Easy EURJPY Forex Scalping With Nice Profit

This is a classic Logical Forex Flow Flip setup. Price had been going down for a few minutes, and the indicators showed a nice setup. Patience was important here as the Flow Flips normally do a little “retrace dance” right before they take off in a new direction.

When I entered this trade, I was prepared to bail out quickly (and try again if the setup appeared). Setups that look like Flow Flips often can sometimes be a fake-out, and price will continue in the previous direction. But, this particular setup was giving some good clues that if it did take off, it would be with some momentum.

*** TRADE #1

Forex Scalping Fun

Forex Scalping Fun

Exit #1

Forex Scalping Fun

Forex Scalping Fun

Yes, there were quite a few more pips available for additional profit. But, pay very close attention to how I traded this. I used the Logical Forex Groove, along with the Magnet Lines, to have a calm, no-stress trade, knowing when to enter, how long to say in, and when to exit. I prefer to trade with no stress. :-)

It never bothers me a bit that I “missed more profit”…and I don’t care if I just made 2 pips profit or 20. I just conistently and routinely take my high probability setups, day after day…and if price “takes off” and I’m still in the trade, that’s great, but if I only get 2-3 pips, I’m satisfied with that, too…especially since it’s certain profit, and I’m in and out so fast, there’s no time to feel stress.

Once this really becomes a part of your core mental strategy, and you fully incorporate the Logical Forex core trading strategy…The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula…you will truly be on your way to an incredible trading lifestyle. The basics? Go for small pip profits, in and out quickly (take profit “immediately”, and if price “takes off” then let it run, otherwise exit QUICKLY with a profit)…and then use these profits to build your way into trading HUGE lot sizes…still targeting those small pip profits. It’s about as easy as it gets.

That’s what I’ve done today. I’m done. It’s 20+ pips on a large lot size trade. If you traded 1 full lot, it was a “good day”. If you traded 5 lots, you had a “really good day”. If you traded 10 lots, well…do this every day…small lot sizes or large…and enjoy your account equity building up as if by magic.

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