About Logical Forex

After years of struggling with forex trading, and forex scalping, we finally solved the puzzle.

We have a special forex strategy, comprised of a unique configuration of a method and indicators that make trading and scalping forex with your left brain a very logical process. There are clearly defined rules… and a forex trading system similar to what you are used to as a Thinking Person.

You’ll no longer to listen to “mentors” and “teachers” essentially talking down to you, telling you “it depends” (and not telling you what it depends on), and “it’s partly an art and not a science” when they can’t clearly explain why they did or didn’t take a trade that you can see obviously “fit the rules”, but they took a different action than their rules indication. Yes, there will be some things (and rules) that will challenge your understanding of math and logic, but as long you allow these “exceptions” in your trading life, you will be rewarded.

Yes, your days of frustration are over. I’ve been there. I know how it feels to be in that odd spot of feeling dumb about forex, and all the little challenges that forex gives us left brain logical people.

And…I’ve found my way out of that hideous place…and have created a trading system with clear rules, allowing you to understand “it depends”, and feeling confident about your actions. Sure, sometimes trades don’t work out in your favor…but with my method, you’ll be able to understand why…either you didn’t follow the rules, or the market just did something “unexpected”. Of course, you always have to remember the market will do whatever it wants, and it doesn’t owe you anything…but that’s another side of trading… the mental side…and I can help bridge that gap you’ll wrestle with… of combining your obvious intelligence with the unpredictability of the market. I’ll give you that “edge” to make it a little more predictable…and that can be all that you need to become a seriously successful, consistently profitable forex trader.