An Advanced Forex Scalping Setup. Careful!

First, the “frustrating news”.

I made 3 different videos.

Only one of them worked.

The one that worked was a very advanced setup. More about that in a moment.

One of the trades that wasn’t successfully recorded was a nice “medium probability” setup on a EUR/USD Continuation Trade around 7:50am US/Central.

For me, ALL Continuation Trades are “medium probability”. They work fairly often, but not with as much likelihood of success as the high probability setups. Duh. ;-)

And, yes, if you’re wondering…I will post a High Probability setup soon…but remember..I have to give up my “trade of the day” to record a video for you. What I mean is…I’m only going to trade low lot sizes while recording a video…so I won’t be able to make my money in my high probability/large lot size trades like I normally do But, I’ll do that soon for you…make a video of a High Probability trade.

Then again, you can see many, many high probability setups in the trade examples I’ve already posted on this blog. This gives you something to learn from Right Now…and is the same material that all of the currently successful Logical Forex traders have been using for some time. No excuses. :-)

Okay…back to that trade…

There was a nice “dance” around the Logical Forex Magnet Line and a nice easy trade that netted about 7 pips. It was right after a news event…so it was a little more risky than I normally care to do..but everything looked interesting enough to me to get my attention. Price had stabilized into a reasonable flow. The Logical Forex Phase was okay (which is always important in Continuation Trades).

What is a Continuation Trade? It’s when price basically “takes a breath” and then continues in its original direction. They are often not “the highest probability” trades, but with the proper interpretation of the Logical Forex Indicators, they can be quite profitable. Of course, you always have to be ready to…to…sing it with me now! — “In and out quickly, whenever it goes against me!”.

So, why was this frustrating?

Well…the video recording simply did not work. There were awful delays, my charts and mouse were out of sync, and my narration was out of sync even worse. (This was partially caused because of the way I had my broker software as the highest priority task in my computer.) I worked for over an hour to try to “repair” this, but never was able to do so. Naturally, I wasn’t able to see how bad it was until I had tied up my computer for 2+ hours while the (bad) video rendered. Oh well. Go with the flow, right?

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do to improve the video recording ‘success ratio’. My “probability” isn’t very high right now for getting a good capture. I’ll continue working with this to see what I can figure out that will work for all of us.

I’m using top of the line software, and a good computer system, but my trading platform and NinjaTrader charts takes up a HUGE amount of resources…and I still want my broker platform to be the highest priority task running on my computer. I really don’t want to risk money because “my computer is busy”…even with 1 lot. But, I do it anyway…so I can show you even better how I trade. :-)

So, instead of the video of that trade (I still have a different video for you below)…I’m going to post the trade setup and results…in the usual format the past many months…chart images.

### EUR/USD Market Structure

EURUSD Forex Scalping Market Context

EURUSD Forex Scalping Market Context

Do you see why I might have been interested? Divide the chart. Are we at a decision point in the market flow and structure? Does the market flow and structure make sense to you?

*** TRADE #1

EUR/USD Continuation Scalp

EUR/USD Continuation Scalp

Everything looks okay here…except maybe the Logical Forex Activity lines immeditely prior to the trade entry were a bit “small”, but that’s just the market “resting”…especially true during a Continuation setup. See how it makes sense…and how you logic shows you how to see things that you’re pattern matching brain might not? And the other way round, too…your pattern matching brain sees things that your logical brain doesn’t. Everything MUST work together…calmly, smoothly, without hesitation…and YOU CAN AND WILL be able to do this better, too! That’s why you are here! To BE a professional forex trader!

Professionals can see things and act on things that amateurs can’t! And, ONLY dedicated and commited people EVER become professionals. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL!

Exit #1

No doubt about this exit, is there? Sing it with me…”In and out quickly…” ;-)

EUR/USD Continuation Scalp

EUR/USD Continuation Scalp

Now for the Advanced Setup Video and some background…


I have a very specific reason for showing this to you. It is NOT so that you will think it is a high probability trade, nor is it to “show you” a trade you should even be considering right now!

What I show you in this video is something that we will cover later…much later…as you continue to advance in your professional growth as a forex trader.

And…here is the absolute fact…

You do NOT need to EVER know how to trade with Advanced Setups like this. Never Ever. As in Never. You can become incredibly wealthy and make spectacular income TRADING ONLY HIGH PROBABILITY SETUPS. ONLY. As in ONLY.

I wanted you to have another peek “inside my cave” at some of the things I can trade, but rarely do. I, too, as you know, focus on HIGH PROBABILITY TRADES and rarely anything else.

But, the forex world is “big” and offers many opportunities for each of us…in the times of day we trade, the ways we trade and so on. A “good” trading method exists for everybody…you just have to “find it” and “perfect it”. Well, you have “found it”, and now we are “perfecting it”.

You will see in this trade…the same things you have seen and heard all along…I have no stress in the trade. I don’t predict, and I don’t hesitate. And, there certainly isn’t time (as you’ll see in the video) for me to “over-analyze”.

So…think about this…if I can trade this way on an Advanced Setup, with a fairly low probability setup…How confident do you think I am when I take a High Probability Setup?


You simply need to practice, apply what you are learning, and continually progress along…just like anybody who is determined to be a ┬áprofessional…one step at a time.

And, that’s what I’ll tell you a little bit more about in the video. I’m getting much closer to having more materials available for you. They won’t be “thrown at you all at once”. I’m going to deliver them to you at the appropriate time and the appropriate pace…and this makes it VERY important that if you are serious about trading Logical Forex, that you get started right now and “get in the family”. I’ll certainly offer everything to other people over time, but those of you with me now will benefit in more ways than you can probably dream.

Keep in mind (again) when you’re watching this video, it is NOT important that you understand what I am doing. In fact, don’t even try to figure it out. Just realize that there are many things that I can teach you and share with you…and I will…but the absolute most critical things we MUST do RIGHT NOW…is…

1. Help you TOSS OUT those “old habits”

2. Replace them with “new ways to observe the market” and trade calmly, with no predicting, no over-analyzing, and no hesitating.

3. Be able to “put together” your ENTIRE “being”…your pattern matching brain, your logical brain, and your physical “clicking” to execute a trade.

4. Identify and calmly enter and exit high probability trades, with your maximum affordable lot sizes…which you can do because of your confidence (but NOT arrogance and “certainty”).

5. Understand how to continually practice to become even better and more fluid in your actions.

6. Expand into being able to see and calmly trade “medium” and “low” probability setups….and for some people to take more aggressive trades.

7. Enjoy the freedom in your forex trading, your mind, and your life.

This is a very realistic path…and one that I can guide you through…as I have been down the path…and live this way EVERY day. It IS real. I am living it. You will too.

These first series of videos I have posted on the blog have given you only a bite-size nibble of what I’ll be helping you with.

With your sincere dedication, determination and commitment to YOURSELF…you really can be A Professional Forex Trader. Allow that to happen. Believe that it will happen. Make it happen.

You are doing that Right Now. Excellent!

Watch the video…and follow it through all the way to the end…as I share some specific things about how you can improve your Practice method, too.

Have fun!

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  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for your kindness, Scott.

    Yes, it has been a challenging week on the “technical side”…doing the videos, and making changes to the web site in preparation for even more materials to be available. I hope everybody has been able to learn a few things from the last several videos…have some fun..and maybe gain a little insight into some additional aspects of forex trading.

    When I do finally release some of the new things, I will definitely favor (with pricing and/or access) those who have expressed their commitment in some way…interacting with me on the blog like you have, registering to download (and read!) The Secret Forex 4.2 Formula, starting a trial of the Logical Forex Indicators, and especially those who have been with me a while…and even more so those who have experiences a One-on-One Forex Mastery Workshop.

    The more involved a person is NOW…the more benefits they’ll be receiving soon. Predicting, over-analyzing and hesitating wouldn’t be a good idea right now. :-) If a trader is serious about becoming a true professional, then joining the Logical Forex family now will bring the most rewards…rewards that you are already familiar with to some degree, but what’s upcoming will dwarf what you’ve already experienced.


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