Best to stay out

I usually won’t trade when the forex market conditions seem to be “in a bad mood” or “acting erratically”. That’s what was going on here. But, there were some things that I’d been watching a few minutes before that told me this was a “semi-high probabilty trade” (not may favorite), but when I saw several Logical Forex Indicators give a decent signal (given the other things I saw), I took the trade.

The setup and entry…

Semi-High Probablity Trade

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The exit…a bumpy ride. Silly me. (Take the High Probability Trades Only!)

Bumpy Forex Scalping Ride

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There were several exit points that, for a person just starting out, would have been better and far less stressful. Actually, it might be best if a beginning Logical Forex trader skipped this trade entirely. But, if YOU see the logic behind the trade, you DEFINITELY need to be trading with the Logical Forex Trading System and Logical Forex Indicators!

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