Can You See Patterns?

Can you see patterns and shapes…that other people can’t see? Can you do things that other people can’t do?

Most likely, this is what separates you from other people, particulary in your career, or maybe even in your hobbies.

Do you remember the movie “Sixth Sense” from several years ago? One of the primary themes and focal points of that movie was…that the young boy could…well…see things that other people could not. I still remember that great line he said with such conviction…“I see dead people.”

In other words…he saw things that other people couldn’t.

It defined a great deal of who he was, what he could do, and how he reacted to every situation.

He saw a type of pattern. He could see it when nobody else could.

Can you do the same with forex? Absolutely.

“I see forex patterns.”

Do you? They repeat regularly. After the thousands of hours I have dedicated to observing the forex market…the patterns…the strucure of the market…the flow…and as shown to me by the Logical Forex Indicators, “I see forex patterns”.

Every time I trade…or when I’m practicing with Market Replay by running it 10x speeed and simply “jamming it into my pattern recognition neurons”…my brain is seeing patterns…and my logical brain is giving them structure…and after thousands of hours, seeing patterns has become quite easy…and they don’t have to be “perfect” to be “good”.

Well…it’s actually easy for EVERYBODY…but it will come easier to some than others. Some will “fight it”. Some will “get in the flow” and just let their pattern brain and their logical brain interact with each other…and benefit from it.

Let’s look at this from the perspective of people who “fight it” This will often be the same people who want arrows on their chart telling them exactly where and when to trade. How will that person see this pattern?

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

Yep. Regular. Consistent. Predictable. Mathematical. Limiting.

How about a person who is a little more flexible. Yes, still logical..there is a process…a system…a method…but…how will this person react to this pattern…

1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16, 30, 67

Is this the “same” pattern? Is it “close enough”?

I’m certain I could make a mathematical representation of that first sequence. I’m NOT sure I could do that with the second.

But…my logical brain DOES see a process…something recognizable…but not necessarily something I can understand algorithmically. But…logically? Yes, I can see some flow…some structure…some kind of process…something logical in that strange looking batch of numbers.

Okay…now, get “the other side of your brain” to work. Imagine what each of the these groups of numbers would look like IF THEY WERE PLOTTED ON A CHART. Can you see it?

Do you see a Logical Forex chart?

Look closely! Are these the same basic PATTERNS?


Can you apply logic to this? YES! Can you apply “intuition” and “feel” to this, too? YES! Can you see the PATTERN with this process? YES!

Our dominant method of seeing the world (for most of us here) is a logical, process oriented perspective. We apply “logic” in some form to just about everything we do. But, we don’t just toss logic at all problems. and certainly not in the same ways. We use ALL parts of our experience…our practice…our entire being…to come to a final conclusion on ANYTHING we undertake. We just, well, forget that we do that sometimes…and sometimes we assume that everybody else does the same things in the same ways as we do. And…we drag this into our forex trading.

But with practice…can’t we “see” more things than we could in the past? Don’t you “see” things more clearly now when you do certain tasks at work? In your hobbies? You see “patterns” and integrate that part of your brain with your logical brain…and then tie in the physical part of your being…and that causes your actions to appear (to you) to be rather simplistic…repeatable…consistent…a process.

And it’s THIS that we want to fully incorporate into our forex trading.

So…let’s try something a little different with this posting.

Relax. Breathe. Turn off your logical brain for just a moment. It will “come back on” by itself shortly.

In the charts that follow…ask yourself…are these pretty close to being the same patttern? Relax. SEE it. Experience it.

How “close to perfect” do you demand that it be? 1,2,4,8,…or is a little flexibility okay?

Okay…compare these two EUR/JPY charts…one around 1:30am US/Central, the other just a little later around 2:10am US/Central.

Are they close”" in your perpective? Could they be…with some practice? Remember…you needed everything PRECISE and PERFECT when you first started learning how to do your job…or even just to feed yourself. Now, with expereince, you can SEE things with more flexibility…and apply your experience to many different situations…and succed.

Ready…? Compare these…

Are these Patterns Similar Enough?

Are these Patterns Similar Enough?

Are these Patterns Similar Enough?

Are these Patterns Similar Enough?

Are they “close”? Is the pattern fairly similar? (Don’t “logic” away the pattern!)

Which one would be easier to trade? Is there a trade?

Okay…here is the comparison from just a few minutes later?

Forex Scalping Patterns Similar?

Forex Scalping Patterns Similar?

Forex Scalping Patterns Similar?

Forex Scalping Patterns Similar?

Do they look “close enough” to be “the same pattern”?

Now, I’m pushing your “vison” a bit here. I have intentonally shifted these charts just a bit..but the pattern is still there. Do you see it?

If you observed, studied, practiced and traded the forex maket every day…with your full determination and dedication…could you see MORE of these kinds of patterns? Could you see these patterns even better if you had some structure around it…like withe Logical Forex Indiactors?

If you have a trial or a regular accouunt setup where you can view these charts with the Logical Forex Indicators applied…you will begin to see these patterns over and over…at the same basica times every day…and when price interacts with a Magnet Line…and all of the other Logical Forex Indicators are telling you the setups is a high probability trade…can you relax and just TRY the trade?

You know…you’re brain is pretty good at doing lots of things…if you’ll let it…and not…”outsmart it”…or make it come up with calculations and prediction algorithms. If you’ll just let your entire being trade…applying our most natural style of seeing things logically…trading can be a fun experience…and better yet…consitently profitable.

Are you willing to “put in the time and effort” to “put it all together”? I have the process for you, the Logical Forex Trading System, to do exactly “put it all together”…AND then to trade the forex market…but are you willing to “put it all together” with your time and effort…or would you rather let somebody else do the thinking for you with their algothmic robot trader, or their “pull-the-trigger” arrows? Do you really want to relinquish control to somebody else like that?

I didn’t think so.

Trade with the flow…in a good market structure…involving your entire being…and you can use ANYTHING YOU WANT…whether that be the Logical Forex Indicators or something else…and if you can truly immerse your self in this…you WILL become a successful and consistently profitable trader.

Take control of your life. Don’t trust othr people or machines or robots to ru(i)n your life and make decisions about your money. YOU look at the patterns…and YOU make the decsions…and NOBODY can ever take that away from you.

Forex scalping and trading isn’t just a “job” or a “hobbie”…it is a fun and pleasant way to live, too.

I live here every day. The Logical Forex Trading System will show you how to do that too.

Do you see the patterns?


7 Responses to “Can You See Patterns?”

  1. Greg says:

    Hey Shawn!

    There is no “time frame”. What you see on the charts is the actual real-time flow of price.

    The charts are set to “1 Range”. That shows us a smoother flow as price moves with a “range”…1 pip with the setting.

    There are no other charts or “times” necessary. Everything can be seen in one chart. To get a “context” and structure of the market…I simply “zoom out”. It’s amazing how much information is in a Logical Forex chart…zoomed out…and zoomed in for actual trading decisions.

    This can be a bit of a jolt for people who insist on “trading with the trend”. But, claiming a particular time frame “is the trend” is sometimes helpful, but mostly futile. Why? Because…depending on “your time frame”…there may be numerous conflicting “trends”.

    The One Hour Chart may say “up”, while the 15-minute says “down”…so you have to manipulate your mind to either allow the higher time frame to assist you in your trading decisions…wait…shouldn’t you be looking at the 4 hour chart for the “real” trend? Where does this stop? Will you and I draw the same trend lines? (No.) Will we choose the same swing points to draw our Fibonacci retracements and extensions? (No.)

    Only trading with the trend? Which one?

    This conflict and confusion does NOT exist when trading the Logical Forex Trading System.

    We simply “go with the flow” of the market…the flow as it is RIGHT NOW.

    This eliminates a HUGE amount of confusion and indecision…it eliminates our need to predict. We don’t need to over-analyze to enforce or trick our brains into our “limit buy order” placement reaching some predicted retracement point. There is no need to “wait for a candle to close” at some artificial “x minute candle”. There is no reason to be confused on if we “trade when the cancle closes…or does it just have to penetrate that resistance line”. We don’t need to have a deep stop. There is no need to do much of anything complex or difficult on our brains.

    We simply apply our best skills…one of them being our ability to see things intelligently and logically…in the context of a consistent process…and if the market flow is within that context and structure…and our “heart monitor” of the market…the Logical Forex Indicators…shows us a pattern that we are comfortable with…we take the trade.

    It really is this simple.

    Yes, it takes practice…especially if the more complex and frustrating ways of trading are etched deeply in your mind. You might have made a “big investment” in those courses, or losses or both…and that will make most people tend to defend these things. I know how that is…like you, I’ve
    been “right most of the time, most of my life”.

    There’s no need for me to fight forex any more, nor any need for me to defend that I have done in the past…or in the “right now”. I simply take the trade setups that are logical and fit within my experience that I have right now…and whatever happens will happen. I just want to have that little extra edge in seeing the best trade setups…so that whatever happens is usually in my favor.


  2. Greg says:

    Before anybody starts defending trend trading or Fibonacci lines or candlesticks or anything else…listen carefully…

    I *know* these things work! They work very well! The work very well for very many traders!

    They just haven’t worked for ME!

    If they are working for YOU, then, by all means…keep using them. But, I do recommend that if you are truly going to commit yourself to becoming a Logical Forex Trader…that you relax your belief in those other methods, and adapt to what you learn here…and adopt these things completely…even so much as eventually abandoning those old methods that might not really work that well for you.

    If they are working so well for you…then PLEASE keep using them, and don’t scramble your brains with this Logical Stuff. :-)

    I DO know this…I will NEVER go back to trading those old ways…I lost too much money trading…I spent to much time and money learning them…and I stayed constantly frustrated…eventually thinking “I must not be cut out to be a trader”. Wrong!

    I *am* a trader, and a successful one. I just needed a Logical *Process* that fit the way I see things and think about things…and something that engulfed my ENTIRE BEING…so that I did not need to be emotional (Mr Spock!) about my trading…and could apply the SAME logical and consistent methods day after day with no stress.

    And THAT is what the Logical Forex Trading System is all about. Paired with The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula, there isn’t a much better overall way for smart people to trade forex and receive enormous benefits.


  3. Greg says:


    If you are “guessing” then you are “predicting”. And, if you are “predicting”, then you’re not trading the Logical Forex Trading System.

    There are maybe 2-3 “major” patterns that I use for selecting my high probabilities trades. Examples of how these look are shown in just about every trading example on this blog. :-)

    In addition, there are 3-4 more “medium” probability setups that I’ll consider…but ONLY with smaller lot sizes.

    There are several 1 hour “trading periods” during the US market hours. It’s easiest to trade from 7am US/Eastern until around 11:45 US/Eastern. There is an “even better time” during the middle of that period. I cover this in the Private Workshop.

    It’s not a matter of “how many times you trade”, although you can trade frequently if you want to do that…it’s just that with every trade you take, most people begin to get a little tired and a little sloppy…and losses become more likely.

    The ideal way to trade…is to find ONE high probability trade (and you can often find that in less than 1 hour of trading)…and trade as many lots as you can afford…and be done for the day.

    Think about it this way…

    Let’s say your “goal” was to make $200 today. You’ll trade 1 full lot. That means you’ll need to find a trade that moves 20 pips for you. That’s not as easy as it might seem, no matter what you may have heard or learned elsewhere.

    Compare that to what I’ll do…

    I wait for that super high probability trade to setup. I’ll be convinced that there is a good move about to happen because of my understanding of the Logical Forex Indicators (from my hours of committed practice). Let’s say price moves…with authority…6, 7, 10 pips. I’ll just click to get in…and rather easily capture 5 pips of that move…with no stress.

    Doesn’t that just make more sense?

    So, because I KNOW my currency pair, and I trust ME and my interpretation of the Logical Forex Indicators, I trade with 5 lots.

    I’m done for the day in one, quick trade, with no stress. You’re probably still trying to ‘reach your goal’ if you’re using almost any other method.

    What if the trade goes against me? Either I made a bad choice and didn’t “do my job” interpreting what I saw (and I need more committed practice), or the market just went “crazy” for a moment. (It happens.) I can _do_ something if the trade didn’t work because I made a bad “read”. I can control ME. And, if the market just went goofy…I can’t do anything about that…and either I can get all emotionally charged about it and trade even more aggressively to “fix it”…which isn’t going to work…or I can control ME, and accept that something unusual DID happen, and I’ll just wait for the next trade…or I might want to take a break and come back later. Either way, I’m in control.

    Now, I do want to mention something about having a fixed daily goal…either pips or income…

    The market is going to “do its thing”…whatever it wants to do. It may present opportunities for you to trade. It may not. But you cannot DEMAND it to do anything. You can’t control it (at least not until you have LOTS of money). But, you CAN control YOU. And that means…TAKE WHAT THE MARKET PRESENTS TO YOU…some days it will be more…some days less…and some days it will want some of it back. Go with the FLOW. Don’t fight the market OR yourself. Keep believing in YOU. You WILL “get there”.


    P.S. If you got a lot of notifications or were confused by this post appearing and disappearing, I was having trouble with WordPress. I got it resolved. :-)

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