Do you Fight It or Flow It?

This past couple of weeks have been incredible. The forex markets (well, ALL the markets) have been moving wildly, moving fast, and often with much momentum in a single direction.

These are things that can slaughter us. Or surprise us. Or strengthen us. Or, maybe nothing at all.

Now, I’m specifically thinking of forex trading when I mention this, but it applies to just about everything in life, too. It’s those “exception conditions” that have such a profound impact on us. For good. For bad. For something.

The question I keep asking myself is this…

Why would I want to FIGHT something, when all I have to do is FLOW with it?

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s just consider this past week of trading. The patterns we have seen over and over and over and over again literally TELL us what price is doing, especially when Price is interacting with a Logical Forex Magnet Line. This is BASIC Logical Forex trading, and what we thrive on!.

Sure, there have been a few surprises, where price has moved quickly in our favor, and then just as quickly spiked back down. Well, that’s just the way trading works in a volatile crazy market… and we have had MUCH of THAT recently.

The thing that make trading with Logical Forex SO much easier in these kinds of markets is (perhaps not what you expect) that when we take a trade, it is almost INSTANTLY profitable, and there is a distinct and reasonable probability that price will make a bold move continuing in our favor… allowing us to “hold” a bit longer.

And… THAT is “the trick”.

You see, the way I prefer to trade (you already know this) is to be in and out quickly. It really does not bother me at all if price goes another 20 pips “without me”. I have MADE my profit and “put it in the bank”. But (thankfully) there WILL be times when it is incredibly clear that it would be silly for me to exit, so, yes, I do hold a bit longer… but I also know the risk I am taking by doing so.

It really comes down to this…

Do I Fight It or “Flow It”?

If everything is FLOWING (including me!), then taking a trade is a bit like breathing. I can hold my breath. Or breathe normally. It’s my choice… UNLESS IT IS NOT. Think about that for a minute.

When you’re just sitting in your favorite lounge chair, taking it easy… do you even THINK about breathing? Is it difficult? (Of course, if you have health issues, then this takes on a different and even more significant meaning to you. I had asthma as a kid. I know how it is).

So, if you’re not thinking about breathing when you are “in your environment”… why would you ever WILLINGLY cause yourself to be short of breath, suffocating, choking, and suffering?

WHY Fight It when you can “Flow It”

This is important for two main reasons for us as Logical Forex traders (or ANY trader)…

1. We have made a CHOICE to put ourselves into an environment that WILL create a “Fight It” response. Forex trading touches ALL of our emotions… from real financial issues, to “insisting on being right” (and all the other shades of odd mental issues we all have). This is true when we are simply “staring at the charts” and even MORE of an issue when we are actually IN a trade.

2. If we have WILLINGLY entered this environment, then we MUST learn to FLOW with it! Otherwise, it would be INSANE of us to take this kind of action… stepping into a pulse pounding, breath sucking environment… wouldn’t it?

Now, I realize there are some people who LIKE the adrenaline rush. That’s fine. You can enjoy it as you desire. It IS your choice you know. ;-) But, I prefer to remain in my little CalmLand.

So… let me take this a bit further…

You again have two main choices…

1. Adapt to the environment and apply Logical Forex in ALL the ways that I show you. Read the Getting Started Guide, make the Pattern Library be part of your soul, trade step-by-step with the Process Map, the Quick Start Videos… some of these things available to you now, others when you start your Logical Forex trial.

Well… use what I show you without alteration until you have made it part of you. And, then… THEN you will know what I am talking about… staying calm.. and in The Flow of Logical Forex trading.

2. Or, you need to stop. Now. If you’re expecting Logical Forex to “replace your job Right Now” without truly becoming a professional… I admire your desire… but you are creating a VERY difficult “Fight It” scenario for yourself. YES KEEP TRADING, but manage how YOU respond to the environment… USE WHAT I TEACH YOU with Logical Forex!

Okay… so let’s get this to a “forex scalping” perspective.

You tell me…

     7, 8, 11, 9, 10, 12, 11, 13, 14, 16, 14, 15, 16, 17

Don’t study that. Just glance. No study required.

Compare it to…

     7, 8, 5, puppy, 17, 3, purple, 16, 17, 18, 19

Okay now… be honest with yourself…

Which one is “easier” for you to grasp? Which one “makes sense”? Do either of them “have a pattern”?

Now the big question… which one did you Fight with? Which one did you FLOW with?

So… what if I told you that if you were wrong, it was going to cost you $100 USD?

Does that cause you to breathe differently? The pulse to pound?

And now… the REAL question…

WHY OH WHY would you trade when you have to FIGHT instead of FLOW?

Can you ALLOW yourself to simply SEE what the Logical Forex charts are TELLING you?

Or, do you need to “force X pips” on this trade or today? Do you “need’ to “win this one”?

Do you want to MAKE it that hard? (No!)

And, yes, it really is as easy as I tell you. It is up to you, though… and whether you want to Fight It or “Flow It”.

When the market presents good, clean, clear patterns… and YOU are in sync with the market… THEN TRADE. Otherwise… stop! Do not waste your time or lose money forcing something that is not “there” and essentially “picking a fight” with a Really Big Nasty Opponent.

What we DO want is to FLOW WITH those Big Players. We want to SEE them making decisions… at Decision Points in the market, primarily shown to us when price interacts with a Logical Forex Magnet Line… and even better when the other parts of Logical Forex (including YOUR Mental State) are ALL in CalmLand, going with the Flow.

Can you do this for me YOU?

Truly absorb and apply what I teach you with Logical Forex. I have put my heart and soul into making SO much available to you. Wherever you “are”, there is SOMETHING for you.

But, do NOT “force it” or Fight It. Just use it, and Apply It. When I recommend something to you in these training materials… remember this… I have spent all my time and effort putting this together for you so that you don’t have to “research stuff”. You can just “put the MECHANICS” of Logical Forex to work for you quickly! It is your work on YOU and your perspectives and approaches to trading that is so challenging… and WILL make a huge difference and improvement in your forex trading… and if I can be so bold… in your entire life. (Those of you who have been with me a while know exactly what I am talking about!)

So… renew your dedication and commitment to YOURSELF. Actually do what I show you in all of the Logical Forex training materials. Read, watch, learn and apply everything you can access. For some, you WILL want “more”… and you will find our additional training materials such as the Logical Forex Premium Videos to be an enormous boost to anything you have ever imagined you could do with forex scalping and forex trading.

But, it’s all up to you. You can Fight It. Or you can “Flow It”.

Now… I have to take my OWN words here VERY seriously too, from a different perspective.

When I made Logical Forex available to the public, I never really dreamed the kind of and number of blessings I have received from people like you. It has been exhilarating and humbling… and an overwhelming beautiful gift to my soul. All of you.

It has also been overwhelming to me in other ways. ;-) As most of you know, all of what you see is what I have created. The Logical Forex Indicators. The web site. All of the training materials. The support ticket system (and handling the support request, too). Again… my PASSION for sharing my expertise with you is what drives me! And powerfully so! I could just as easily have chosen to keep all of this to myself… and just scalp forex… but my passion for helping other people escape the nightmares I went through (and have left far behind)… THAT is what keeps me going… no matter how draining it is on me physically or mentally. If you have opened a support ticket, been in a workshop with me, enjoyed the Premium Videos… then you KNOW my passion FOR YOU in a very PERSONAL way.

And, so… after much contemplation… and months of work… I’m going to ADD to what is available to you. :-)

Obviously, I can’t do this by myself.

You’re truly going to enjoy this.

I’m sure you’ll recall several months ago when I posted here about “Scott”. That’s Scott Overbeck. Well, we have been “working in the background” for MONTHS getting things “just right”. Right for what?

Some of you have already been enjoying working with Scott in support tickets for several months now. He takes quite a few of them. He is awesome. He really knows how to treat people, and he really knows Logical Forex (more on that in a moment).

Well, you’re going to see Scott posting here occasionally. I say “occasionally” because… Scott is very busy already… and it’s going to be even more busy… for you. ;-)

Both Scott and I went through some “challenging times” during the past year. I’ve posted some of mine. Scott had his challenges too. We all do. They caused is to have several times when we had our “plans”, but had to modify them because of Life Events. Big Ones. But now, we have a better way to deal with those… Scott and I together… and a lot of those Life Events have calmed somewhat for both of us. (But even if the do pop up again, we’re equipped to handle them now within the Logical Forex world, too.)

And so… here is what we are doing… beginning “now”…

Additional Training – Free Online Webinars

In addition to all the other training materials you receive with our trial, you can also join us in a live online training webinar.

Did you notice I said “free”? ;-)

If you’re not familiar with what a “webinar” is… it’s an online training session where we’ll be showing you (“live” through you web browser) additional things you may have missed, answer questions you may still have, and, well, “fill your brain with the good stuff” about how to make Logical Forex consistently profitable for YOU.

Our intent is to have these every 6 to 10 days – sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. We’re both very busy still doing many other things for you… so we ask YOU for some “flexibility” in allowing us to have them “periodically”. But… “periodically” will be quite frequently. ;-) And, yes, we will have them on different days of the week, and at different times of the day so we can accommodate ALL of our Logical Forex Family, not matter what part of the world you live in.

For a while, we’ll be having “open house”. What I mean by that is, even if you have not yet started your trial… you can STILL attend the webinar intended for people who HAVE started their trial.

Of course, we do ask when you attend, whether you have started your trial or not, that you PLEASE make sure you read EVERYTHING you can on the site. You can be certain… just about ANYTHING you can ask we have covered… in the FAQ, on this forex scalpingblog… just LOOK and find your answer. Please. That way, you can truly HEAR and SEE and ABSORB what we will disclose to you in the webinar.

So, how do you join a webinar?

Well… I debated about making you “work” to find out how. ;-) If you want to Fight It, you can look around on the menu above. Or, if you want to “Flow It”, just check out our list of currently scheduled forex scalping trainingwebinars.

You definitely want to check this schedule regularly. We will add new webinar sessions to it without necessarily “announcing it” all the time. In fact, if you are reading this “in the morning”, then you may want to check again “in the evening” to see if we have scheduled something new. We’re full of surprises. ;-)

Scott will be hosting many of these webinars. This is a stunning opportunity for you! Why?

It’s simple. Scott is a trader. A very fantastic Logical Forex trader. But, there’s more…

Scott has been a Logical Forex trader since I first made it public. He was one of the people who, early on, saw how powerful Logical Forex was for HIM. I did a Private Workshop with him. We really found a like-mindedness and harmony in how we approached EVERYTHING… Logical Forex, yes, but Life, too.

For over a year now, Scott has “become one” with Logical Forex. He knows Logical Forex. he knows himself. And, that means, he can help you in ways that I can’t.

Since Scott has “started where you are” and has truly “arrived” and is now an accomplished Logical Forex trader… he can share things with you from the SAME perspective that YOU have.

He and I have spent countless hours over the past months fully enabling and equipping him to be Logical Forex Trader #1… but also doing the same with his ability to TRAIN you… to TEACH you.. to SHOW you… the EXACT same things that I can do with you.

I have worked with Scott very closely… looking at trade setups, and patterns and all the makings of how to trade Logical Forex to get the most benefit. And, Scott has done that for himself, and now, he can share these things with you… from YOUR perspective. I have taught him special things about how to guide you through the learning process so that you can apply and absorb BOTH the “Mechanics” of Logical Forex AND the “Mental Approaches” that are so critical to your success.

And with just that alone… he can truly open your eyes in becoming a consistently profitable Logical Forex trader.

But, that’s not all. ;-)

Scott has been in the financial industry for more than 15 years. When I say “in” the financial industry, I mean he is “on the inside” in the banking world from all different perspectives.

But… it gets better.

Scott is also a Professional Trainer. If you have something you need to learn, Scott knows how to “make it stick”.

And, given all of this… it is the POWER that YOU get with Logical Forex when both Scott and I are working together FOR you and WITH you. With either of us, you’re going to be able to accomplish things you have not even dreamed of yet. In fact, that’s true for Scott and me too.

Now please… don’t misinterpret anything here. No predicting! No over-analyzing! :-) I’m not “stepping back” or “stepping away”. In fact, you’ll be seeing my posting on the blog increase (starting in several weeks)… hopefully back like I could do several months ago. You may see me in “other places” too. You will benefit in ways I can’t quite disclose to you yet… because with Scott being more involved, I can complete some Very Cool Things that will ADD to your skills. (But, don’t “wait” on anything. As always, those who are “part of the family” always get some additional benefits I don’t always make publicly known. Take that as a serious “hint” to Get Started Right Now.)

Okay, if you’re as tired of reading as I am of writing, then it’s time to quit reading and writing… and for you to do SOMETHING. Commit to YOURSELF that you WILL “Flow It”… in your forex scalping and forex trading… and your life. Commit to YOURSELF that you will take advantage of all that we offer to you… to make you be a consistently profitable forex trader.

Go with the flow! You DO know what that means. Enjoy the freedom of flowing. Enjoy Logical Forex. Enjoy life.


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