sloppy at the same time the market is sloppy-choppy, I might was well go buy lottery tickets. I don’t play the lottery though… so I just stop trading, and wait for better setups.

    Today gave some clues that the “summer hibernation” may be ending. I’m hoping the upcoming week will be a little easier to trade. If it’s still “challenging”, that’s okay too, because I’ll adjust accordingly… and so will you, I know.


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