Automated Forex Robot Robbery?

I want to start by telling you how amazed and appreciative I am for you. All of you.

In my last post Do You TRADE, or Gamble?, I asked you for your commitment. Not to me. To yourself. If you haven’t already made your public commitment (or privately in a support ticket), now is the time to take action.

I have been pleased beyond anything I had imagined. Many of you “stepped up” and made a commitment to yourself by starting a trial of the Logical Forex Indicators. That’s your first step…and a vital one. Many of you also have committed to experiencing a Private One-on-One Forex Workshop…some “right now”, and others of you in a few weeks. Again, my congratulations to you. You have done things for yourself that you can’t exactly imagine yet.

You’re actions have been recognized. I will also “step up” in my delivery of essential information that you need to become the trader you know you can be.

I will be providing some additional materials. Some will be available for free. Some materials will require you to register in special ways (I’ll tell you more later). And, some will absolutely blow you away in the information I’m going to be teaching you. In particular, I’m going to have various levels of “membership” where each level will have more and more exclusive access to my private trading information. Much of this will be delivered in videos. You’re going to love it. :-)

Now, let’s move on to a very popular topic…for those who are not quite ready to be professional forex traders…and that’s people who insist on an “automated system that draws arrows on the chart, telling them when to trade”, or perhaps even worse, those who want a system that is completely “automated”…like an automated forex robot trader.

Believe me. I know where you are coming from. I’ve been there.

Now, I know that what I’m about to show you will have an effect of SOME kind on you.

It may annoy you.

It may confuse you.

It may scare you.

It may make you think I’m crazy. (Even if I am, pay attention to the facts.)

But no matter what…it WILL have an effect on you.

If it doesn’t you’re either dead or living in a fantasy land. Maybe both.

Keep this in mind…I may be wrong. What I have discovered here could be MY fantasy. Maybe my math is wrong, or I’ve interpreted something incorrectly.

And, if that’s the case, I want yo to tell me about it. I do NOT want to mislead ANYBODY for ANY reason… and especially about forex trading and your money.

And, remember this, too…

I’m merely the messenger here. Don’t shoot me. I didn’t create the automated forex robot you’re about to see, or any other kind of automated “draw-an-arrow-on-my-chart-to-tell-me- exactly-when-to-trade” package.

I simply don’t believe that the RISK that those things cause you to take…are worth the profits that they CLAIM.

Did you hear that? The RISK is WRONG in almost ALL automated forex robot systems. In fact, it’s a killer.

Even a part-time gambler wouldn’t take RISKS like tese forex robots do (or even the “tell me when to trade with arrows” systems do, although they tend to be a bit safer). Worse, these robots and other similar packages (automated or not) often FORCE you to take trades…just to “keep the numbers right”. Ugh.

And a professional gambler? well, they *especially* wouldn’t take risks like these other systems put you in.

One last thing…before I show the nasty facts about this particular forex robot (and ALL similar software that “tells you when to trade” (automated or not)…

I DO understand why automated forex trading software is appealing. I DO understand why “arrows on your chart” is so appealing too.

If you have a full time job, you may THINK you don’t have time to trade, so you want to have things automated…and engineer-types and logical people REALLY want to believe that a “mechanical automated process” exists for trading forex. It doesn’t. It can’t.


Because the market is made of people! Emotional people!

So, you want to believe that you can have an algorithm “figure it all out for you”…and then you pile on to your belief that you don’t have time to trade.

Let’s say you DO allow an emotionless robot to trade for you. to make YOUR choices about YOUR money (I already don’t like the sound of that, do you?)

Here’s the scenario…you’ve setup a trade or “started the robot”…and you head to work.

What’s on your mind the entire time you are at work?

Do you “check in” to see how the robot is doing? (Can you even do that?)

Is this behavior ethical and proper towards your employer? (uhm, no)

Okay…so how CAN you find the time to trade?

Well..can you find 30 minutes to 1 hour to trade logically?…with YOU in control?

I thought so.

And, when you are done trading, you are done. Go to work. Go to play. But, either way, your mind will be free and you can do what you want to do or need to do.

Now, what about those who “want arrows” telling them exactly when to trade?

Do you really trust that those “arrows” work? How many times have you tried that already?

Are you just seeking another possible “mechanical” or semi-automated solution — that’s likely not to work…again?

You know what might be underlying that?

Fear. You might not be up for the challenge of really “owning up” or being responsible for your choices.

You’re not THAT kind of person are you?…seeking to dash away from your responsiblities or to blame others?

You see…if those arrows DON’T work…can’t you easily BLAME the indicators or the “semi-automated system”…and claim no responsibility because “IT” TOLD YOU TO TRADE?

C’mon. You’re better than that. You’re smarter than than.

You don’t really want somebody else making critical choices in YOUR life about YOUR money, do you?

How much control WILL you relinquish to a trading robot? a semi-automated “arrows on your chart” system?

How much of YOUR life are you going to “give away” and trust to somebody else?

Would you trust your child to a robot babysitter?

Would you trust your money to one?

Would you trust it to one that was even semi-automated?

I sure wouldn’t. Would you…REALLY?

YOU need to be in control of YOUR choices. YOU need to be in control of YOUR money. YOU need to be in control of YOU life.

There’s only one way to do that…

YOU take responsiblity for your choices. YOU become equipped to do that, using your existing skills of thinking logically and smart…and seeing patterns that repeat…and the making YOUR choices based on your experience…

That’s the way you live right now, isn’t it?

Or, would you rather give a robot control over your choices?

How about giving away your ability to choose…to something that would take MUCH GREATER RISKS to you than you would EVER do to yourself. Would you actually do that?

I didn’t think so.

Now, let’s get on with it. Pay close attention.

What you are about to learn is, well, sickening. Disgusting.

The bottom line is, you may have already been misled and be using this automated forex system “robot” or some other automated system or one that draws arrows on your chart.

If you are, and you are having success…then I congratulate you. i don’t want to waste your time. You can leave now. Oh, and good luck. You’re going to need it.

But, you better seriously review what kind of risk you are putting yourself in by using those automated robots or “arrows on your chart” systems.

For the rest of you who want to KEEP CONTROL of your choices and your life, and aren’t willing to trust a robot or system that has complete DISREGARD and DISRESPECT of YOU and YOUR risk tolerance and financial stability…

…then…watch the video.

I’m going to tell you…I start out with some fun stuff.

Why? I’m start out on a light note in the video, because when you’re seeing what the truth is about that nasty robot software , you’re going to have a very uneasy feeling in your gut about it…or any other similar thing.

I know when I really saw what the forex robot is doing, I honestly wanted to throw up. Hurl. Vomit. And…that’s coming from somebody who doens’t have a lot of emotion on most things (other than my relationships with people).

The good news is…at the end of the video, I’m going to show EXACTLY what to DO and HOW to trade by making your OWN choices…and doing it sensibly and responsibly and smartly…and your results WILL far far surpass anything any automated forex robot or “tell me when to trade” system could EVER do…and with almost NO RISK to YOU…while allowing you to trade in short periods of time than you can imagine (1 hour per day or less)… and you won’t have to draw trend lines and fibs and interpret candles…

These automated systems don’t make you do that either…draw lines and such…but the exchange for that is YOU lose control AND you will have an emotionless robot putting you at HIGH RISK for total financial ruin.

Okay…learn the truth now. and I mean THE truth.

Watch the video. Ii runs about 1 hour at a VERY fast pace. You won’t even realize how fast the time has passed, and you ARE going to use your Logical brain…AND your emotional brain…your COMPLETE BEING…and that’s what it takes to trade consistently and profitably…

ALL of YOU making GOOD choices…and you can do that FOR yourself.

You just need a good structure and process.

Any automated forex robot…or “arrows on my chart system”… ain’t it.

Logical Forex is.

But, let’s see how it all compares…

Go! Start the video now.

And…please…come back to this page and talk to me. I really want to hear your comments.

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14 Responses to “Automated Forex Robot Robbery?”

  1. Greg says:

    Yep, Scott, you really do have a great and thorough grasp of how a TRUE professional forex trader operates. It has been s a lot of work for you, accomplishing what you have done with Logical Forex. You, me, all of us…have taken similar paths, trying various systems (automatic or not)…and have all had our “challenges” with them. Otherwise, why would you still be “seeking the answer”.

    Logical Forex may not be for some people, I suppose. Some people “won’t be ready for it”…and most often that hints of “fantasy” thinking, rather than “reality” thinking. I’m certainly not teasing anybody nor do I think they are dumb! I, too have had those false feelings of hope that, finally “I found it!”, only to be seriously disappointed “soon”.

    After thinking about this…I realized what was driving that horrible “repeating feedback loop” was my sincere belief in somebody or something…but NOT in MYSELF. I gave away my trust in systems or robots that just didn’t fit my trading style, and never would. Yes, occasionally, I’d be “lucky” for a while, but it always ended up clobbering me later.

    Now that I can actually SEE and INTERPRET the actual flow and structure of the forex market and apply my OWN logic, intelligence and even my “feel” (based on knowing my currency pair), I can trade quickly…be done quickly…make my money quickly…and go do whatever else I want out of life.

    And for me, that “whatever else I want out of life”…I’m doing that right now…reaching out to help other forex traders…serious people who REALLY want to control their own trading…and their own lives…by making their own decisions.

    It’s a great life.


  2. Greg says:

    Hi Bill.

    So, you want 20-30 pips / DAY…

    Or…would you rather have $200-$300 / DAY?

    I’m not being a smart alec. I’m serious.

    Let me explain a little more…because it is a bit of a shift in thinking for some people.

    First, I’ll just out right answer your question.

    Is is possible? Yes.

    Is it likely? I have no idea. Nobody else does either.

    As there are 6 distinct market opens and closes (actually 7 if you count both “parts” of the European session), there are 6×2 = 12 “better” trading opportunities during the day.

    If you are willing take the time to do this, then yes, you might be presented with some fantastic trading opportunities.

    But, remember…the market doesn’t owe you anything, and it doesn’t care how much money you need to make. It will move however it’s going to move…and if you are “ready to trade” when it moves, and you enter and exit correctly, then, sure there are ample opporutinites to earn 20-30 “pips” per day.

    Of course, trading 1 full lot might not be the answer. Maybe trading more lots is really the answer. Or, maybe even trading FEWER lots is the answer.

    Think about it this way…we’ll use 20 pips in this example…and let’s say we target the recommended 4.2 lots as mentioned in The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula. The idea is that by finding high probability trade setups, we can, with great confidence find 4.2 pips…or maybe more.

    So, assuming you traded all of the 12 opens and closes, and traded 1 lot…with a 4.2 pip winner each time…you could make a little over 50 pips…far exceeding your 20-30 pips per day.

    Is this realistic? I don’t know. Probably it isn’t for me. I get tired. And, the more tired I get, the more likely I’ll make mistakes…and perhaps “undo” a lot of good wins. That’s why I typically reduce my lot size with every additional trade I make…sometimes as small as 1 mini-log ($1 per pip).

    You already know what I do. I wait. Like a lion. I’m not going to run far. But, I’m going to be very accurate in my prey selec…I mean trade selection. Because of this, I’m confident when I enter my trades…and I can enter with 3, 4, 5, 10 lots…whatever the market conditions and my account size allow.

    So, with ONE trade, I can make a LOT of money…quickly…in and out.

    Again, all I’d like to get is 4.2 pips…but it is often MUCH more (see the trading examples on this blog!). With my “little” 4.2 pips, and 3, 4, 5, 10 lots…that adds up fast…and with ONE low stress trade, I have made real money…not just “pips”.

    But, you MUST trade a lot size that corresponds with your account balance AND your risk tolerance AND your stop loss size (mine is rarely more than 3-4 pips on EUR/USD and 4-6 on EUR/JPY).

    With so many “systems”, you have to set a DEEP stop…and in most systems that “recommend” a ratio, it’s often 2:1…so that means you’d need a 10 pip stop to trade. Then, that 10 pip stop effects how many lots you can trade…and one more thing…how many of those “20 pip moves” actually work out…and if they do, are they “fun to be in”?

    It’s just not a good idea to say “I’ll trade 1 lot, and I need $200-$300/day, so I need 20-30 pips…and ‘everybody’ says that can be done.” Your money is a bit more important to you to just “guess”. You’re probably not doing this, but many people do.

    You need a true plan. A plan to build income and a grow your wealth in your trading account.

    The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula shows you exactly how to do that.

    HERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY…a way to plan your Logical Forex Trading

    I now have a planner/calculator online that I’m just about to release. You can see exactly how being ultra conservative (and still trade aggressively if you want) that you can truly surpass any $200-$300 per day “goal”…very quickly.

    As I haven’t released this to “just everybody” yet….I’m still testing it…if you would like access to this, you can get it now. Here’s how…

    1. Open a support ticket
    2. Select the “Other” category
    3. Set the “Priority” to “Low”
    4. In the Subject, enter “Secret Forex 4.2 Formula Planner” — without the quotes.
    5. In the Message area, be nice in your request asking for advanced access :-)
    6. Submit your support ticket, and wait for our response. We will send you the access info.
    7. Have fun with the calculator
    8. Reply to the support ticket with your comments after you have used the Planner…and we may have other surprises for you later. :-)

    THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO GET ACCESS to this Planner. Commenting here won’t get you access.

    So, is it possible to make 20-30 pips / day? Sure. But there is a better way to accomplish the same goal. Now you know what that “better way” is…and you’ll become even more convinced that it IS the “better way” when you really let all of this seep into your soul and your mind.

    Go do some planning…take action with the steps above to get your access.


  3. Greg says:

    Hey Dennis.

    You may have less to learn than you think you do. So often, “the wizards” try to make forex trading “wizard-ee”…partly to elevate themselves to some ego-driven status…you know…to make it “so confusing you couldn’t possibly do it without me”.

    Then, there is a different world…the Logical Forex Trading System…that takes an entirely different approach. I’m here to SHOW you how YOU can trade with the Logical Forex Indicators. It’s not a trivial task…it will take you some diligent work…but what worthwhile thing doesn’t?

    Over time, YOU being to see how to trade using the Logical Forex Trading System. YOU are always in control. You make the choices…and you’ll see how and where to make those trading choices more clearly with the Logical Forex Indicators.

    Being a newbie…you may actually have an advantage over many people. Why? Well, you’re not likely to drag in a bunch of baggage…things that you have to un-learn. You can truly just “look at the chart and trade” without having to learn a bunch of mysterious jargon…or draw a bunch of lines that you’re uncertain about…or try to interpret candle patterns that have funny names…or wonder if you should take action when a candle “just penetrates a trend line” or “maybe it has to close above it?”.

    These issues simply do not exist with the Logical Forex Trading System.

    Keep this in mind, too. You are arriving here at just the right time. I am significantly enhancing the training materials…to include “newbies” a bit more. Now, I’ll tell you that the existing training materials (and even the ones I’ll be releasing over the next few weeks) won’t “start you from nowhere”, but I know this…

    Based on your comments and questions, and that you are reading and studying this blog right now, you likely know all you need to know to get started right now. All that’s left is for you to practice..and learn the Logical Forex Trading System…AND THEN APPLY IT.

    What is the best way for you to get started?

    Simple. Start a trial right now Then, watch the online training videos, practice with Market Replay…study the trade examples on the blog…and stay committed to YOURSELF.

    And, of course, by starting NOW, you’ll receive some additional things that other late arrivals simply won’t have access to. I can’t tell you what all that means right now, but it really is A Big Deal.


  4. Greg says:

    Yes, Benj, I suppose in some ways I am ALWAYS discretionary to some degree…but only within a limited stop range.

    I do NOT set a “stop loss” on the broker platform. I don’t want them to “see me”. By setting a fixed stop loss, I’m essentially giving them a target…to take me out. Ever experienced that?

    So, I suppose my stop order type is…clicking out. :-)

    Now, I DO sometimes set an “emergency stop loss”…usually 10-20 pips away from the current price where I entered. BUT I NEVER EVER let a trade go against me that much. NEVER.

    Usually in an instant, I can tell whether I have entered into a good high probability trade. How? Price moves. In my favor. Fast.

    If it doesn’t do that…then I’m already suspicious and I’m ready to exit. Fast.

    There will be better setups soon enough.

    For the EUR/USD, about the max I’ll ever let a trade run against me is 3-4 pips…and for the EUR/JPY maybe 4-6. It really depends on the behavior of the market during the period I’m trading…so if it’s a bit “jumpy” but overall the market is “okay”, I may let the EUR/JPY go against me a bit more…BUT NOT VERY OFTEN. Remember…with thousands of hours of “being married” to the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY, I know them pretty well. You can to…and like ANY relationship, the more time you spend with someone…uhm, your currency pair…the better you get to know them…and their tendencies…and how to relate to them.

    TRUST YOURSELF. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO. Your experience…built up by practice, real involvement in real trades, and your commitment and dedication…you WILL accomplish what you desire.


  5. Greg says:

    Hey Scott H!

    It’s good to see you here!

    You make some interesting statements…

    1. In The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula, the listing at the back of the ebook is exactly as you say. It doesn’t have any losses. I’m not sure how else I could have represented much else, given the structure of an ebook. I guess I could have included lots of different scenarios…but I have a better solution. :-)

    Take a look at some of the comments above…and you’ll see how you can get advanced access to a “calculator” and you can plug in however many losses you want. ;-) I’m not quite finished with this tool, yet, so, be gentle on me. It is an advanced peek behind the curtain you know.

    Yes, I actually do have losses. I factor that in to everything that I do…and everything that I say. That’s the only Right Thing to do…show forex trading how it really is…in reality.

    However, as I’ve discussed on various posts and comments on the blog, I don’t post losses very often. I prefer to show examples how one might be “faked out”. You can see some examples of this, the fakeouts, in the blog posting I finished just a little bit ago…and you can read more about why I don’t prefer to post losses on the blog. I might post some at some point though…if i believe it would be helpful to most.

    2. You got faked out. :-)

    The $21 is per TRADE…and the $105 is per WEEK.

    I just simply don’t have the “screen real estate” to put all the columns I really need,. I’ve done the best I can given the limitations of the media.

    Look back a couple of comments above yours, and see how you can get early access to the “planner tool” (calculator) and you can run all the examples you want to “tune in” to your realities.


  6. Paolo says:

    your analysis regarding FAT Turbo performance is mostly correct.
    The Risk Reward ratio is worrying, and the way lot sizes change during time is worrying too.
    It makes me suspect that the robot developers manually make adjustments to the position sizing according to their knowledge of current market conditions. Such manual adjustments are obviously detrimental to the actual performance that can be experienced by the people who just buy the robot and let it run on autopilot.
    Another bad note on FAP Turbo is the fact that it operates during hours of small liquidity (beginning of Asian session). When the robot is
    used by many people at the same time the slippage can increase significantly and the performance can be badly affected since the robot
    tipically targets only a few pips profit.
    Though I clearly don’t want to endorse or promote FAP Turbo or any other robot with this post, I’d like to add a few notes to your
    analysis, Greg. My understading is that the SL and TP shown by the FAP Turbo are only public values shown to the broker, not the real
    values used internally by the software. This technique is used also by other MT4 robots and is aimed at protecting the robot from
    artificial stop hunting. Then the actual percentage of risk per each trade may be far lower than the huge 25% you calculated. Obviously,
    if the PC or VPS stops working, or the Internet connection stops working, or the robot for whatever reason stops working, then the 25%
    risk becomes real. And that is scaring.
    On the other side, even a manual system like Logical Forex can bring a risk higher then expected. Let me explain. I want to be in and out quickly – as you say – as soon as the price goes against me. In this way, I will not allow my account to lose more than 4 pips per trade. Let’s say that I am an aggressive trader and 4 pips correspond to 2% of my account, according to my position sizing. When I enter a trade with a market order, I must protect myself in case I cannot use my trading platform right after the trade has been placed. For this reason, I choose a broker that lets me open a market order that has associated a StopLoss. Let’s say my protective SL is 20 pips, just to protect myself from unfair SL hunting with artifical price spikes. I place my trade, it is accepted by the broler, and immediately I loose Internet connectivity. Uh huh. This can happen in real life. In the worst case scenario, price reverses quickly against my trade (even without artifical price spikes) and I end up loosing 20 pips = 10% of my account. Obviously, also the opposite can happen. Let’s say I also associate a protective TP = 40 pips to each trade. When I loose Internet connectivity, the price goes quickly in my favour and when I’m able to restore my Internet connectivity I find the pleasant surprise of a 20% increase of my account balance.
    The point is: every time we place a trade (manually ot through a software) there is a risk. This risk is almost always higher that we have planned, because our plans most of the time assume that the trading platform is properly working, while in real life our platform will work properly (only) 99% of the time.
    However, if we choose a honest broker and always remember to associate a SL and TP to each and every trade we place, and we also put 0.5% (instead of 2%) as our risk, then we can easily survive the 1% failure probability.
    Under these hypotheses, I believe a manual system like Logical Forex can be much safer and much more profitable to use than any robot that is available today for the retail traders.

  7. Greg says:

    Absolutely spectacular Paolo!

    After you mentioned that the stops on the robot may be “manually adjusted”, it makes me think that their software might be “adjusting things automatically” while the program runs. As you say, with MT4, this is particularly unsafe if there is a software crash or an internet connection, as the stop loss management might not be able to execute properly.

    Yes, any situation is possible in forex trading. I know you’ve seen The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula Planner/Calculator, so you’ve likely experimented with some of the numbers. The way the strategy is designed and is reflected in that Planner is to be extraordinarily safe and cautious.

    For example, on the default $4,200 USD example account, I have the “risk” set at 0.5%. This means that the absolute most that I’ll risk is $21 on my $4,200.

    Unless I’m not paying attention, or the market does some nasty move, I can have 200 consecutive losing trades before I have blown my account. Not likely. It also means that a trade would have to go against me by 840 pips before the account would be blown. Quite possible, my mind would have to be blown first for either of these situations to occur.

    I know that was a silly example, but it was fun. :-) That “200 consecutive losing trades” part is quite serious, though. How likely is that to happen? We all really need to consider what that means. And, that’s why I like low risk percentages.

    You can choose to risk that $21 in any way you desire. For me, I don’t want a EUR/USD trade going against me more than about 4.2 pips…so that allows me to trade 0.5 lots. If I chose to allow myself 10 pips going against me, then I would only trade 0.2 lots.

    This is all shown in the Planner/Calculator, and you can see how there is a direct relationship between the lot size traded, and your risk tolerance (both in percent risk and in your max pips stop loss).

    The formula I’m using is quite standard:

    risk_amount = balance * risk_percent

    So in the example I gave…

    $21 risk amount = $4,200 balance * 0.005
    0.5 lots = $21 / 4.2 pips / $10 full lot pip value

    or if you prefer…

    $21 risk amount = $4,200 balance * 0.005
    0.5 lots = $21 / 4.2 pips / $10 full lot pip value

    or even…

    $21 risk amount = $4,200 balance * 0.005
    0.2 lots = $21 / 10 pips / $10 full lot pip value

    or maybe…

    $84 risk amount = $4,200 balance * 0.02
    2 lots = $84 / 4.2 pips / $10 full lot pip value

    and even this…

    $84 risk amount = $4,200 balance * 0.02
    0.8 lots = $84 / 10 pips / $10 full lot pip value

    The “risk” is essentially the same, depending on the preferences and approach of the each individual trader. I prefer to “start small and build up” as I show in The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula.

    Sure, anything can happen…the market can spike (and then quickly return, so I don’t really want to have a shallow limit-order stop)…or I could lose my connection (but I have 4 separate fallback methods, which I discuss in a Workshop)…and so no. It just doesn’t worry me very much. And, remember, I don’t like stress. :-)

    Just as you say, manually managing my stops and trading with the flow in the CURRENT-RIGHT-NOW market, has proven to be the best and safest way for me to trade. I was ALWAYS losing when predicting the market…claiming to “know” or even hoping that some trend line or fib line that I had drawn would match where price might-maybe-hopefully be going….and I might even get a fill…(but certainly would get a fill on my stops)…well..I had enough of that. ;-)

    I really have fun trading Logical Forex. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Yes, it takes some time to really let it “settle into our souls”…but when it does…and it will if you stick with it…there just isn’t a more fun and consistent and profitable way to trade that I’ve ever experienced.

    Perhaps the most powerful thing of all is…that by simply allowing The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula to work FOR me…I do NOT have to change ANYTHING in the way that I trade. NOTHING. I will trade the exact same way, with the exact same setups, and the exact same risk, and the exact same stop loss EVERY DAY…and make NO changes at all to what I am doing..

    And it is this consistency and process that allows us to do incredible things in forex trading…with pretty much no stress at all.

    Think of all the other things you do in life that are actually quite complex, but that you do with low to no stress every day. Drive a car? Your job? Feed yourself? Yep…quite complex in the beginning, but as you’ve gained experience…with practice, repetition, dedication, and more…you are able to do some rather amazing things. Now all you are doing is adding forex to your list. :-)

    I appreciate your thoughtful post, Paolo! Stay on the Logical Forex path…and continue to build on your experience of trading this way, and you will become an even better forex trader. I’m anxious for you to keep me updated on your progress!


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