Distracted? Yes. Can I still concentrate? Yes.

I’m still being pulled in too many directions right now on my other projects to be able to trade like I prefer. But, every chance I get between meetings and other commitments, I observe the market. Now, normally I don’t trade when I’m distracted, but the setups have been very clear recently, so I’m willing to try. :)

It’s a good thing I don’t have to “think” like I used to. When I trade forex, I don’t have to think and study and wonder and wait+wait+wait¬† like I used to have to do. Now I just concentrate, observe,¬† enter, exit..usually within 20-30 minutes max…I’m done. That’s usually how long it takes other traders just to draw trend lines and fib lines, find their “potential setups”, setup limit orders…and “ponder and think about it”. I don’t have to do that any more. :-D

*** TRADE #2 (trade #1 of this post, #2 of the day)

Long, strong downward move prior to the entry.

Scalping Forex Morphs Into Big Gain - Click to Enlarge

Scalping Forex Into A Big Gain - Click to Enlarge

Exit #2

Scalping Forex Into A Big Gain - Click to Enlarge

Scalping Forex Into A Big Gain - Click to Enlarge

Obvious exit point. That was a really big “scalp”, wasn’t it? Have you noticed that recently, I’ve been able to pick up some rather large moves? These are definitely a “bonus of the market”. I usually target those quick, in-and-out 3-5 pip trades…but I’ll sure take (and appreciate) those fast runs in my favor. And, with my Indicators, it’s a lot easier to “hold on to a good trade”.

Even though I’m busy with so many other things and projects, I’m just glad that scalping forex has given me the flexibility to do all the different things I’m doing. But, I’ll be glad when they all settle down just a bit, and I can trade forex 100% of the time, and the other remaining 100% I can help people improve their trading consistency and profitablity with the Logical Forex Indicators and One-on-One Forex Scalping and Trading Online Workshop.

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