Deep Breath Easy EUR/USD Scalping

First, I want to tell you how much I have missed you the past few weeks. I have been swamped with a number of personal issues (and some business related things, too) that have prevented me from posting as regularly “as normal” and as often as I prefer. I *will* resume more frequent postings, but it is going to be another few weeks before I’ll have the time to post like you have been used to. :-)

Occasionally, I like to watch the market at midnight US Central time. There are sometimes little “bursts” in the market at that time. They aren’t always easy to get a good fill with these, but they’re still fun… and it’s a way I can feed my addiction. Of course, when I do this, I trade fewer lots… and I’m also a bit more brave to “hold through the pauses”… the Deep Breath that the market (and I) seem to take on these “midnight trades”.

So… here’s what happened…

### EUR/USD Market Structure

Notice that we are at a Decision Point in the market structure.

EURUSD Scalping Forex Market Structure

EURUSD Scalping Forex Market Structure

*** TRADE #1

The NinjaTrader Chart Arrow covers up my entry, but you can still tell about where it was… and you can also see it in the Exit Chart below.

Scalping EUR/USD Easy

Scalping EUR/USD Easy

Exit #1

Overall, this was an easy trade, with no stress. Okay…there was one time when it was a bit “dramatic”, but I was comfortable with it.

When the price stalled — those Deep Breaths I mentioned — I just “felt like holding”. I didn’t have any big emotional attachment either way… win or lose. Yes, I traded enough lots to make it matter. ;-) But, there’s just no reason to get all emotional about a trade… is there? Can YOU do that (yet)? It is a VERY important part of trading! No, not “holding a trade” (that’s nice) but I mean staying Emotionally Detached. We’ll talk more about that in the future.

Scalping EUR/USD Easy

Scalping EUR/USD Easy

Give me another few weeks of “sporadic posting”, and I’ll get back to more frequent interaction with you. But… I do want to tell you that I *will* be changing some things. If you are even partially interested in Logical Forex… it’s going to be best that you get started now. That will make more sense in the future, too… but don’t predict… don’t over-analyze… and don’t hesitate. Start a trial. Now. Keep your access active. Get the Premium Videos. Now. You’ll be very glad that you did these things. Seriously.


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  1. Greg says:

    Hmmm… I thought I had covered why I entered fairly well. Maybe not. Let me try again a little differently.

    This trade is “outside/before” of the regular European market open. However I have found, after watching my “midnight trades” that there is a fairly regular repeating pattern. As I have mentioned elsewhere, there are many times of day to trade, and not all of them “look the same” on the chart. A specific example is this “midnight trade” (US/Central).

    If you’ll look on your charts, you’ll see a history of this pattern. My confidence was built in the trade as I mentioned in the post… by the Magnet Lines (of course).. especially the formation of that “smaller Magnet Line” at about the point where I entered. The overall market structure was also nice… “divide the chart”. Further, it is also fairly obvious from the zoomed-out chart that “the market is turning”… essentially a form of a Flow Flip.

    You’re right… the Logical Forex Flow Lines are not “beautifully organized” as they appear in most of my trades. And, I don’t recommend that “everyone” trades the example exactly as I did here. But, I post some “different looking trades” from time to time to show “different patterns” and especially how one might trade at different times of day.

    It really is a matter of just experience. Start with the “easy stuff” first… then as you progress, patterns like this become second nature, too… and you’ll find there are many ways to trade in all sorts of market conditions. That’s normal for ANYTHING we learn or do. It’s a lot easier to drive a car in all sorts of different condidtions now, than when compared to when I was a teenager. Then again, I’m still not going to drive in the snow. Not smart for ME, but I’m sure it works well for you in Canada. :-)


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