Do you TRADE Forex, or Gamble?

I am just now getting the chance to post my trade example…the trade I took nearly 10 hours ago.

Normally, I post my trades shortly after I take them. It always takes me 30 minutes to an hour to make all of the chart images, size them properly, upload them to the server, write all of the text that you read…and so on. It’s just “stuff”, but “stuff” I have to do to keep you informed and equip you to become a true professional forex trader.

Doing this “stuff” isn’t too bad. And, I enjoy the results a bit, too…but it DOES take me quite a bit of time and commitment. (Very common words these past few posts, huh? These “words” are EVERYWHERE).

But now…the past seveal days…things have changed.

I almost feel like I’ve been gambling some, instead of  trading.

Do you ever feel that way?

Some people love to gamble. I’m NOT one of them. In fact, a very impressive trader who experienced a Private One-on-Workshop with me…well…he was a professional gambler. He has carried some of his skills…the ability to trade the PROBABILITES being the most beneficial skill perhaps…into his Logical Forex trading. He is a very impressive person…and can trade very differently than I do.

But, again…for me…I really don’t like to gamble. Yet, I have had that “gambling feeling” far too often recently.

It’s coming from an odd place.

You see, I’ve made some commitments to you recently to provide some additional materials to help you become a more successful forex trader.

This has been a much greater challenge than I had anticipated (predicted?).

I have been recording videos of my trades.

This has been VERY costly to me.

I’ve explained this in another recent post…when I am recording my screen, there is a LOT of computer processing power going on…things that interfere with my trading…which slows down my trade execution fills…even on my “Big Broker”.

With late fills, caused exclusively by the screen recordings, I can’t ever really get in and out “like I used to do”.

Now, I have been experimenting with this for the past 3 weeks or so. This isn’t a “maybe thing”. It’s Real thing. I don’t like it.

So, this week, I’ve changed things around a bit. I’m taking my bigger lot trades WITHOUT ANY kind of recording of the screen happening. I simply don’t want to GAMBLE that the video recording MIGHT interfere with my professional trading. That would/could interfere with my ability to make money trading forex! Not Good!

So now, after I have completed my “Big Trade”, then I have been recording other trade setups. They are not “the best”, but they have still been EXCEPTIONAL times for EXCEPTIONAL training opportunities.

I have been able to record some fantastic “fake outs”. You’ll be able to see how I simulate how many people might trade…and I go into detail on why NOT “take the trade”…but still take it anyway…just so we can “experience it together”. :-)

The first videos that I’ll be releasing will no doubt, separate those who are seeking the Holy Grail from those of you who are SERIOUS about trading. Committed. Determined. You know who you are. :-)

The best thing these first videos will show you is to expose what many people do and how they trade when initially “learning” Logical Forex, or even after they have been trading it for a while. I show you how to improve and stop doing those things that are causing you to lose. And, you’ll REALLY enjoy it…because when I take these trades, I give you “fair warning”…that…”this will likely not work, but let’s try it”. Then, you’ll get to see how I react and handle the situation…with of course some “time for teaching”…so I don’t always show you the exact way to trade “in and out quickly” in some of these initial setups. (But, I’ll cover that, too as we progress.)

Probably the biggest challenge I have with producing these videso, is the incredible TIME that it takes me. I made a recording last night shortly after I had taken my “big trade” (which I’ll post the chart images below). So, I started my recording…and what I had hoped would be may 10-20 minutes, turned into an hour of recording. (Like I said…if you are SERIOUS about forex trading…you’ll “suffer through” watching this one to the “bitter end” — a nice winner.)

Okay…so I made the recording…spending an hour of time that I hadn’t planned on…forgive me, but I was tired as I had already worked non-stop for nearly 12 hours already…and then took my big trade which took me almost 35 minutes of “patiently waiting for the trade to setup”…and then I started recording the training video…blah blah blah.

Well, after I recorded it, I have to blur out some private and confidential details…like my account numbers, and such. (You wouldn’t want to expose your details would you?) Well, this takes 10-15 minutes minimum, but on this hour long video it took a LOT longer because of some of the trading details I show.

I could have been resting. I could have been trading. I could have been doing many other things. But no, I have made a commitment to you. Are you as commited to yourself as I am to you?

I finish with all the “cleanup” of the video, and then I have to “produce it” so that you can actually view the video. I started this process at around 4:30 am.

I have a fairly fast computer…but it STILL took nearly 7 hours before it completed. Now remember, this is my main computer…the one on which I do my trading. (Yes, I know, I could “split things out” and do several things differently to make this process better…and I will…but that’s not my Reality at the moment).

Well, during those 7 hours…as that video was produced and created so that you can view it…the program eats up almost all of my computer horsepower. Basically, I can’t do anything. I could not effectively use my computer to post responses to your support tickets. And, I certainly couldn’t trade…and this “producing the video” interfered with two of my “other” favorite times to trade. This was NOT fun. I felt, trapped.

Even with 10-15 minute videos, it STILL take a lot of time and effort to get them ready for you to view.

Now, why am I telling you this? For a couple of reasons…

Again, I have made a commitment to you, and I will honor it. I hope you would do the same for me…but more imporantly, I hope that you would do the same for YOU…that YOU will be commited to USING the CURRENT materials and resources of Logical Forex…the existing Online  Training Videos you get with your trial, the Written Supplement to the Online Training Videos, Market Replay, the trade examples on this blog, and the Private Workshop…along with LOTS of practice. (Or you can just go look for the Holy Grail in an automated robot trader or an “indicator that will tell you exactly when to click the button”.)

And then, I’m hoping that what I’m doing now by creating these new trading example videos that you’ll actually take the time to view them, learn from them, and DO WHAT YOU LEARN…and STILL be committed to yourself to “let it all come together in your brain”.

Are you TRULY willing to do that? If you are, then I’m willing to continue producing more and more detailed training materials. More things to help you. More videos. More resources that we can benefit with. More…family. Are you as committed to me as I am to you?

You know what would make me more enthusastic about doing this and maybe even “picking up my pace”? Simple. Comment below and publicly express your commitment. Or, if you’d rather stay private, just open a support ticket, and express your commitment to me. I’m as commited to you as you are to me.

And, yes, I will show you a super high probability trade in a video recording. But, I’m not going to do that very frequently. Why? You have to remember…when I do that…becaues of the slow down the recording introduces in my computer system…therefore my ability to trade…I won’t be able to take my normal “max lot” trade…and THAT will cost me a great deal of money. On the flip side of that…I will do this because I am committed to you and your success. And, as I always say…”there will be another trade setup soon.” :-)

I do ask you to be patient, too. I have several videos completed, but not the delivery method I’ll be using. There are a few more pieces that I must refine and then test…and then in the next week or so, I’ll begin releasing different videos for different types of clients…people who have only read The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula and taken no other action will have limited access to a more limited type of video. And then a client who has just a trial of the Logical Forex Indicators will see a bit more details in the videos available to them…and further, those who are regular subscribers who have show commitment will get more details. And then, of course, those who have taken a One-on-One Forex Trading Workshop, even more details will be available to them. In other words, the more you have expressed your commitment to us, the more information you will be able to access…and that means that you’ll be able to become a better trader, with more consistent profits.

Okay…now…I’m going to show you my “big lot trade” that I took. I have typed so much, my fingerprints are falling of now, so I’m not going to comment…just post the images. You’ll see why I did what I did, right?


### EUR/JPY Market Flow and Structure

EURJPY Scalping Setup Market Context

EURJPY Scalping Setup Market Context

*** TRADE #1

EUR/JPY Continuation Trade Setup

EUR/JPY Continuation Trade Setup

Exit #1

EUR/JPY Continuation Trade Setup

EUR/JPY Continuation Trade Setup

Remember, I want to hear from those of you who will commit to YOURSELF. Comment here and express your commitment publicly, or open a support ticket and tell me privately…but TAKE ACTION.


28 Responses to “Do you TRADE Forex, or Gamble?”

  1. Greg says:

    Yes, Shawn, what you’re seeing in those patterns occurs regularly. Many times a day, in fact. Most often, they happen at EVERY open and EVERY close of EVERY major forex market session. And, of course, they happen several other times during the day.

    Your mention of a Guppy moving average is interesting. There is a relationship, of course, as there are multiple stacked “lines”…with a little different calculation than a typical moving average. We all owe Daryl Guppy appreciation for his research, but, other than that, as his lines focus longer-term stock trading (for the most part), the Logical Forex Indicators show us a little more information about the instantaneous flow of the market. We know “where the buyers and sellers are hanging out” by the Logical Forex Magnet Lines (not like Guppy who uses the interactions of the various groups of moving average lines).

    You’ll find that the interaction of price with the Magnet Lines, when there is good flow and structure in the market, and the other Logical Forex tools giving you even more confidence…well, you’ll find this combination of things to give a powerful ability of interpretation on how to trade…or to stay out.

    You don’t need an “alert”. The alert is the current interaction of the current price as shown by the Logical Forex Indicators. Surely you can “observe the market” for less than an hour, and commit your time and focus to make your OWN choice on when to trade…and not rely on an “arrow” on the chart or an audible sound…to “get your attention”, right?

    Yep, I know you can. :-)


  2. D. D. says:

    Greg, I would just like to thank you for the quality of the premium videos that i purchased at the time of my initial $28 trial subscription several days ago. The content in the premuium videos is worth 10 times the price that I paid for them. It was refreshing to see your new approach to fx trading. Although the material provided with the trial subscription is adequate for the beginner I want to make a career out of forex thus I made a commitment to myself and I purchsed your 1 on 1 training a few minutes ago so that I can learn all the tips and tricks that the professionals use. I may not use the 1 on 1 training until I digest the material. I just wanted to secure the low price before any price increases and make a commitment to myself.

    During one segment of the premium videos you were apprehensive about telling the viewer about some inside trader secret that gives confirmation that the trade is in correct cycle. WOWWWW!!!. This one tip alone paid for the cost of the premium videos many times over.

    I just sent you a private support ticket requesting that I be at the highest membership level with logical forex. I also just canceled all my other memberships and subscriptions with other forex educatiors and can clearly see that Logical Forex will no doubt make me into the professional trader that I WILL become. Please do not take this statement lightly Greg. I have traveled North America to attend forex workshops that all seem to rehash the same old stuff; you know, trend lines, support and resistance lines, candlestick charts, trading multiple time frames, etc. you get the point.

    I can not believe that you disclose the content in the premium videos for such a low price. It was also refreshing to hear of new content that I have NEVER heard of from the tens of tens of thousands of dollars I have previously paid forex training.

    As I am studying the blog and premium video content I am writing down questions that I will be seeking asnswers for. I sent you several support tickets in rapid successtion and you answered ALL of them in COMPLETE details. And I appreciate you SUGGESTING to me that I make a list of questions and answer them myself. I respect your time and I need to take the time to read through and digest the material. Trust me … there are at least 15 more support tickets I could write up but I prefer to search for the answers myself … it is called active learning. Thank you for providing me direction. Infact I am having more fun by writing down my questions and then actively searching for the answers.

    The responses to my private support tickets are very well written byyorself and Scott and detailed and it shows that you guys are commited to me and my success.

    Greg, although I have only known about Logical Forex for 4 days now, I would be honored if you would accept me into your Logical Forex family.

    Your mantra is so true … No predicting, No over-analyzing, No hesitating.

    Note to sceptical wanna be forex traders: I am one of the most scepitcal people out their and I have been burned by all the forex scams promising to make me 8 million dollars on each and every trade I take. Logical Forex is different. I have spent over 60 hours in the last 4 days and this stuff makes sence. Furthermore, do not be fooled in thinking that you need 100 pip stops to make 100 pip gains. Slow and easy does the trick.

    Signed by commited, determined …


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